STARGAZING — Week of May 9th to May 15, 2011

May 9, 2011 | Special Messages

Week of May 9th – May 15th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You will get great feedback and plenty of time to brainstorm. If you need to kick-start that marketing campaign or online business, go for it early, while the cosmos are behind you. Your personal philosophy and world views experience growth and change. If you are a writer, be sure to put some recent experiences down on paper. You could write a significant article or story in the months to come. Later in the week, your attention will shift to your home. You could be thinking about a move. Don’t be surprised if you feel like spending time alone and recharging your batteries. You may be communicating with someone about a new venture. Someone may have to ante up some cash. You are in the planning stages, but contracts and documents of commitment are a few months away. Most of all, give your mind a rest when you can. If you have a garden, this might be a good time to start working on it!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: As this week opens, Air Signs, communicating your desires with some lighthearted flirting or a sincere message inspires and deepens shared activities with your sweetheart, or helps you attract someone new! Networking, sharing your ideas or flirting will bring a romantic opportunity—or, at the very least, opportunities to widen your social circle. A trip can bring a sexy encounter as well. If you’re c couple, exploring a newly shared interest will fire up passion. Later in the week, a homey rendezvous will deepen love. A natural environment inspires intimacy. Just strive to stay emotionally balanced on the weekend. Socializing brings surprising delight on Saturday!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Get ready for more thrills and spills, but make the most of them, too, as life will be quieter after this week. You’ve been going all out to have the best time of your life lately. This week it looks like you will need to get serious about practical matters once again. Monday to Wednesday brings some lucky breaks, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or looking for romance. You may meet a talkative person with creative ideas who is well connected in the community. This could be someone artistic who could turn your ideas into something beautiful. Work up a plan that allows this collaboration to grow into whatever it naturally wants to be.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Passion goes through the roof at the beginning of the week, Fire Signs, when sharing your ideas ignites romance. Your natural optimism will be contagious to potential lovers, and you’ll be especially creative, both in and out of the bedroom. The beginning of a long-distance romance, perhaps with someone from a different culture, is a possibility this week. Love can also be found during a class, group meeting, or spiritual endeavor. After Wednesday, look for romance through a career-related activity. Be careful later in the week, because socializing can evoke mayhem on Friday and Sunday, but friends bring joy on Saturday. A trip or online resource can bring love on the weekend, but watch your words on Sunday.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

On Monday you can wind up old business and take care of a few problems, Water Signs. Watch what you say and if you get into some disagreements, make the effort to resolve them then and there, as best you can. Take care of these matters now, as they could grow and hurt you later on in the year. Get out and have a little fun this week, Water Signs. Talkative and compassionate people could help you, and you should listen to them. They will bring you strength, raise your self-esteem, and help you realize you have many more resources at your disposal than you ever thought possible. You can finally face a challenge that may have had you a little anxious before now. New seeds can be planted with respect to your professional acquaintances, social networks, and your powers of acquisition. If there is something that you want, begin the planning. At week’s end you’ll feel like a winner.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Love needs a dose of daring and directness at the start of the week, when expressing your individuality draws admirers. A work activity or volunteering for a cause brings a romantic encounter as the week opens. After Wednesday, multiple Taurus influences intensify your chances for meeting someone compatible or enjoying shared activities with your sweetie or close friend. You may also spruce up your home and find a bit of extra cash in your wallet. Communications fire up romance after Wednesday, which is a good day for a romantic rendezvous. Just watch out for controlling behavior on Friday. An emotional issue may hinder intimacy, but your inner charm can inspire a sexy tryst on Saturday! A warm and serene ambiance inspires love on the weekend.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This week it’s important for you to meditate as much as possible, Earth Signs. Six planets come together to bring you deep insights, so get those psychic juices flowing. It’s time to uncover some new and important parts to yourself. This has a holistic effect and you can use these energies to heal, comfort, and use in your normal world. You may hear a calling to become an energetic healer. You have spent the last several months internalizing, and now it’s time for reconciling, perhaps with a strong personality or a father figure. This is good and necessary for your Soul growth.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Your home will be a magnet for socializing at the beginning of the week, an exceptional time to host a gathering of friends or enjoy a cozy date with someone new or your sweetheart. Some naughty wordplay intensifies a sexy romp at the start of the week. Verbalizing your sexual needs can make passion sizzle as well. Your sensuality is even more energized after Wednesday, when an exotic locale or activity can bring a romantic encounter. At home, creating a beautiful ambiance will show off your talent to bring comfort to others. Earth Signs, romance escalates midweek through the weekend, if you can stay emotionally centered on Friday. Intimacy may be strained on Sunday, but an upscale location inspires romance on Saturday. Enjoy!