Stargazing—Week of Oct. 17th—Oct. 23rd, 2011

Oct 17, 2011 | Special Messages

Week of Oct. 17th – Oct. 23rd, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The mood-setting Moon in flirtatious Gemini as this week opens, brightens up romance, which makes pleasure a top priority. Don’t take yourself too seriously now because this lunar transit isn’t about sticking to rules or following a rigid plan. Pretending that you don’t have to think about tomorrow allows you to feel funny, flirty and free. You’ll be in a chatty mood on Tuesday. Dishing the dirt with co-workers will occupy your time. Try to look busy when the boss is around. You’ll exude charm on Thursday. The Moon trines Uranus and if you’re single, admirers will flock to your side. On Thursday and Friday the Moon’s presence in Cancer can stir up some strong feelings about what you’re getting and what you’re missing in your relationships. Take Friday off to relax without any undue pressure or unrealistic expectations. A little break prepares you for the heightened degree of activity that arrives when the Moon moves into Leo on Saturday morning. You’re buzzing with ideas and your head might be spinning with too many things to do. Take a deep breath and think about what you really want. Making the right choices in your personal life appears to be your major challenge this weekend. Confusion will reign on Saturday. Your head will be lost in the clouds. Your status in the community will rise on Sunday. Get ready to mingle with movers and shakers in the neighborhood. You can’t help but smile on Sunday with the Moon brightening your adventurous side and interests you in expanding your social horizons. Connecting with people from faraway places or participating in cultural and educational events that open your head and your heart will take your mind off your romantic worries. Stay focused and network for good, strong business relationships.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: A flaw in your current relationship, which up until now has remained hidden, may be suddenly revealed this week. The question is, what are you now going to do about it? You can choose to ignore it, hoping that if you keep that subject at bay it will eventually vanish, or you can begin to be responsible at least for your actions and start to do something positive. You and your sweetheart enjoy banter and verbal horseplay, especially if you both can laugh at yourselves. You realize that your sugar honey actually has a very rare sense of humor, and one that you had not fully appreciated before. You feel as though you have gained a rare diamond, which you had previously mistaken for a very attractive piece of cut glass. This weekend the quest for romance could be a little hard going. Others seem keen enough to talk, and may offer a lot of information, but only up to a point. After this you can sense a barrier beyond which you will not be allowed to journey unless you pass some subtle test, devised by them, to stop certain people from ever hurting them again. If you are on the verge of starting a new relationship, this energy may cause you to stop in your tracks. It might seem that you are speaking to a different person, someone you have not met before, rather than someone with whom you are becoming more acquainted. Just realize that without a certain degree of conflict, your love life would be very boring.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You may be stimulated by a variety of events this week, but can also find it challenging to deal with someone who can’t stick to a subject or commit to a long-term plan. Keeping things light makes room for fun right now without having to worry about the future. Flirting innocently and joking around can be a major source of entertainment, especially if you are single. However, a more romantic environment is one in which you quiet down and discuss grown-up issues to let someone special know the real you. You’ll strive for perfection on Monday. Remember, you’re only human. Cut yourself some slack. Power issues may arise with a loved one on Tuesday. This person may try to control your actions. It may be time to take charge of your own life. Getting out of town, or at least skipping your regular routine, might be your key to happiness on Thursday and Friday. The Moon’s visit to Leo kicks up the adventurous side of your personality. You’ll be tempted to engage in risky behavior on Thursday when the Moon trines Jupiter. Have a parachute handy if you jump out of an airplane. Being with people from different cultures is a great way to expand your social horizons. You may find yourself in a familiar leadership position on Friday as others depend upon you to set the social agenda. Going out with pals should be exhilarating, but volunteering for an organization could be an excellent way to do things as well. Social activities are exciting and imaginative on Friday night with the expressive Leo Moon heading toward an opposition with otherworldly Neptune. This is ideal for a romantic fantasy that can be a delightful escape from the ordinary. Be a good friend and teammate by sharing authority is more important during the rest of the weekend with the Moon’s visit into Virgo.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The current planetary aspect indicates that you could have a vested interest in appearing more morose than you actually feel. Try to get out of the doldrums. Do you not have a tendency to manipulate others feeling through guilt? Do you sometimes withhold affection? Although this often works, today it may backfire, and you may find yourself in a much worse position for having played this game. You are usually adept at handling the niceties of relationships, and of smoothing over any rough patches with a host of well-meant platitudes. But the energy of this week may bring to your attention the need to be more honest about your feelings for your loved one. People can see when you are not being truly sincere, and will feel that they are being short-changed in some way. If you have arranged an outing with your loved one, it may not go strictly according to plan. You may find this hard to deal with, which could potentially make or break the occasion. If you don’t try to get your own way, but rather make an effort to listen, you may find you both actually want the same thing. The weekend brings with it possible feelings of alienation from one’s partner and loved one. It may be that a certain issue has been bubbling away beneath the surface, and has now finally come to a head. Don’t avoid discussing it, as this is an essential part of the process of moving beyond this wall, and rediscovering the state of union. Be prepared to work at it.