Stargazing – Week. of Nov. 21st through Nov. 27th, 2022

Nov 21, 2022 | Stargazing

This is Thanksgiving week in the USA and the Universe is sending positive energy this year. It’s time for gratitude, family sharing, home cooking and heart-warming traditions.

The week begins with a conjunction between Mercury and Venus, making it an excellent time for teamwork, networking and catching up with old friends. Monday evening is an excellent time for a new date, or sharing time with your current crush.

Deep level emotional conversations are favored on Tuesday. If you’re traveling, be sure to allow extra time to arrive at the airport and be very careful when driving. A jarring T Square between the Moon, Uranus, and Saturn could lead to slowing traffic, unforeseen events, and delays of all sorts.

The New Moon on Wednesday, November 23rd, at 2 degrees Sagittarius, is filled with generosity, anticipation, excitement, and hope, as it lovingly trines beneficial Jupiter and dreamy-eyed Neptune.

Thursday itself brings a warm, loving, chatty day filled with joy, catching up with others, along with harmony and understanding.  This adds to the party energy for the USA Thanksgiving Day holiday. It is generous and giving energy, but also the sign of eating too much. Enjoy!

Retrograde Mars continues a several month path squaring challenging visionary Neptune. Don’t count your blessings too soon over the Holiday weekend because storm clouds could be arriving on Black Friday. Tryptophan can bring a feeling of sluggishness on Friday morning when sparks of that Mars energy erupts into frustration, fights, and anger, triggering old arguments that were buried in the past.

The moon moves into Capricorn Friday evening through Saturday to add a more serious tone to the weekend

On Saturday, lots of ideas come to the surface but it will take a few months to know which can come into reality and which will float away. Conversation planet Mercury and relationship planet Venus are aligned in Sagittarius now. Expand your belief system as to what is possible to bring success, abundance, and joy into your life in 2023.

 The strong bonds of family love return on Sunday when the Moon conjuncts Pluto. This energy promises that this Thanksgiving holiday time will be remembered fondly in the end. Be careful with travel on your way home, as Mars is retrograde in Gemini, which rules travel.