STARGAZING—Week of May 8th through May 14th, 2017

May 7, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Let’s hope you’ve been getting your rest because this week brings a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio, a node (karma) change, an active Mercury, and lucky days because of Mars and Jupiter. Expect your goals and desires to get a boost on Tuesday and Wednesday as the Sun trines Pluto.

Don’t take small mental or annoying challenges too seriously on Monday as the day will get easier and more reclusive towards the end of the day.

Tuesday is the build-up to the Full Moon, and there is plenty of action. Mental Mercury aligns with eclectic Uranus, and the Sun makes a gentle trine to transforming Pluto. This energy boosts to secure any goals as well as the Full Moon energy on Wednesday. Share and listen to inventive ideas that can help you create a better life. It’s time for that spring feeling of freshness.

The Full Moon is on May 9th (21 degrees Scorpio) making its exact conjunction on Wednesday afternoon.. This is the Wesak Moon where tradition believes that the Buddha comes to help bring enlightenment to humankind. There are the signs of power all week. Taurus helps you manifest your needs and desires in the mundane world, and Scorpio helps you go below the surface to tap into your deeper emotions bringing profound understanding.

On Thursday, the idea planet Mercury and inventor Uranus work in harmony with practical Saturn so you can bring innovative ideas into a form that helps you in the material world. The only small challenge now is fast Mars making a challenge to fantasy Neptune. It’s like one part of you is racing a mile a minute and another part of you needs to slow down to process the action. One minute your brain is going full speed, and the next you are ready for a nap. As this energy works through you, find a healthy balance between your material and spiritual worlds.

Meanwhile, Thursday morning, Mars challenges Neptune to ask you if your actions are in alignment with your higher vision. A small problem or challenge could surface, bringing up some hidden issues. By afternoon, it will be easier to get into the flow and accomplish a variety of tasks that require mental focus.

This uncomfortable energy is replaced Friday morning by a lucky Mars/Jupiter trine Your confidence strengthens as you move through the day. Friday is the fun day of the weekend. The moon is in party and pleasure Sagittarius and passionate Mars makes harmony to generous Jupiter. The tendency is to overdo it, so goes easy on what you consume or spend.

Saturday evening supports quiet flowing activities. Enjoy yourself but don’t overstay your welcome at social events Saturday evening.

Mother’s Day is relatively uneventful but family activities are better planned for Sunday morning and afternoon. Spiritual destiny points called the nodes of the moon shift into Leo and Aquarius after being in Virgo-Pisces since fall 2015. For the next 1 1/2 year, we move out of the humble, hard-working frequency into more social Aquarius and fun-loving Leo. Time to have more fun and enjoy what you do! Use this full moon energy to raise your consciousness and shift your way of thinking to remember that your service on planet earth can be enjoyable if you embrace it and allow it. This is setting us up for the Full Solar Eclipse in Leo in August. This energy shows us the good and unfavorable sides that can happen once one takes center stage. Keep your eyes on politics and what’s happening in Washington, DC over the next few months.

With the Moon in Capricorn on Mother’s Day, it could present some strain and problems in families. Your mother may not have been the best supporter for you, but she does deserve to be respected and honored. Without some nurturing from her, you would not be here. Avoid emotional topics come evening.

Let’s all give a moment to be thankful for the grace that has come forth this week.