STARGAZING – Week of May 31st—June 6th, 2010

May 31, 2010 | Special Messages

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It is always powerful and important when the outer planets change signs. On May 27th, Uranus leaves Pisces to begin a three-month stay in the action sign of Aries. You can expect anything to happen and quickly, too!
A new cycle of gowth and expansion begins on June 6th when Jupiter enters Aries. Two days later it conjoins electrifying Uranus in Aries, awakening our souls and creating an entirely new framework for everyone’s life. While these two planets join their energy forces, you can expect exciting things to happen, as new doors of opportunity swing open for you. You may receive amazing insights into issues, people, or situations. New information, perspctives, or inventions may radically change your view of the past, and also alter the way you expeience the present.

STARGAZING – WEEK OF May 31st—June 6th, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You are visionary Air Signs. However, you’ll concentrate your mental energies on events and experiences from your past when Neptune turns retrograde in Aquarius on Monday. You want to learn from your past successes and failures so you can create a new plan of action for the future. Your thoughts are often scattered. You’ll discover that your ability to think clearly is a bit foggy when hazy Neptune turns. Try to be logical when you make choices. You’ll find it difficult to be productive this week. On Monday you’ll slack off where your regular duties and responsibilities are concerned. You may confront a jealous associate on Wednesday. This person will be very subtle in the way he or she undermines you, so be on your guard when you interact. Try to control your temper on Thursday. You’ll encounter someone who isn’t as tolerant as you, so bear that in mind. Do your best to forgive yourself on Thursday. Remember, you can’t undo the past and you’re only human. It’s time to move on and stop dwelling on events you can’t change. A new companion will pop into your life on Sunday. You’ll hit on a new way to express yourself. Rein in your appetites and try to curb your urge to indulge on sweets!



Your Love Week—Air Signs:
Between the positive thinking left over from last week’s Moon-Pluto conjunction and the Moon entering exhilarating Aquarius, Monday and Tuesday feel like days to reach out for what you want. Expect mixed blessings when Neptune retrogrades on Monday and the Moon joins it Tuesday. Whether you’re coupled or single, love becomes complicated and intense. But retrograde Neptune suggests hidden agendas or a loosening grip on reality. This current astral configuration may reconnect you to someone whom you once knew a while back, and had almost forgotten. But they have obviously not forgotten you, as they seem to have made definite arrangements to be in your vicinity at just the right time. While you may be shocked, you may also be a lot more surprised to discover just how well you now get on. Passion surges with Wednesday’s Sun-Moon trine, although a Moon-Mercury square enhances uncertainty. Love gets more physical than conversational and because it’s in Pisces Thursday through Saturday, be careful of your urges drowning out other people’s wishes. This Moon-Neptune conjunction could throw past or future lovers into your life, and Friday’s Chiron retrograde reminds you of past broken hearts. Watch out for one-night stands and empty promises as the Aries Moon conjoins Uranus Saturday and Sunday. You’re done with that scene – aren’t you? Nevertheless, Jupiter helps clarify things Sunday when it enters Aries.


The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’re a Fire Sign and you possess oodles of energy and enthusiasm. Don’t be too hasty to agree to a new proposal this week. On Monday you’ll need to ponder the ramifications in a proposition you face before you say yes. Don’t give up, Fire Signs! You know that you can’t always achieve your goals on the first or even the second try. Yes, practice does make perfect. On Monday you’ll take your dreams out of mothballs and give them a second look. On Tuesday your zest for living will be evident when the Moon sextiles bold Uranus in Aries. You’ll be overflowing with the urge to get busy and accomplish a new goal. You’ll feel you can conquer the world on Thursday when the Moon sextiles potent Pluto. You’ll certainly flex your muscles as you interact with others. You might need to stand up for yourself and your own viewpoint on Friday. You’ll find it hard to separate fact from fiction. You may decide to escape into pleasant daydreams for a while. Good fortune comes your way on Sunday when lucky Jupiter enters enthusiastic Aries. Your optimism will soar. Your sense of adventure will kick in and you’ll find yourself longing to travel the globe. Good vibrations will surround you and you could decide to channel your artistic side this weekend.



Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
It’s your last week with the demanding energy of Mars Fire Signs, so hang on when Neptune retrogrades Monday and tarnishes your good intentions. Monday’s Moon-Jupiter sextile sails you through the mood change of Neptune’s retrograde, but you’ll be fighting this undertow through November. You’ll have more fun dating your intellectual and emotional equals after the Moon enters Aquarius Tuesday morning. While Monday brings confusion as Neptune retrogrades at a Moon-Mars quincunx, early Tuesday holds opportunities if you don’t appear too eager. This Sun-Moon trine puts you in the game, and the Aquarius Moon keeps you there through mid-Thursday. With Uranus now in Aries, and an Aquarius Moon, you’ll impress a special someone with your intelligence and creativity. But when the Moon opposes Mars early Thursday, the thrill could vanish. Mars opposes Neptune on Friday, kicking off a weekend of lovers’ quarrels and disastrous dates. However, someone who seems to be taking care of you could take advantage by Friday when Chiron retrogrades and Mars opposes Neptune. This energy can ease up by late Friday with Chiron retrograde and Mars opposing Neptune, formerly willing parties could be outside their comfort zone. Saturday night’s Moon-Mars quincunx won’t help your temper. By Saturday night you won’t risk looking like an emotional bully, and love comes easily. After that troublesome planet changes signs Sunday night, it’s time for flowers, chocolate, and apologies.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