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week is not the ideal time to make a major personal decision. The Moon in chatty Gemini, is excellent for talking freely but not for arriving at accurate conclusions. You’ll consider changing your address on Monday. Living near the water could be at the top of your agenda. However, you’ll probably prefer more private forms of socializing during the rest of the week after the busy Gemini Moon slips into Cancer on Wednesday. A colleague may act unethically on Thursday when the Moon is quincunx Pluto. Don’t follow this person down a dark road. Maintain your principles. The Moon in earthy Cancer attracts stubborn people on Thursday and Friday, but the sweet touch of a patient person can make the extra effort worthwhile. A project may go on hold on Friday. The timing isn’t right for the endeavor. Going out with friends should be extremely satisfying on Friday night with the Moon lighting up in passionate Leo. On Saturday, the Moon slides into Virgo to provide plenty of mental stimulation. However, inconsistent individuals or your own vacillating feelings make it challenging to know what to expect in an intimate relationship. There’s no need to make promises if you’re unsure of what you want. Getting away from the noise by yourself or with one quiet and undemanding individual should provide the peace that you’re seeking to clear your mind and heal your heart. Sure, you may feel uncertain and unsettled, but if you can process these emotions without committing to any specific action, you’ll discover a wider range of options to choose from in the future. Plus, taking your mind off your worries increases your chances for having fun right now. A relationship will hit a high note on Sunday. A loved one will shower you with affection.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You may feel drawn to an older person this week, Water Signs. Perhaps you have admired the dignity that growing older brings with it, and feel you could benefit. Or perhaps the whole question of age has become a big issue in your life at the moment. Whatever the scenario, remember it is not the number of years, but whether one is still willing to learn that counts. People will be brought together in very strange ways this week. If you have been looking for romance, then expect to be surprised, as you may encounter someone who has been very fond of you for some time. Even though you may not agree on everything, the differences between you make a delightful contrast, and you will find that they enhance rather than detract from the relationship. You may choose to cement a long standing, or perhaps not-so-long standing relationship. At least you may pop the question or imply that you would like to continue to deepen the bond between you. It may take some planning, but the celebration is ultimately the outer symbol of the wonderful and harmonious union you currently feel between you.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The Moon is in busy Gemini as the week opens. This lunar placement is great for attracting lots of attention, but can also weigh you down with professional responsibilities. Instead of taking things too seriously, demonstrating your ability to adapt and be lighter in your approach makes you more attractive. No matter the pressures you might face now, there’s still some room for the fun and frivolity so you need to keep your heart open. A friend may spread misinformation on Tuesday. This person won’t have the facts straight. Reserve judgment until you know the real story. Persistence is your key to success at work on Thursday. Show the boss you have loads of determination. Thursday and Friday can be so delicious that it’s best to set aside your sense of responsibility so that you’re free to play to your heart’s delight. The sensual Leo Moon’s presence recommends a bit of self-indulgence, making pleasure more important than productivity. The Leo Moon increases your desire for pleasurable delights. Overestimating someone’s feelings or overindulging your own appetite for fun could be costly. Stretching the boundaries of what you’ll do and who you’ll spend time with is great as long as you don’t go to extremes. Saturday and Sunday can be filled with distractions that make it hard to settle into a comfortable groove. Do your best to relax and adapt by keeping your sense of humor in good working order. Be careful of your movements. Don’t text message and drive. You’ll project a pleasing aura to the world on Sunday when the Moon in Virgo sextiles Venus. It’s a great time to mingle with others.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: As the week opens, you have a strong feeling that you seriously need to be by yourself for a while. This is probably a good idea. You have spent quite a lot of time listening to other people and their advice on your current relationship problem, but have not truly listened to yourself, to your own needs and wishes. Time spent in thinking deeply about this will bring answers. You may be feeling a little rejected. Whether it was your fault or theirs is not really the issue. What does need to be acknowledged, through heart-to-heart discussion, is that both of you have contributed to the problem, and it will take both of you to solve it in such a way that you are truly happy with the results. You may be very surprised that the person you are currently dating dares to reveal some wonderful and awe-inspiring talents, of which you previously had no inkling. You realize that people are infinitely more mysterious than we ever give them credit for, and are a constant source of delight if you know how to focus on this, rather than on their shortcomings. This is a week filled with contrariness. While you are feeling very emotional and in need of being appreciated, cuddled, and told how wonderful you are, your partner may be feeling the opposite and need space and time to go off and do things alone. While this could be potentially hurtful, just appreciate that both of you have different needs right now, and perhaps a compromise is possible.