Stargazing—Week of Nov. 30th through Dec. 6th, 2020

Nov 30, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The Full Beaver Moon is coming and it will change everything. The last lunar eclipse of the year is on Monday November 30th at (9 degrees Gemini) and brings with it more changes than usual. North America will be able to see it as partially shaded. This full moon is opposite the Sagittarius Sun and stimulates you to open to higher philosophy, integrity, by taking the high road, and expanding your belief system. The energy brings in a time of completion in many parts of your life cycle and typically is the best time of year to communicate, settle issues with siblings, and short trips to bring in some successful and positive conclusions. The intensity of this Full Moon advises you to hold your horses and do not make any important changes until next week.

The Gemini energy of the Full Moon opens your mind to new possibilities and new ways to communicate in your world. By accessing your Higher Self, together, you can communicate higher understanding and principles in a way that others can understand. Gemini is par of unconditional love and seeking wisdom. Be willing to see beyond the outer personality crust of people to connect with the Spirit of the Divine within them. As you vibrate from your own higher self, connecting with their higher self, you are helping the collective consciousness, and the world improves immediately.

On Tuesday, December 1st, Mercury enters Sagittarius and ushers in the Month of December with the Holiday Season. The way you think and talk may suffer a bit from this switch-over because it’s suddenly more difficult to focus with so many new and interesting things and new people to discover. This pull to many different interests and areas will continue through to the end of the year. Figuring out exactly what this energy is asking us to move away from can be tricky, as Neptune also squares the Nodes of Destiny. Use this time to communicate kindly and clearly, especially with yourself. What has held you back this year? What do you want to change? What do you know now, that you didn’t realize pre-Covid-19? 

Be cautious on Saturday, December 5th when the last of the magical energies of Venus trines Neptune making it easy to expect the best and harder to tell what’s real and what’s not.

In mid-December, there is a solar eclipse in generous and optimistic Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius at winter solstice, Dec. 21st-22nd. This conjunction occurs only every 20 years. Most of us will be happy to leave the heavy, earthy Capricorn emphasis of 2020 to move into idealistic, future thinking and airy Aquarius.

As the Full Beaver Full Moon Eclipse passes over us, take the time to focus, communicate clearly, and think about what you want to change and accomplish. It’s a wonderful, powerful time to reflect on 2020 and figure out where you want to go in 2021. Remember the words of Louise Hay, “I am safe, it’s only change.”