STARGAZING — Week of Oct. 16th through Oct. 22nd , 2017

Oct 18, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This is a changeable week holding some great as well as some negative energy. We have a New Moon as well as three planetary changes of signs.

As the week opens, did you wake up early or have unusual dreams? Mental Mercury opposing eccentric Uranus as it exits Libra can produce a restless night. The Moon is in Virgo to begin the workweek, so tend to all those small details and get organized.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Scorpio and then aligns with Jupiter (that moved into Scorpio on Oct. 10). This supports deep thinking and research, or it can manifest as sarcastic and dark humor. This shift highlights our mental forces that become more intense as we search for motives and reasons behind our daily experiences.

Jupiter joins Mercury in Scorpio on Wednesday bringing optimism and enthusiasm, so if you need to get focused, the next three weeks will help you. It is also a good time to bring deeper and/or hidden emotions to the surface.

The New Moon in Libra arrives on the Thursday the19th. There is the combination of Libra diplomacy and Scorpio toughness going on, a blending I like to call a velvet glove with knuckles. In other words, this is a good New Moon to communicate difficult topics in all types of relationships because you can be serious and kind at the same time.

Uranus makes this a particularly restless and unpredictable time and could bring in a new relationship, with a military type or perhaps a healer or rescue type person. If you’re planning on starting something new, it’s important to avoid any risky business and focus on balance and fairness. It is also a good time to communicate both your higher goals/aspirations, as well as any fears and vulnerability about taking a risk on manifesting those goals.

Adding to this moon is a challenging relationship between “I want it now” Mars, “be patient” Saturn. You may be feeling “caught between a rock and a hard place” from the wounded healer Chiron.

Centaur Chiron helps you to heal and create alternative strategies to help you get through the challenges, rather than wanting the solution now and only the way you want it. Be willing to assert your needs in a clear and simple way. Also be willing to understand that things and people do not change overnight, but at least this gets the process moving. That is a nice way of saying that you must adapt and practice flexibility. Perhaps the universe knows what is actually best for you. Still, this is a great New Moon to work on your relationship needs.

The Moon moves into Scorpio for the weekend. This adds a privacy tone to the weekend, which is good for deep level sharing with your inner circle, but not so great for hanging out with strangers.

Sunday brings us two more planet changes. Mars moves into Libra and the Sun moves into deep thinking Scorpio. This matchup presents a tug-of-war because Mars loves a good fight and Libra likes balance and harmony. Scorpio , ruled by Pluto, is the darkest, deepest and most complex part of the zodiac; Scorpio rules sex, death, and other people’s money. You will have to navigate the straights right up to Thanksgiving.

Besides its bad reputation many smart people and leaders are motivated by Scorpio somewhere in their astrology chart. When the Sun moves through Scorpio, it has the potential to bring deep healing and transformation, as we move from surrender into a deep sleep; fall into winter. If you have a clear goal, a Scorpio month will help you attack it thoroughly and surpass your doubts and fears to bring in balance and success.