STARGAZING — Week of Nov. 10th – 16th, 2014

Nov 11, 2014 | Special Messages

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WEEK OF November 10th — November 16th, 2014

UhOhhh-here it comes. Attempts to manage our feelings may go awry because the changing of the signs and meeting up of the planets keeps our moods in flux. However, our freedom of movement is limited as hot Mars tensely aspects cold Saturn and Pluto, giving the week an uneven pace. Power struggles and control issues play a big part in these Mars/Pluto energies. It’s vital to find a way to handle the extra light wattage in a constructive way so you don’t self-destruct.

We move too fast one minute and not fast enough the next. This is a combustion of an obsessive/compulsive force that sends rage onto center stage — or it can make you overworked and stressed out. Thankfully, we regain control of our thoughts once rational Mercury enters fixed Scorpio.

This week marks the start of a few very difficult weeks to come as Mercury moves into Scorpio, the sign that stirs up troubles deep inside of you. This is one of Mercury’s most challenging placements, but it can also be the most transformational! It’s like the caterpillar struggling to become a butterfly — the struggle gives strength to the wings so they can fly. Confronting your old hurts and hang-ups now gives you a profound opportunity to heal and grow.

Monday, November 10, gets emotional as the Moon enters Cancer and trines both Mercury and Neptune. Feelings get hard to express, they’re so deep. Do your laundry or other projects that do not require a lot of clear thinking. Mars aligns with Pluto on Monday afternoon. There is likely to be some bad news today or in the days leading up to this. It is a difficult combination, especially if you are around angry people or road rage. However, you can initiate significant changes in your life. You are reminded to be accountable for your choices and for how you spend and save your money. Avoid obsessive and compulsive thoughts and actions.

Tuesday is soft, and Wednesday is challenging. So that makes the early week: down and up and down again. Get in the flow and allow room for changes between Nov. 9-13. The week can be fun, but drop expectations. The weekend is quieter under a productive Virgo moon. Neptune ends its long retrograde cycle on Saturday, so take a nap and watch your dreams.

Start reading a fantastically long book or watch that six-hour classic movie or series. You may have company doing this, too. The end of the week into next week could have a few rough spots. Cheerfully focus on what’s important and you can breeze through anything. Be assured that you’re getting more selective and insisting on more quality and fulfillment in your life. November 13 could be a day full of stubbornness.

You could find some extra money you didn’t know you had, or you may hear or read something that drops an answer in your lap. The Moon conjoins lucky Jupiter in Leo on Friday. Expect many hugs as people hope that your luck rubs off. Sunday, November 16, holds extra energy and ambition as Mars trines the Virgo Moon. Work on one big thing or several small ones and feel grateful.

Next week, November 15-18 could have a few rough spots. Cheerfully focus on what’s important and you can breeze through anything.