Stargazing — Week of Nov. 14th through Nov. 20th, 2022

Nov 14, 2022 | Stargazing

This is a week when destructive people are attracted towards competent people – like a moth to a flame.

The week begins with several harmonious planetary connections. Monday sets the tone for the week. A fabulous Grand Trine pulls on the Cancer Moon; the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter in water signs makes this a creative and positive time for much awaited good news. . Communicate your future desires as the Sun harmonizes with dreamy-eyed Neptune on Monday.

However, the Moon’s opposition to Pluto sextiled by Mercury on Tuesday indicates that there is some resentment and scheming afoot. A generous, compassionate trine of Venus and Jupiter could lower tiur defenses, thereby opening the door to a sudden and unpredictable attempt to gain control aided by the lunar T square with Uranus and Saturn. 

This energy continues into Wednesday helpful trine between Mercury and Jupiter, with thw emotionally manipulative Moon squaring the Sun, Mercury, and Venus on that same day. Expect a shock on the world stage that will be permanent. Resist th temptation yo solve other people’s problems as the risk of exploitation can be high. Wednesday looks to be a busy day, so go from task to task quickly. 

On a larger level, love and money Venus moves into adventurous Sagittarius until December 9th. Meet new people and take a risk on yourself. Work hard on Thursday and Friday under a Virgo Moon.

The workweek closes on Friday with a T Square between the Moon, Mars, and Neptune while the Moon is trining Uranus and Pluto. Don’t allow your hard work to be under minded by people who ride your coattails or try to steal your thunder. 

Be social on Saturday when the Moon moves into relationship oriented Libra. The weeks energies come to a head during Saturday’s square of Neptune and Mars, while the Moon opposes Jupiter. 

During this entire week, it’s best to work independently as possible without seeking validation or support from colleagues, bosses, and even your friends, as it will be difficult to know who’s on your side v.s. out to ruin your reputation. Surround yourself with your tried and true loved ones.

Sunday’s buoyant, spontaneous Grand Trine in air is an excellent time for bonding through sports and active fun. 

Sunday evening has a generous tone to it, as the life-giving Sun makes a harmonious trine to beneficent Jupiter. With the Moon in Libra all day, tell your partner for what you want for the Holidays, and you may very well get it.