Stargazing—Week of Nov. 18th though Nov. 24th, 2019

Nov 18, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This is a week to stay sharp because the Sun and Mars change signs, and Mercury ends his retrograde cycle. Even though Venus aligns with Jupiter, Uranus poses a threat.

On Monday, warrior Mars moves into one of his two favorite signs, Scorpio, until January 3rd. This allows Mars to become more intense and powerful. Scorpio is one of two signs where Mars is active, powerful, and stronger than at any other time. The other sign is Aries. The trick here I that Mars can be passive, aggressive and the way to solve problems, especially legal, is by an indirect means and avoid any direct confrontations.

This is excellent for working on your ambitions or doing detective-research work. Scorpio is really good at doing projects that it is intensely passionate about, but not so good at doing things it feels lukewarm about.

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Wednesday the 20th. Allow extra time in traffic and keep a loose schedule in the days surrounding this change of direction. Even though Mercury is still in Scorpio until December 9th, communications, travel, and written contracts will begin to return to a normal phase. So you can get out those Christmas Cards over Thanksgiving weekend.

Friday, November 22nd,  the Sun changes its dark intensity for the happy-go-lucky view as it moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius. This energy is fiery and energetic as well as flexible. You will experience many different things, as it’s time to look at the big picture and plan for the coming new decade of the 2020’s. The Sagittarian energy brings in the Holiday Season; it’s hopeful, calls on us to be joyful, express our faith, and show charity for those less fortunate.

Friday and Saturday are great for a party as the Sun moves into enthusiastic Sagittarius and the Moon moves through social Libra. The weekend brings in two very different messages. First, Venus connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius, giving us the traditional energy of good luck and happiness.

A dangerous storm brews Saturday night as Mars opposes Uranus for the only time in 2019. This energy between Mars and Uranus is military and unpredictable increasing the potential for accidents, violence, and major, serious and disturbing weather patterns. 

We are all reminded that everything may not be okay and the boundless optimism and who-cares attitude of Sagittarius needs some grounding along with common sense.

A lucky Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurs Sunday morning, (Nov. 24th) so buy yourself a Saturday and Monday lottery ticket.