STARGAZING — Week of Nov. 14th through Nov. 20th, 2016

Nov 13, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

There are two things to be aware of this next week. One is about wrapping things up with your present life cycle and acceptance of the election results, and the other is waking up within. On an spiritual level, you are creating a way to live in your inner harmony in spite of external world chaos.

spiritual-heartThere is also a challenge in the planets that you have been feeling for the past month. Jupiter in Libra wants you to expand to new levels, but Pluto in Capricorn requires you to release old stuff before you can go to those new levels. Jupiter is ready to take a risk on getting what you want, yet Pluto prefers to play it safe.


The Full Moon in Taurus is on Monday the 14th. This is the fifth Supermoon of the year. As a reminder, a Supermoon is a New or Full Moon that is at the point of the Moon’s closets point to the Earth. The biggest effect of a Supermoon is that it’s bigger and brighter than the average Full Moon and creates even higher than normal tides. Every Full Moon is a signal that it’s time to wind down and bring matters to conclusion. The present Scorpio Sun is oriented towards crisis and transformation. Our president elect won this election fair and square, and the results came from the heart of our voters. The damage and destruction of property must stop. Why are we bringing about that which we are fighting against? Are we babies, spoiled rotten children, or mature adults? There are tools and laws to protect everyone, and it’s time to work with what we have, trust the Universe, and move on.

fullmoon-taurusTaurus is willing to work hard to manifest needs and desires, while Scorpio wants to delve into deeper levels of understanding. We will have this energetic disruption through December. Hopefully it will lead to peace, understanding, and balance.

At the same time, the Full Moon is challenged by the asteroid Pallas-Athena in unemotional and detached Aquarius. She was a female warrior goddess, associated with creative intellect and wisdom. Aquarius represents that which improves our lives and living in the future. Pallas asks you to make a plan, but the Full Moon makes you adjust that plan as you go along. The “powers that be” will be forced to do just that. You wanted change? Well, you’re about to get it!

fixed-signs-in-astrologyThe challenge here is that Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius are our noted “fixed signs,” so their talent is strong stamina rather than the adaptability that is needed. Sometimes it can feel like, “I want what I want when I want it, without regard of consequences.” However, setting fires, threats, property destruction is never the way to win or settle anything.

Changing relationships are a big part of this energetic combination. Be willing to let go of people as you begin to resonate at different frequencies. It is like ships that have been traveling a parallel path but now need to go to different ports. Be thankful for the sharing you’ve enjoyed, but honor the fact that we must all grow at our own pace and in our own direction. Also, understand that there is always a gap between relationships ending and new ones entering. This includes all types of relationships. This can be similar to what you would feel when your child goes off to college. Remember, I am safe, it’s only change.

This theme of letting go and renewal will continue in the spring of 2017, so allow these changes to be a process rather than rushing and worrying about what comes next. Trust in the process, and that you are not alone!

On Tuesday morning, quick Mercury contacts impatient Mars. Communicate a new plan of action, visualize it and begin to create it. Also, please avoid driving too fast.

The Moon moves into homebody Cancer on Wednesday evening through most of the day Friday. That’s perfect for cooking or sharing a meal with someone with whom you have an emotional connection.

neptune-planetFriday has Mercury squaring Neptune for the morning rush hour. This creates sleepy drivers or people who are not paying attention. Of course, many people will choose to sleep in or start their day more slowly than normal under this potentially confused combination. Neptune likes meditation and Mercury prefers them to be on the shorter side.

On Saturday, Neptune is scheduled to wake up from its five months Pisces nap, ending his retrograde cycle since mid-June. It can be difficult to tell when slow-moving outer planets change direction. Odds are you will just feel a bit fuzzy or discombobulated on Saturday. Neptune is in Pisces, its home planet, once every 160 + years, and in the 21st Century this happens between 2011 and 2026.

Although Neptune is a gentle energy, representing medical breakthroughs, drugs, lies, cover-ups, and deceit, when it turns direct, it gently shifts us out of our own internal darkness and back into the Light. We find out the truth, causing us to make a realization or new decision. The movements and energies of Neptune are fog-like and difficult to put your finger on, but just knowing that this planet is moving forward can help you to stop denying the obvious, which will help you release, accept circumstances, take an action, and begin to make your dreams come true. So curl up, stay quiet, reflect, relax and perhaps watch a movie!



Sunday includes a happy Leo Moon, so is a great day for heart-centered activities and play. Time to shop for the Thanksgiving Dinner and make plans for Black Friday.