STARGAZING — Week of November 3rd to November 8th, 2014

Nov 3, 2014 | Special Messages

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WEEK OF November 3rd — November 8th, 2014

Are you still adjusting to setting back the clocks? At least we all got that extra hour’s sleep. Sunday is a soft day, one to rest and relax. At least we’re through Mercury retrograde and two eclipses. The tone changes on Monday with an Aries moon – as we expect upsets on Election Day – when the Moon aligns with Uranus. Should prove to be interesting. The focus this week is on the Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday the 6th. This Full Moon is opposed by Saturn, Venus, and the Sun -You will be called to go into your emotional depths in order to restructure your values. This Full Moon is complicated and can be stubborn, intensely sensual, and may uncover feelings you have about relationships, secret attitudes, and what you’re hiding about money issues. Taurus rules the throat, so is there anything you’ve had a difficult time swallowing? This has been going on all year, but we are in the final stages of Saturn in Scorpio, so it’s time to clean up the theater and get ready for the next show – commencing on Christmas Eve, when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.

Beginning on the weekend assertive Mars aligns with karma giving and rebirthing Pluto – and this can bring in some negative, violent, and destructive moments. Give a wide birth on the road as well as to people who are impatient or angry. Mercury plunges back into Scorpio as well bringing in communications that are secretive, manipulative accompanies with that green-eyed, jealous monster, Scorpio. This is the best time to file for bankruptcy or foreclosure as well as to be sure your insurance coverage is up-to-date.

On the positive side, you can apply your physical energy through meditation and visualization and transform your life at core levels. Pay attention to any anger and resentment that appears within you and don’t try to force any issues as others may have the upper hand.

The Moon moves into Gemini for the weekend and brings talking, communications, lots of short trips and quick errands, while you keep on the move. It is not the weekend to begin on and focused projects, so relax and take in a movie. Ideas are flowing now, but many may not manifest at this time.