STARGAZING – Week of Oct. 17th through Oct 23rd, 2022

Oct 17, 2022 | Stargazing

The week begins with a lunar T-square as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Venus and the Sun in Libra, kicking off a week will be tagging each other in a spirit of friendly competition. They finally align peacefully with each other on the weekend. Pluto turns stationary direct after being retrograde since April 29th.

Both the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio, taking you to deeper spiritual and vulnerable levels. Saturn ends his retrograde period on Monday as well (since June). Now, three of the five outer planets are finally moving forward, which provides the energy of getting unstuck to move more at their normal pace.  Added to this, Monday sees the Moon trine Neptune along with another energetic trine of the Sun, with Mars. Pluto and Mars bring an ambitious edge to the day’s energy, when people could feel a bit jealous of another’s achievements, which can encourage them to begin to make their own contributions.

On Tuesday Venus trines Mars, making it an excellent day for teamwork and negotiations.

Wednesday is filled with more challenging vibes, as a lunar T-square with Uranus and Saturn is joined by the Sun’s square of Pluto, bringing the potential for petty arguments and clashes with authority, as people struggle for control. Wednesday evening supports sharing your ideas and ambitions with others, but don’t try to force your perspective onto others. (Talkative Mercury makes harmony with assertive Mars, but also makes a challenge to obsessive-compulsive Pluto).

Venus squares Pluto on Thursday, making it a day when feelings could be easily walked on by domineering forces. Luckily, the Moon will send out harmonious sextiles to Mars, Venus, and the Sun in a show of comfort and emotional support. 

With the conjunction of Venus and the Sun in Libra, Saturday brings a day for rest, relaxation. Harmony is restored and any feelings of rivalry or envy will subside. A lazy T-Square between the Moon, Neptune and Mars makes this an inefficient day for work. It’s a great time for planning and brainstorming than doing because of the trine between visionary Mercury and stable Saturn.

Sunday closes out the week with both the Sun and Venus entering Scorpio, ushering in a cozier energy. You may prefer to spend time with those close to you rather than socializing away from home.