Stargazing — Week of Nov. 27th through Dec. 3rd, 2017

Nov 26, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The Holiday Season seems to be in full force this week, with a successful Black Friday, small business Saturday, and cyber Monday. Everyone’s out shopping.

On Monday, mental Mercury aligns with Saturn. Odds are you will have part of the day where you can think very clearly, and other parts of the day where you are mentally exhausted. Go easy on Monday, and then move faster during mid-week when the moon is in physical centered Aries. November ends with the Moon moving into sensual Taurus Thursday afternoon, so have a nice, comfort-food dinner with friends or work colleagues.

Tuesday can bring a frustration and tiredness due to leftover Thanksgiving overload. Are you fretting? Wondering how you can possibly get everything done on time? This energy will be short-lived, but comes back again med-month. Be sure to watch and take care of your stress levels. Eat well, get your rest, and add in some exercise.

You’re well into the Holiday Spirit by mid-week, and Friday is an up day, as Venus moves out of deep thinking Scorpio and into Sagittarius, the friendly, happy-go-lucky sign. This special, party and sharing energy will last well into Christmas Day.

As we welcome in the new month of December, watch out for sudden flair-ups when a one-time mars-Uranus opposition upsets the apple cart and perhaps your status quo. This is a dangerous aspect because worldwide conflicts could get out of control at home or abroad and we may find the only solution is military force. Uranus energy rules guns, machines, the internet, and electricity. This can create accidents both on the ground and in the air, so be careful driving.

Saturday could bring a shopping frenzy where you could over-extend your budget. Also, Mercury retrogrades on that day, so keep a good eye on your wallet or purse. As Jupiter and Neptune smile down on you, don’t be blind to your financial abilities.

Sunday bring us the foggy Gemini Full Moon. Personal items go missing, appointments are forgotten, not to mention the traffic and/or car problems. Take a deep breath and go steady and slow. With Mercury retrograde, be sure you finish one project or errand before taking on the next one.

DECEMBER 2017 brings Saturn ending his cycle in Sagittarius on December 19th and moving into one of his favorite signs, Capricorn, through 2020. Restructuring Saturn is aligned with the black hole at the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy during late November and early December. This last happened in October 1988. Where were you at that time? At the same time, communications planet Mercury will be retrograde passing over Galactic Center in Sagittarius three times. Watch for inner changes of consciousness. Something larger is being re-aligned within you.