Stargazing—Week of May 6th to May 13th, 2012

May 8, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Week of May 6th – May 13th, 2012


This week we are ready to jump at the possibility of change. From fast and furious to slow and steady, Mercury, the winged messenger, is about to make a complete reversal in how it impacts your world! Whew! The last few weeks have been ridiculously busy and active. Mental planet Mercury has been in Aries, making thoughts vibrant, impulsive and scattered. But now it’s time to cut through the Bull, get realistic, and get down to what’s truly important.

On May 9th, after sailing through Aries for the last couple weeks, Mercury will switch gears and move into Taurus. Here, Mercury becomes much more grounded, focusing on solid, tangible results. Conversations may be less inspired but more meaningful because they’ll be rooted in reality. Mercury in Taurus encourages you to slow down to make decisions, and once your mind is made up the stubborn Bull will not allow you to budge! Stand fast and manifest!

Upon entering Taurus, Mercury will form a charming alliance with Neptune on May 10th. Your intuition will go into overdrive, so make sure to follow through on any hunches, and don’t be surprised if you think of someone and suddenly they call you. This planetary pairing makes you a bit psychic and practically telepathic.

The idiosyncratic Aquarius Moon is an ideal cosmic setting for unusual experiences and friendly encounters on Friday and Saturday. Unconventional activities thrill the senses while heads tend to dominate hearts. But a lunar shift into dreamy Pisces on Sunday morning stirs up emotions and inspires romantic urges. Mercury shifts into Taurus, opening our minds to a time of practical thought and realistic goal setting. Now is the perfect time to look at where you are in life and where you want to be. With your feet planted firmly on the ground and your intuition in high gear, there’s no time like the present to re-evaluate your current career path.

This contrast in energies may leave you wondering if you’re heading in the right direction. You will know by the New Moon Eclipse on May 20th. Make notes and keep a journal. Focus on what you want to manifest and experience, Then find practical way to create it. You may begin to see results as you move through June.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You may feel more vulnerable and perhaps less confident about your decisions and choices. Mercury changes signs and moves into Taurus on Tuesday, which means that, overall, you’re more connected to your instincts and sixth sense. Your dreams and feelings about your life and various issues may help guide you to a solution. The spotlight is on personal and intimate issues. If you’ve been under stress and are suffering from tension, one of the best ways to overcome it is to have a deep tissue massage or get your partner to do this for you. Your romantic life looks pretty hot now. There’s also a positive focus on joint financial matters. You may get good news that your partner will be earning more or that the bank is willing to lend you money. Your home area has been graced with the presence of Jupiter for some time, so there have been opportunities to expand your family, extend your property, or to set up a home business. The latter could take off in a big way if you work to get it off the ground. As Mercury moves in on Tuesday, you may want to sort out contracts and go over ways for getting work done. Or if you’re thinking of selling, it might be time to get your place ready to put on the market. This is a good time to meditate. Go out in the newly blooming garden, bet quiet, and allow yourself to go deep within. This gives you time to listen to your heart. What do you really want? Allow the answers to flow, make notes, visualize and believe its here already.

  Your Love Week—Air Signs: Exploring unfamiliar territory could be exciting with the Moon traveling through unconventional Aquarius on Friday and Saturday. Connections with foreign cultures may spice up a current relationship or even lead to a new one. Attracting positive attention should come easily on Friday and Saturday. Yet this lunar transit in Aquarius may also bring emotions to the surface, making you more captivating to someone who already admires you. Experimenting with your activities, assumptions, and attitudes can eliminate boundaries to intimacy. Remember, Air Signs, It’s playtime this weekend! You’ll attract more attention and affection when you let go of long-range ambitions and simply try to relax and enjoy the moment. A cool but friendly approach can heat up very quickly with the right companion. The mood grows more tender and sensitive on Sunday morning after the Moon shifts into compassionate Pisces. There is sweet potential for pleasure on Sunday afternoon if you don’t overburden yourself with elaborate plans. It’s great that you have such creative ideas to entertain others, but the fun can get lost when you have to work more than you play. This lunar move might engender a sense of vulnerability. Surrender to your feelings and listen to your heart.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Work, health, and lifestyle issues seem to be doing well as Jupiter brings luck and perfect timing just when you need it, Fire Signs. If you have to make a decision about your job, a wellness matter, or a lifestyle change, you can rely on your intuition to help you out. Mercury moves into Taurus from Tuesday helps you to plan ahead and create schedules that will bring great results. Your only problem may be sticking to them. However, this could be another successful week for you. Your thinking will be reasoned and practical. You excel at taking the kinds of actions that bring fruitful results. You may need to be more careful as Mercury aspects Neptune on Thursday. It’s great for brainstorming but may not be quite so good for doing business due to misunderstandings and possible confusion. This energy has been ongoing and very helpful for you. With your thoughts in balance and alignment, you may find it easier to get things done. Financially, you may be making good progress and this, too, is helping to stave off anxiety. You may have a brilliant idea on Tuesday that could bring more financial luck. Go for it. As your week moves along, things look pretty exciting. Keep it up! Sunday brings happy surprises, too – don’t miss out.

  Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Time spent with friends can boost your personal life this week. The Moon’s presence in quirky Aquarius on Friday and Saturday increases your fun and impacts your connections when you’re an enthusiastic member of a team. Friendly conversations can break out in unexpected places with the unconventional Aquarius Moon. A casual chat may have more impact than seems evident at first. Your current need for intellectual stimulation could attract a smart person to engage you in flirtatious and witty banter. Sunday’s atmosphere, though, is a very different story as increased sensitivity finds you seeking peace and quiet either on your own or with a companion who you can trust to keep your secrets. Relationships are in the spotlight this weekend. A friendly attitude creates trust without pressure and might lead to a deeper connection on Sunday. The Moon slips into psychic Pisces on Sunday morning, melting away barriers to closeness when you think less and feel more. Sunday’s mood is likely to be more contemplative. You may prefer more privacy and rest, choosing to spend time alone or with a tranquil companion in a relaxing, stress-free environment.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You get to dazzle big time with some wonderfully warm and welcoming energies going on. As Mercury changes signs on Tuesday, you have extra powers at your disposal to persuade, negotiate, sell your goods and services, and generally get your message out there. With these vibes, you should be getting on great with your neighbors and siblings. If there are friends you haven’t seen in a while, invite them over. You’ll really enjoy yourselves. Friends have always been a source of great support, and this lucky phase continues over the coming days. Networking and connecting with new people could be the way to close a lucrative deal, especially over the weekend. Your associations with others seem to bring you fabulous good luck, so try not keep to yourself. Get out and about. If you’re looking for some romantic action, you have plenty of opportunities to find someone who’s on your wavelength. The vibes are perfect! You’re having a good time as Mercury glides into Taurus. Your love life rocks, and so does your social life. Everyone seems to want to have you come to get togethers and parties. This is great for romance, business, and general fun. Any conversations you need to hold will have practical consequences. Even brainstorming will yield a good harvest. A special meeting may have romantic value on Tuesday. The weekend is perfect for entertaining and all kinds of social interactions.

 Your Love Week—Water Signs: Start the weekend slowly as we move toward the cool Aquarius Moon on the weekend, which chills with intellectual reason. You may want to avoid intense emotions until Sunday. Your rich imagination can enthrall a willing partner who wants to share your fantasy world. Keep in mind that engaging in passionate play is more appealing now than creating a serious agenda. Shifting out of your comfort zone may be what it takes to get closer to someone with the innovative Aquarius Moon on Friday and Saturday. Do your best to adjust to unfamiliar circumstances if you want to keep your current union on track, or desire to begin a new relationship. You could feel like you are on the outside looking in with the Aquarius Moon. Time spent alone or with those who share your spiritual values or love of nature makes the most sense now. You are ready to come out of social exile on Sunday when the Moon moves into Pisces, the imaginative sign. People can’t help but notice you, Water Signs, because you are wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don’t worry; your emotional honesty and creative approach make you absolutely irresistible. Sunday’s energy is sensitive and sweet as the watery Pisces Moon returns you to familiar romantic territory, inspiring you to dream about the future.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This is the kind of week you enjoy, Earth Signs, because it brings many opportunities to achieve results and make progress, too. There’s nothing pie in the sky about the energies you encounter. You have a positive focus and you’re keen to learn new skills, perhaps a new language, or spread your net that much wider. Life continues to be upbeat. You love to feel you’re nurturing and building through implementing positive ideas, and this seems to be happening. Overall, it appears you’re making great progress, and that includes your love life. Your thoughts become more defined and practical once Mercury moves into Taurus on Tuesday. You could be influenced by someone with a great idea and think about working as a team. Love, fun, pleasure, creativity, and romance are all in the cards now. You get good at telling people what you want and communicating your desires in earthy, sensuous language. The combination of energies around you this week is fortunate in more ways than one. Whether you want to set up your own business, find romance, or just enjoy a round of golf or walk in nature, the vibes are perfect. Travel may be on the horizon. It could bring more good news and success your way. The weekend is especially fortunate for arranging projects or having fun. It’s also especially lucky, so get out and make the most of it. Sunday is perfect for spending the day with family and friends. There is a lot to look forward to.

 Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
The unconventional Aquarius Moon opens you up to new forms of pleasure on Friday and Saturday. Don’t try to control every situation if you want to create an inviting atmosphere. Sure, you might feel a little lost, but that may be the price you must pay to find the love you desire. Exercising some flexibility enables you to find fun this weekend with the Moon moving through irreverent Aquarius on Friday and Saturday. In fact, you may do your best work now by assuming a leadership position. Your capacity to stay cool under strange circumstances is a key to making a positive impression both professionally and romantically. Practicing flexibility serves you well on Sunday when the Moon enters super-sensitive Pisces, where feelings count more than facts. If you’re stuck playing Cinderella while your wicked stepsisters are having all the fun, you will have the final laugh. The lunar shift invites love and fantasy. All you have to do is quiet your critical mind and let your innocent heart lead the way. Friends come to the rescue with sweet acts of kindness or pleasurable activities that let you play without having to lead.