Stargazing – Week of May 3rd to May 9th, 2010

May 3, 2010 | Special Messages

10:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Elizabeth will be discussing what is coming up in 2012. How this time is very special, and similar to what happened in Atlantis when it fell. The planet Earth is living in a hostile environment. Will 2012 be the end of violence or will the planet Earth come to a violent end? We will be offered a choice, to prevail together or perish. The changes will be both painful and difficult. Based on Elizabeth’s new book, Ascension—Accessing The Fifth Dimension, she explains that all of us have the ability to trancend to new levels of insights and awareness.

Nations, governments, and cities must change ranks and help each other. The world of science is changing as spirituality and science come together and intertwine, becoming one unit. Fear will be prevalent as the money exchange changes, and the stock market comes to a close. This could be a very quick transition into the higher energies:

The financial centers and banks fail
Inclement weather
Food shortages
Wars, wars, and more wars
The realization and proof of life elswhere
New diseases as the energies change
Disasterous Earth changes
Our sister galaxies

What can we do as the Earth goes through her cleansing? Be sure to get the book, find out what can be done, what to expect, and how we can all rise above it. Be prepared for the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show on May 21st!

star-flashingStargazing News:

Throughout May, there is a terrific shift in the cosmos taking place that is likely to have a profound effect on everyone. On April 26th the Sun is making the start of a four-week period in which it will encourage intense actions and personalities. During this four-week transit, it will be turning up the intensity on just about every aspect of your life.

STARGZAZING—Week of May 3 through May 9, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You Air Signs are very idealistic souls. You usually see the good in others. On Monday you’ll deal with issues in your residence when the Moon is quincunx Venus. Make sure you have a list of repair services handy. This week you might become more practical as you interact with the world around you. You’ll begin to realize that human nature isn’t always pretty. Your creative juices will be flowing when the Moon conjuncts poetic Neptune in Aquarius on Friday. You could create a masterpiece of art, music, or dance. A friend could prove difficult on the weekend. Your companion will be operating at a different activity level than you and you’ll need to hurry to keep up with this frenetic friend. You’ll find it hard to locate the right balance in your life on Sunday. Your urge to take care of yourself will kick in and you’ll start eating healthfully.

heartsYour Love Week—Air Signs:
You’ll see plenty of romantic action with the Moon in Aquarius Tuesday afternoon through early Friday. It begins with an exciting, unreal goodbye kiss from the Capricorn Moon when it sextiles Uranus, in Pisces. The next few days are passionate, not peaceful. Personal involvement feels right during the Moon-Pluto conjunction on Monday and Tuesday. But a Moon-Venus quincunx suggests choosing partners carefully. By Wednesday everything’s relaxed and everyone’s beautiful – if you don’t get involved with Taurus and Leo! Retrograde Mercury keeps you guessing on Wednesday, and the Taurus Sun drives you toward excessive pleasure on Thursday. When the Moon enters Pisces and conjoins Chiron on Friday, here comes a broken heart you thought was mended. Take heart and know that Friday is about flirting and broadening your horizons. Avoid your ex this weekend by hiding out with your mom on Mother’s Day. With Sunday’s Moon-Ceres square in Aries and Capricorn, look for some intense one-on-one time Sunday afternoon as Aries takes charge of your love life. This is a perfect time to accept parental advice.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Get ready for unexpected events to occur, Fire Signs! You love to concoct idealistic plans for your life, but this week you’ll discover that your plans can be upended without any notice. You are usually caught up in the moment, but on Monday you’ll be feeling nostalgic. You’ll pour over childhood photo albums as you recapture the memories of your early youth. On Wednesday you’ll need to cope with a new set of circumstances in your life. Be careful because you’ll be lost in space when the Moon in visionary Aquarius opposes Mars in Leo. Keep your eyes open when you’re taking a walk in order to avoid an accident. Listen closely when you engage in conversations this weekend. You may find it hard to concentrate when the capricious Moon conjuncts erratic Uranus on Sunday. You’ll be ready to discover who you really are and what makes you tick.

heartsYour Love Week—Fire Signs:

