STARGAZING—Week of Nov. 2nd through Nov. 8th, 2020

Nov 1, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

There are two more eclipses before we exit 2020. They will bring the culmination of events that have been going on all year.

A solar or lunar eclipse is one of the most impressive natural phenomena that can be observed in the heavens. In the past, eclipses were sometimes seen as an omen for troubled times or impending disaster. A light-devouring demon or dragon was blamed for the spectacular eclipse of the sun.

Today, now that we know how solar and lunar eclipses are caused, we no longer need to fear that light is fundamentally endangered. However, during an eclipse, the Sun and the Moon, the two central lights of a horoscope, form a unique relationship. Therefore, astrologers attach great importance to the symbolic battle between light and darkness.

Solar and lunar eclipses take place every 6 months, and each one carries a specific theme. Some bring blessings and insights, others reveal omissions or errors that require correction. But all of them will show you what lies in the shadow of your own life and wants/needs to be seen.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto from the beginning of the year is still the dominant force. Since a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto will take on place on November 12th at the exact degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction last January; it is to be expected that this month will once again be strongly focused on similar themes.

The power struggles everywhere as well as the occasionally chaotic effects of the pandemic are an expression of this quality of time. It is a great struggle for stability.

At the beginning of the month, there is a tense atmosphere of alertness. Mercury in Libra ends its retrograde phase on November 3rd. It is stationary during these days and forms an exact square to Saturn from November 1st to 8th. Now it is necessary and possible to speak clearly and to call things by their name. This is also a good time to think about complex issues. Workable compromises and diplomatic solutions can now be found that promise stability in the longer term.

This year, Nov. 3rd is one of the most important days of the week, as well as the year, because it’s the US Presidential Election Day as well as the day Mercury – planet of communications and voting – is at a standstill in Libra. What’s so remarkable about this is that in the past on election day, when Mercury was stationary and getting ready to move forward again, it brought snags, glitches, and communication breakdowns and complications. The last time this occurred was in 2000 that resulted in the “hanging shads” election, when Al Gore was announced as the winner, and shortly thereafter, lost to George W. Bush.

Let’s fast forward to Tuesday. Mercury is coming out of retrograde again and may/will bring technical difficulties that will effect the voting process and possibly close down the entire internet.

Besides this, Mercury is squaring three outer planets that control social and economic powers. A Mercury-Pluto square suggests extreme and brutal tactics, violence, bodily harm, lies, and deceit. A Mercury-Saturn square brings rigid thinking and communication problems involving the law. A Mercury-Jupiter square is a sign of wild expansion and embellishments and errors in judgment, as well as accusations of fraud and cheating.

Here’s the possible outcome: Joe Biden is declared the winner of the popular vote – and all hell breaks loose. The legal issues begin. The votes are recounted, and Donald J. Trump wins via the Electoral College procedure. More upset and riots – that could turn violent because of the current astrological energy.

Whatever happens, it promises to be an Election Day mess with no clear winner until possibly December 14th, at the Sagittarius New Moon eclipse.

What I want to caution people about is the possible danger at the voting booths in the key states. When waiting to vote, speak with no one about your thoughts unless you know them very well, because you could come to harm. Remember, desperate people do desperate things.

We all need to send out prayers to everyone in this world and remember the desire of the “collective consciousness” always rules the day. The statement here is from the silent majority, the American people who do not want to become a socialist country and lose their freedom. They don’t want the forefather’s set up eradicated and government power to rule. We are the only free nation in the world and the system, although flawed, has worked well. Our governmental system was “downloaded” from the other realms to bring us life, liberty, and justice for all. So many lies have been stated all year long, because of the triple Capricorn conjunction that has pervaded all year.

Please – begin to listen – go within – connect with your inner energy, and together – live your life in love, peace, harmony, and kindness. Drop your selfish desires, reach out to others, love and respect everyone, and follow the guidance of the Universe.

Next week, the days will be energetically charged This time will be passionate and full of strength personal will and desire, along with determination. The clatter will become louder and louder. Legal battles could emerge and a struggle to the death could ensue.

Now – don’t kill the messenger. Just take care of yourself and your family.

GOD Bless You and God Bless America.