Stargazing — Week of May 9th through May 15, 2022

May 9, 2022 | Stargazing

After last week’s buoyant, boundary-pushing energy, the second week of May offers more of a mixed bag.  It could be difficult getting into the grind on Monday, due to an energy depleting aspect  – opposition of Mars – Saturn.  Also, Mercury has been slowing down to turn retrograde in time for rush hour traffic in the morning. It begins in one of Mercury’s favorite signs, Gemini, and then backs into Taurus on the 22nd.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out because “do it big” Jupiter moves into impatient Aries on Tuesday. Jupiter brings a dramatic boost  of energy and ambition, while Mercury slams on the breaks. Frustration with traffic or road rage is one level of this energy.

On a higher level, opening up to new ideas to pioneer a new path for you life is supported. Be aware that there are likely to be too many options right now, but they will be pared down in the months ahead.

All this marks the beginning of an extended period when reflection and action must go hand in hand in equal measure lasting until Mercury goes direct on June 3rd. Both Jupiter and Aries have a blustery energy that wants yo move ahead without thinking. However, Mercury retrograde will lay even the best-laid plans aside, so a more cautious approach is necessary. In the same vein, you could bite off more than you can chew and delay or ruin certain promising opportunities. It’s best to slow down and deal with any work tasks that have piled up before going for some new goals.

Use this time to plot and plan, but wait to take any action until early June. Reminder; we are also dealing with some powerful pre-eclipse energy. So anything can go wrong at any time.

Thursday and Friday are pleasant under a social and relationship oriented Libra moon. A Scorpio moon on Saturday takes you to deeper levels and prepares you for Monday’s lunar eclipse. That means that Friday is the better social day and Saturday’s Scorpio Moon prefers privacy.

There is a lunar eclipse overnight Sunday into Monday, May 15th-16th in North and South America as well as western Africa and western Europe.  Lunar eclipses tend to bring hidden emotions up to the surface, and that goes double for an eclipse in intense Scorpio.

On the physical level, you can go to deeper levels within yourself to really look at what you value and what no longer holds energy for you. On the esoteric level, it asks you to live in your center and not get sucked into the drama and chaos of your personal or global world

On Sunday, The Sun squares Saturn while sextiling Neptune. This is a rather stubborn day when it may be best to detach from difficult people and fins inspiration and escape on art, literature, or film.

The good news is that the Moon makes a harmonious trine to Mars and Neptune in Pisces. This is a spiritual warrior combination short term for the long-term gain. Astrologers often forget to tell what holds a higher vision and then takes action to bring that higher vision into reality. Boundary setting Saturn is tied to this eclipse, so you are challenged to sacrifice the people that are holding you back. Then Saturn produces rewards, which come from discipline and hard work over time.

While impatience may be at a maximum, take a deep breath, chill out, and wait for calmer, more certain skies.