STARGAZING — Week of November 23rd to November 29th, 2015

Nov 22, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Sagittarius ArrowThe sun entered Sagittarius on Sunday, bringing optimism and enthusiasm for the upcoming Holiday month. Of course, it also brings the tendency to overdo things such as spending and eating. Sagittarius believes that bigger is better.

This week is home to the Gemini Full Moon that ushers in Thanksgiving Day. This brings in two warning signs from Saturn in Sagittarius. One, it’s time to wind up projects and clear the clutter, as well as to reduce whatever has gotten flabby. This Full Moon leads the USA into Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, which also is the same day as the square-off between Saturn and Neptune. The last time these two were in a square aspect was in 1999. Because these energies are mostly in the sub-conscious or collective consciousness, they may not effect us on a personal level.

planet saturnHowever, this time the energy represents the restrictions and protection (Saturn) that are disappearing concerning individual privacy. It’s becoming very difficult to be private with the widespread use of Social Media tools such as Instagram, Facebook, and twitter that make it super easy to find anyone or to have private thoughts, with millions accessing these web pages.

The second notice from Saturn comes on Saturday, November 29th, when the Sun meets up and joins Saturn in Sag for their only meet-up of the year. This promises to have long-term consequences. No matter what you are planning to do this week, Saturn will either rain on your parade, or throw a delay in your plans.

If you are traveling, or just shopping, on Tuesday the 24th, know that there are difficult planetary aspects with mobile Mercury. This can be expressed by impatience in traffic, hurrying through your errands and forgetting that item that you really needed to have, or taking offense at someone’s off the wall comment.

Wednesday, the moon is stuck out on the other side of the sky from all the other planets, and emotional Moon’s do not like to be abandoned. Practice feeling your emotions rather than mentally analyzing them now. Since this is the day before the USA Thanksgiving Day holiday, the Gemini moon keeps moving like a ripples in a stream headed for the ocean.

Short, quick tasks are favored now. Make certain that your actions are in balance with your responsibilities now because excess activities can overly activate your adrenal system, kidneys, and lower back in a stressful way. Communications planet Mercury is aligned with the wise elder Saturn now, thus helping you communicate healthy boundaries. Venus is on the opposite side of the sky as Uranus. In relationships, this brings up the question if you want to be lovers or just be friends.

Thanksgiving candlesAt the Thanksgiving Day meal, part of you wants to keep the peace and the other part of you wants to shake things up. Part of you wants to share with others, and another part wants to go it alone because it is so much easier. Find your happy balance and be willing to try things in a new and different way.

On Black Friday the 27th, the moon is in her quiet void-of-course phase until noontime. If you must shop, be sure to save your receipts. The void phase of the moon is better for meditating or doing laundry than initiating actions. That important product that you purchased in a void moon may not be quite what you thought it was when you get it home, or it may not be well received.

It is interesting to note that in the past few years, scientists have noted that there are huge chunks of diamonds floating in the center of Saturn’s core. This is a confirmation that Saturn is indeed the bringer of hard lessons, however they can be valued because they are an important part of the lessons the Soul came in to learn in this lifetime. The key to “mining” these lessons is to stay focused, go with the flow, and proceed with caution.

It is a nurturing weekend with the moon in Cancer. Left over food and visiting family and friends are two of Cancer’s favorite things in life. Saturday has some minor emotional ups and downs, so just keep on trucking!