It’s time to go back to the drawing board, Water Signs. You’re very sensitive. However, you want to win whenever you’re engaged in a contest. On Monday the Moon in Capricorn is quincunx Mars and you’ll go all out to outdo a competitor. You don’t live on an island, even though at times you wish you did. On Monday you’ll have the urge to hunker down in your abode in order to escape from the outside world. On Wednesday you’ll construct castles in the air. Once you come back to earth, you’ll discover that fact. A family member will require attention when the Moon in sensitive Pisces squares the Sun on Friday. You’ll need to toss your agenda aside and concentrate on your relative. You’ll find it hard to connect with a friend on Saturday. Your companion is lost in his or her own world now, so bear that in mind. You’ll deal with a disagreeable individual on Saturday. This person will certainly try your patience, so allow your famous self-control to come to your aid. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, enters Aries on Sunday. You’ll add spiritual practices to your busy schedule. On Sunday you’ll also count your blessings because your status in your community will increase. Yes, you’re very lucky Water Signs, and you know that.



Your Love Week—Water Signs:
When Neptune retrogrades on Monday, it launches your love life into five months of personal development and/or deep confusion. Monday’s Moon-Jupiter sextile helps you roll with the changes. If your ex suffers from heartbreak on Monday, try not to laugh. Remember, retrograde Neptune puts you on a slippery emotional slope through November, so appear sympathetic in case you need sympathy. The Moon enters Aquarius Tuesday and love seems to abandon you. Maybe people are distracted. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong places. A Ceres-Chiron sextile on Wednesday boosts your comfort with current or possible lovers. Wednesday’s Moon-Venus quincunx helps you be more selective. You’re dangerously seductive on Tuesday and Wednesday. That could invite major complications Thursday through Saturday. Trust comes easily on Thursday as the Pisces Moon conjoins Chiron, but when that tricky little comet retrogrades Friday morning, you may back away from someone whose true colors no longer appeal to you. Then Chiron betrays you when it retrogrades, especially after Pluto helps you speak your mind and bare your soul. Yes, the Pisces Moon is normally your friend, but with Chiron retrograde and a Mars-Neptune opposition, things might get out of hand. Spend Saturday night with someone you trust while the Moon opposes Saturn. Love is tricky, but you still have friends. Don’t demand too much from anyone, including yourself during Sunday’s Moon-Pluto square. Also, don’t fall for empty compliments, and take charge of your romantic destiny when the Moon and Jupiter enter Aries on Sunday.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth Signs, you can be very persistent. However, you’re also a realist. On Monday the Moon in shrewd Capricorn is quincunx Mars and you’ll realize it’s time to walk away from a situation and try your luck elsewhere. You take pride in making sure your tasks are completed to the best of your ability. On Monday you’ll go out of your way to organize your life when the Moon trines Saturn in Virgo, right down to making sure your closets are color coordinated. You’re usually very placid. Of course, your famous temper appears once you’re pushed too far. On Wednesday you’ll decide you’ve reached your limit with an associate who isn’t being fair to you. Rather than get angry, distance yourself from this person. You could embark on a quest for enlightenment on Thursday. You’re ready to move beyond the boundaries of your daily existence, which is great. Household chores take up your time on Saturday. You’ll need to buy a broom or mop. Later, your spiritual side will kick in. Have patience in your quest for enlightenment. On Sunday you’ll spend time alone as Jupiter enters Aries. You’ll reflect on your recent experiences. Your relationship with your family will improve and you’ll exert your authority in matters of importance to you. You may take charge of a family matter.



Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
With Neptune retrograde on Monday and Chiron retrograde on Friday, beware of self-medication through pleasure. Feel good about your relationship by doing what’s best for your loved one. Monday could be a romantic last chance with Neptune retrograde and the Moon changing signs at day’s end. Speaking your heart is easy through Monday evening, although retrograde Neptune makes your feelings deeper and more complicated. As Mercury squares Wednesday’s Aquarius Moon, you might be uncomfortable and ready to move on. While physical pleasure may be available on Tuesday and Wednesday, look for love when the Pisces Moon sextiles Ceres and Leo on Thursday. Somebody seeking answers from you is open about his or her feelings. But before taking that big step, Thursday’s Moon-Saturn quincunx lets you examine difficult feelings. Stay in touch with your emotional side as the Moon visits Aquarius through Thursday. If you need a walk alone during Wednesday’s Moon-Mercury square, be sure to come back! But can you trust yourself on Friday? Between a Mars-Neptune opposition and Moon-Sun square, it’s a challenge to be gentle with fragile hearts. With help from Venus and Mercury, singles are witty and charming on Saturday. This helps you through dangerous temptations while the Moon is in Pisces. And Saturday night’s Moon-Saturn opposition opens a four-hour window for honesty. Does this mean goodbye or hello again? That’s up to you. Choose carefully so you’ll wake up next to the right person on Sunday morning. Regrets and rivalries are both possible on Sunday. Be brave and do what’s right.