Stargazing — Week of Nov. 28th through Dec. 4th, 2022

Nov 28, 2022 | Stargazing

Everyone is revved up and ready to go this week. The desire to move forward and get things done is very strong now. However, with Mars still retrograde, the Universe may have something else in mind.  While everyone wants to work on their new projects, there may be some disagreements as to how to go about doing things, while people think their ideas are the best and refuse to budge.

Mars is trine Saturn on Monday, and that favors putting physical effort into long-term projects. Because the Moon is in Aquarius, you can create some grate win-win situations.

Go quiet on Tuesday and Wednesday and do not force your ideas onto others. Events may take a nosedive late Tuesday into Wednesday due to a opposition of Mercury with Mars. This energy stirs up feelings of resentment and competition. Everyone is competing for recognition during Wednesday’s lunar square of the Sun.

Jupiter is finishing up old business from earlier this year and the last half of 2021. By Winter Solstice, December 20th, the god of abundance moves back into Aries where he was traveling May through October, 2022. This, along with four of the five outer planets moving forward again, helps you work on future projects.

On Thursday, December 1st, a lunar T-square conjunct Neptune and Jupiter pulls in Mars, Venus, and Mercury indicating conflicts and a refusal to compromise. Luckily, peace is restored by sunset, thanks to a sextile between Venus and Saturn.

Be aware that ambitious Mars continues to be retrograde until January 12th, and Mercury will turn retrograde in serious Capricorn on December 29th for 3 weeks. All of that review energy means that there is help getting moving but that adjustments will be needed and the energy will be a little scattered as well as up and down.

The first days of December point to an enjoyable time that can bring good results, provided we don’t overdo it. Sagittarius-Venus and Gemini-Mars form an opposition on Thursday, December 1st, harmoniously joined by Saturn in Aquarius.

Mercury, still close to Venus, forms a square to Neptune on December 2nd. Small dreams, as well as big ones, want to be seen and heard now, and it’s a good time for pleasurable pursuits of all kinds. This is an optimistic and energetic Friday defined by the Moon’s trine to the Sun.

However, the realization of more complex projects may prove difficult. Mars is still retrograde until mid-January, and so unfortunately more often than not – talk is cheap. However, seriously planned and executed projects could, despite a rough start, point the way ahead at a later manifestation date, supported by the Sun trine Chiron.

Schedule dates for Saturday when the Moon trines Venus and Mercury while sextiling Mars and Saturn. This promises a meeting of the hearts as well as passion and stability.

You may want to put off dating and searching for romance on Sunday, however, due to an argumentative square between charming Venus and illusionary Neptune because you could be duped by someone who is pretending to be someone very different from who they really are. Neptune in Pisces turns direct on Sunday, December 4th, squaring Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius. Longings and quiet forebodings can now drift through the soul’s landscape like wisps of fog, making it difficult to concentrate on the essentials. Take some quiet time and inner reflection.