Stargazing—Week of Nov. 4th through Nov. 10th, 2019

Nov 4, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

An Aquarius Moon on Monday is excellent for meeting with friends and opening to new ideas for the greater good. Late Monday-early

Tuesday, Mars is square Pluto, a rude planetary combination. Election Day could be tricky with this difficult square dominating the skies. You can rely on the Sun and Mercury, who are standing in the wings offering help. The results of the voting at the polls could become a battleground. Expect difficult confrontations and power struggles. Watch for breaking news all wee as to how this conflict plays out and effects all elections this year. Avoid forcing issues and give angry people a wide berth. This squaring energy is a warning to stay away from trouble spots and avoid confrontations.

The positive side is to take action to transform your life and let something go, be it stuff, people, or attitudes and behaviors. The rest of this week flows easily so you can get in a groove and just keep going.

Friday and Saturday have pleasant social planetary combinations, and the Moon will be in Aries, which helps you get moving in a physical way. The Sun trines Neptune on Friday, Nov. 8th, activating your imagination and creativity.

This aspect is tempered by a call for law and order, because the Sun makes a sextile to rule-loving Saturn that same day. This is the last Saturn-Neptune sextile of 2019, which brings the potential for the material and spiritual worlds to unite. This is empowering to Monday’s 11/11 because the next time these two planets meet up at this angle again will be 2031.

Finally, this aspect could bring warnings of large-scale weather disasters and disturbances to your travel plans. When you add Mercury Retrograde to the mix, expect delays as well.