With Mars in Leo, you could be a picky single or a demanding lover. Monday’s quincunx with the Moon finds you direct and impulsive. Monday’s Moon-Pluto conjunction helps you get better acquainted with your love focus, and Tuesday’s Moon-Jupiter sextile brings you closer to another Fire Sign or Air Sign. Tuesday’s square with the Sun gets you even hotter under the collar. Turn competition into negotiation when Mars opposes an Aquarius Moon on Wednesday. Be sure to give Earth Signs some space on Wednesday and Thursday when the Taurus Sun squares an Aquarius Moon. Friday and Saturday are perfect for casual dates. Set aside expectations and go with the flow. Friday’s your date night, with its Venus-Mars sextile. Communicate, play, or do whatever else comes to mind. Just remember, the Sun spends this month in Taurus, your frequent adversary. Maybe opposites will attract this weekend. Sunday’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is a time of beautiful illusions. But are you ready to bring your sweetie home for Mother’s Day? Consider ending that visit by mid-afternoon while everyone’s still on good terms.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your consciousness will change this week, Water Signs. You’ll reflect on the best way to live your life when Mercury retrograde trines Pluto, your ruler, on Monday. You’ll realize you’re on a journey in life and the destination doesn’t matter, at least not right now. Check with an expert before you make a decision in an important matter in your life this week. Also, on Monday you’ll confront an issue that is beyond your insight and intuition. Consider asking for advice from someone in the know. You might tangle with a formidable opponent on Thursday. You’ll discover that your foe is just as determined as you are to win at all costs. You’ll enjoy a family reunion on Friday. A relative will drop in to see you and bring along other members of your extended clan. On Sunday the Moon in Pisces conjuncts daring Uranus and you’ll explore your sense of adventure. You’ll be ready for rest and relaxation on Sunday evening.

heartsYour Love Week—Water Signs:

As this week opens, beware mixed messages, Water Signs. You’ll earn trust and win hearts when Pluto trines Mercury on Monday. Get to know somebody during this Moon-Pluto conjunction. When this window closes mid-Tuesday, the Moon-Uranus trine helps you make a big impression on an attractive person. Is he or she turned on? Just curious? If fickle attentions wander on Thursday, don’t take it personally. Luckily, the Moon enters Pisces Friday morning and stays through Sunday afternoon. It conjoins Chiron, boosting your self-image. Friday’s Moon-Pluto sextile heightens romantic intensity. But Mars has another agenda. Its quincunx with the Moon and square with the Sun bring unpleasant impulses and urges. Wednesday’s Moon-Mars opposition makes you a demanding lover. Friday’s Mars-Venus sextile boosts your charm too much for your own good, and Saturday’s quincunx with the Moon may trigger explosive misunderstandings. Later, planetary sextiles with other heavenly bodies enhance the love, comfort, and creativity at this private party. Parental figures approve when you check in on Mother’s Day. With luck, next week will be less confusing.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Your mind is always busy, Earth Signs. You often take people at face value, thanks to your pragmatic personality. This week you’ll spot the hidden agendas of the people you deal with when Mercury retrograde in Taurus trines perceptive Pluto on Monday. You’ll find it easy to read between the lines of the people around you. Your urge to increase your knowledge will be overwhelming. You’ll be ready to fill in the gaps in your education. On Thursday your stubborn side will come out in full force. You won’t back down in a situation you have to deal with. You might decide to break out of your rut this weekend. You may want to spend time alone on Saturday. On Sunday you’ll be ready to meet new people. You might consider volunteering for an organization with a lot of members to enable you to mix and mingle with others.

heartsYour Love Week—Earth Signs:

Monday favors big, sexy plans with its Moon-Sun and Mercury-Pluto trines. There’s a chance you’ll be lucky in love on Monday and Tuesday while the Moon conjoins Pluto. And if you’ve been waiting for the come-hither look, Tuesday’s Moon-Saturn trine pushes your luck halfway through Wednesday. Ceres adds a nurturing glow on Tuesday, although any involvement with Mars or Leo could provoke explosive confrontations. Do you want that happening around your love life? By Wednesday, the Aquarius Moon introduces tension between partnership and going it alone. Then watch out for your ruling planet, Mercury. Just because you’re able to persuade a certain someone doesn’t mean it’s a good idea! Review your motives on Thursday to win the right person’s heart by mid-Friday. Quick creative thinking on Friday gets you out of trouble and back into that special someone’s good graces. Are you ready to spend the weekend earning his or her love? Say yes. You won’t regret it. Keep it real, but don’t be surprised if selfish concerns overtake you Sunday night. You have needs, too.