STARGAZING — Week of Nov. 16th – Nov. 22nd, 2015

Nov 14, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing



THIS week the focus on a meet-up and a wake-up call for Neptune. This is the first week of the two weeks of darkness the world must endure. Please keep your prayers going for the victims in the Paris explosion, and sent our Light and energy to prevent any more of these disasters.

Word PrayerMonday continues to be under the influence of a serious Capricorn moon. However, pleasant aspects with other planets soften this hard-working energy. A social business lunch on Monday would be one good way to work with this practical and social combination.

Tuesday, the Scorpio Sun comes up alongside Mercury in the last degrees of Scorpio for their last scheduled meet-up of the year. This could bring some sad family news. Because this occurs in Scorpio, it’s a call to explore the dark underside of travel, commerce, and secret communications, but do so carefully, because its very dark down there.

Tuesday is also a good day for a long lunch, but there is a risk of lots of talk and not much getting done. It’s a great day to meet new people or to step out of your comfort zone. At the very least, do something out of character for the mid-week Aquarius moon.

On a brighter note, Neptune begins to get back up to speed when it turns direct on Wednesday the 18th. Any research or medical projects will begin to move forward again. This change of direction means that our dreams have a better chance of becoming real, and this window of opportunity last through next week when Mercury gets into an important battle with Saturn in Sagittarius.

Use caution driving on Wednesday morning. Spacey Neptune appears to stop in the sky, as he ends his nearly six month retrograde cycle. On the practical level, people will be sleepy, daydreaming, or simply not paying attention. On a spiritual level, ideals and dreams that have been quietly percolating since last June are ready to come out into the light of day in the coming weeks. This spaced-out feeling goes through Friday due to the added effect of the moon moving through dreamy Pisces.

medical insigniaCommunications change on Friday when Mercury leaves the sign of Scorpio and enters fun loving Sagittarius. For the next three weeks thoughts become less analytical and more party, or seasonal oriented. We may not care because we’re more cheerful and optimistic. Be sure to raise your red flag and walk carefully because this is a time when we’re apt to make mistakes since we’re more focused on ideas instead of all the details.

Friday brings an interesting combination. With Mercury moving through bold Sagittarius until December 10th, it’s great for upcoming holiday parties, but it is a classic combination for “foot in mouth disease.” You never heard yourself say that thing that gets you in trouble until it is already said, and you cannot take it back. That is especially true Friday evening when there are relationship challenges to Venus. Don’t push your politics or values onto others, and you will survive the challenge.

5 StarsSaturday is a physical day under an Aries moon. It is good for exercise or getting the house ready for the coming Thanksgiving Day holiday or other festive events. Everyone will be in a hurry on Black Friday and Saturday.

Sunday brings a Sun sign change as the Sum moves into Sagittarius. This brings a lucky period filled with faith and confidence, and it strengthens the possibility of being in the right place at the right time. This explains why our Sagittarian people are willing to take more risks. For the rest of us?


This is the time to get out, visit our friends and loved ones, enjoy life and please remember to count your blessings.