STARGAZING — Week of Oct. 14th through Oct. 20, 2019

Oct 14, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

There is an abundance of action planets now in Cardinal Signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Yesterday’s Full Moon in Aries represents individuality and independence. It is where you must pull yourself up by the proverbial bootstraps and pioneer a new path.

At the same time, the Sun in Libra seeks comfort through sharing and relationships. Ideally, you balance your need for self-expression and partnership. The challenge comes from “let go and let God” Pluto and boundary-setting Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn has you looking at the long-term future and Pluto is asking you to release that which is not going to the future with you. Don’t feel like something is wrong if you are feeling pulled apart at the seams; it’s just the Universe helping you to realign yourself.

All this push-pull energy sets up a power struggle. Bringing possibilities of backbiting, arguments, hidden secrets, and manipulations that could involve your parents, the higher-ups, or a spouse. This energy comes from someone who has or has had power over you. Even though this is the last force coming from this mix, it could get very ugly. Be careful and curb your temper, especially if matters become legal.

The Moon moves into hard working Taurus Monday until early evening Wednesday, urging you to get something productive accomplished. Your imagination will soar and your energy level is turned on high. The only challenge to this is Mercury making harmony to visionary Neptune on Tuesday afternoon. Write an outline of something you want to create, write, or film, because these ideas could come into form in 2020. Communicate your higher vision or allow time for visualizations to bring you some inspiring ideas.

The Moon moves into Gemini on Thursday and Friday. That’s great for short, quick projects, conversations, or activities that do not require much focus. Pick up a pad and pen, doodle with your writing skills and see what comes forward.

Saturday is quietly pleasant under a nurturing Cancer moon. Begin to plan for Halloween with your kids, or Thanksgiving Dinner with the family. The evening brings a time for comfort food and sharing with your family.

Sunday brings a grounding sextile between Venus and Saturn. This brings in a foundation to commit to your relationship or a financial project/purchase.