Stargazing — Week of May 30th through June 5th, 2022

May 29, 2022 | Stargazing

After a rather intense thirty days, jam packed with major astrological energy, the month winds down on a relatively mellow note. Monday’s chill. loner New Moon in social Gemini is a good time to kick back with friends and/or family.

The New Moon is on Monday, May 30th at 10 degrees Gemini.Mars and Jupiter continue to be aligned from the past several days. Continue putting action into your big ideas. Gemini likes things to keep moving, so short & quick projects, visits and conversations work best now.

Remember that Mercury is still retrograde until June 3rd, and he is challenging restrictive Saturn in the New Moon chart. Don’t try to do too much or make everyone happy. Also know that not all your ideas are going to be received with enthusiasm. You will need to rethink or reschedule some of your neatly made plans.

Tempers could flare on Wednesday when the Moon squares Jupiter and Mars, but since it’s sextiling diplomatic Venus at the same time, it will be very easy to brush things off, apologize, and move on unscathed.

In June it is advisable to communicate sincerely and thoughtfully. The week’s major news takes place on Friday, June 3rd, when Mercury goes direct in Taurus, ending his retrograde period. Feelings of stagnation and confusion end, making it easier to put your plans into practice.

Mercury – turning direct on Friday makes a square to Saturn at the same time. Saturn, in turn, begins its long phase of retrograde one day later, Saturday, June 4th (until October 23rd). This is a good time to have serious conversations and finalize agreements. It may still take time to consider all eventualities, but with a realistic attitude, workable agreements are now possible, even with difficult partners.

Horoscope for LeoSaturday brings a brave Leo Moon trining Mars in Aries while sextiling the Sun in Gemini. This promises us fun and adventure.

Sunday brings in a rather cantankerous energy due to a T Square between the Moon, Saturn, and Mercury in fixed, stubborn signs. Feelings of control and suspicion will be off the charts. And it may be best to go your own way and partake in individual pursuits instead of group activities. The day will be rife with drama, upsets and awkwardness.