Stargazing — Week of May 31st through June 6th, 2021

May 31, 2021 | Stargazing


USA Memorial Day holiday on Monday is under a social Aquarius moon. Physical Mars makes harmony to spiritual Neptune both days, so take a meditative walk near water.

Mercury turned retrograde late Saturday afternoon. Of course, you’ll likely felt the energy shift before Saturday as Mercury stationed and began his reverse motion. Many astrologers consider a two-week window before and after a retrograde, called its shadow, to be the problematic harbinger and closing of the retrograde period. This is a powerful retrograde because Mercury is in Gemini, the sign he rules, so communication will likely go very wonky, technology will most definitely glitch, and travel plans, luggage, and business affairs might snag and tangle, as well as contracts either falling through or needing to be amended or re-written.

Monday, Memorial Day, has Mars trine Neptune, making an escapist atmosphere. This creates a perfect day to kick back and enjoy life.

This week we could be mesmerized by False Prophets and fake news. There is a transcendental edge that could awaken spiritual enlightenment but could just as easily lead to getting swept up in snake oil self-help movements that offer painless cures to complex problems. Best to stick with the tried and true.

The month of June is entirely under the influence of the Saturn-Uranus square, which becomes exact for the second time on the 15th. This could again lead to unexpected developments and breakdowns in supporting structures, with an open/unexpected outcome. The central theme of this square is the tension between individual freedom and social limitation. Mercury and Saturn are both retrograde during this second connection. Much that has been started in the last months must now be reviewed, corrected and stabilized. With courage, deliberation, and perseverance, small but important steps forward into a new self-understanding can now be taken that can eventually bring world peace.

The first days of June will show how well we succeed in guiding the energy and  the enormous tension created by last week’s eclipse, into constructive paths. The Gemini Sun along with Saturn in Aquarius form a trine around June 2nd-4th, as do Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces. There is now more talk about feelings, hopes and fears. The energy brings us strong, positive vibrations.

The great distress in which many people find themselves in at this time after the Covid pandemic could become more visible during these days.

This could be compounded on Thursday, when the Moon conjuncts Neptune in spiritual Pisces, leaving a squared Mercury retrograde confused and confounded. Luckily, the Sun’s trine with Saturn later that day will bring in a dose of rationality, while Venus trine Jupiter brings in barrels if love and compassion, making it an excellent evening and night.

On Saturday, June 5th, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn oppose each other, while the Aries Moon squares both. Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. This is an ornery energy which could have you drawn into seductively utopian causes and schemes that fight and oppose the status quo. But is their real idea of justice over the establishment a new power grab? Watch out for Fake News.

Real and perceived threats, both national and international, could now lead to instinctive and sometimes violent reactions, and once again it will be difficult or impossible to get a reliable picture of what is really happening. (Cyber and physical threats are possible.)

Heads up – There is a solar eclipse in Gemini next week on June 10th, and it is in the same degree of Gemini as the Mercury retrograde cycle (May 29th-June 22nd). This can bring new ideas to the surface, and certainly will add to the restlessness after a year of Covid and the destructive unrest in the cities.