Stargazing  Week of Nov. 7th through Nov. 13th, 2022

November begins as the time between the October 25th solar eclipse in Scorpio and the coming total lunar eclipse on November 8th in Taurus. This is called the time of the eclipse season. These energies can bring old emotions up to the surface or other hidden things. Because Mars is freshly retrograde in Gemini, combined with the lunar eclipse, it is important to use discernment in all the political ads. (Which has not been done) I use three months before and after an eclipse as its effective range, and we have already seen quite a few lies by political organizations.

Communications planet Mercury and relationship planet Venus are both in adventurous and risk-taking Sagittarius at the end of the month. That is both a travel and party combination. People want to travel now, but must allow room for adjustment as warrior Mars is retrograde in Gemini, the sign associated with transportation and delays.

Monday morning holds minor challenges. Most likely, you will just feel tired and of low motivation. We are also adjusting to the time change. Get a good nights rest for Monday when the Moon moves into hard working Taurus.

There is a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday November 8th, USA Election Day. (17 degrees Taurus-Scorpio). Why does it seem like every major USA general election lately coincides with a cluster of intense, confusing and upsetting astro energies? The last election in 2020 will seem like a smooth, streamlined democratic process compared to this doozy of a midterm election, when a Full Lunar Eclipse in Taurus