Stargazing — Week of May 3rd and May 9th, 2021

May 3, 2021 | Stargazing

May brings us days of deprogramming and the month contains a lunar eclipse that is also the biggest supermoon of the year. In Sagittarius, emotions are likely to be exaggerated. Mercury enters the shadow period of its coming retrograde cycle on the 15th, then turns retrograde May 29th-June 22nd, This is particularly interesting because the communications breakdown cycle occurs in one of Mercury’s favorite signs, Gemini (the other is Virgo). As airlines and travel open up, watch to see what complications manifest. Add to that a solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th at five degrees, the same degrees of Gemini; the same degree that Mercury went retrograde. On May 13, expansive god of abundance Jupiter temporarily enters Pisces until late July to give a hint of what is coming for you in 2022.

The battle if the fixed signs continue as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in Taurus square off against the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter in Aquarius. Both of these fixed signs are stubborn in their own right. Aquarius operates through cool detachment and Taurus exerting instinctive and unreasonable visceral drives, both attempting total control

The dispassionate objectivity of the Aquarian influences will be able to mitigate and unravel the Taurus cult personality, which is reinforced by the Sun’s transit through Taurus this month.

Allow extra time to wake up and get moving on Monday morning as Saturn needs to ease into the day and Jupiter does not want to take on his usual full load. Mercury enters Gemini on Monday evening and will pass through this sign all the way to mid-July, an extra long time, due to its coming Mercury retrograde from May 29th-June 22nd. It’s time to come up with some new ideas, prepare for short trips, or take/teach short classes. What do you need to readjust? How you are bringing your message to the world?

The week’s best weapons are a combination of aloof indifference and icy judgment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thursday is the best day of the week by far to arrange for important meetings and social outings.

The mid-week is gentle. Thursday has Venus making harmony with Pluto. This helps you have deeper conversations about love and money. A trine between Venus and Pluto will crush feelings of petty competitiveness, allowing harmonious team efforts to thrive at work, and the Moon’s conjunction of Neptune and sextile of the Sun makes it an excellent time for romance and some twilight dining, followed by emotional romance.

It is a “get physical” weekend with the Moon in Aries. Don’t overdo on Saturday morning as Venus challenges “I want to do it all” Jupiter. Venus is associated with your sugar levels and the adrenal system. Jupiter represents the liver and lower back. You don’t want to take on too much and end up on a sugar high with a bad back by over-exerting yourself.

On Saturday evening, Venus enters Gemini until June 2nd, creating a harmonious flow for important conversations. Deep communications and healing in relationships is favored.

Sunday – Mother’s Day continues to have the Moon in Aries until the PM when it moves into productive Taurus to begin the week. Take Mom for a walk as Aries is associated with exercise.