STARGAZING — Week of May 2nd to May 8th, 2011

May 2, 2011 | Special Messages

Week of May 2nd – May 8th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You will tangle with a difficult associate on Monday. Don’t vent your frustration at this person. Think before saying words you will regret later. The New Moon is focusing on the way you gain access to other people’s resources, and how they may access yours. You may have opened up some new joint resource. You are also interested in your roots, your home, family, and ancestral heritage. A loved one will have surprising news on Wednesday. This person will want to have a long chat. You will overflow with bright ideas on Friday. Write down your thoughts for future reference. The Moon squares Uranus on Saturday. You will have an unexpected experience. You will have to scramble to deal with this event. On Sunday you realize that you have received a feeling for the foundations of any situation and can figure out what may need shoring up or trimming down before moving forward.

Your Love Week—Air Signs
: Your quick mouth and suggestive mind could make trouble. If it’s the kind of trouble you want, everybody’s happy, just be careful about pursuing anyone who thinks you’re a little dangerous. If somebody wants you to meet the family, you know it’s getting serious. Make the best of hanging with the people who are special to your friend or sometime lover. Maybe they’re part of your future life. Maybe it’s just a fun way to pass the time. Of course, you can be gentle and caring, but that twinkle in your eye might work against you. Thinking less about yourself and more about the other person will make all your dates run smoothly. Whether or not you “get lucky” is a separate question. If you feel a spark with your date’s sib or BFF, shut up and file the information away for later. You don’t need any more trouble right now!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You may need to slow down on Monday. It’s possible you’re about to get burned out. It’s time to take it easy. You need to focus on your energy with efficiency and using it wisely. New seeds can only do their work when you clear out the clutter in your life to make space for them to grow. You may find it hard to separate fact from fantasy on Wednesday. Strive for clarity in all scenarios. Self-assurance will be strong on Friday. The Moon sextiles Jupiter and no challenge will be too daunting. Wherever you are with any project or any working detail of your life, think back to your original plan. Have you deviated too far from that or made things more complicated than they need to be? Your spiritual side will kick in on Sunday. You may explore metaphysical topics. It’s possible you will investigate palmistry, tarot, or numerology.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Learn more about your date while following his or her lead. You will have a new experience even if the relationship goes nowhere. Imagine your make-believe future together, understanding that it’s just a thought experiment. Nobody has to promise anything as long as you’re having fun right now. Romances come and go. If this one wasn’t meant to last, don’t try to prolong its expiration date. Maybe you need to be with someone else. Maybe you just need to be alone. Still, punch that contact info into your phone, write it down in ink, or do what you must to stay connected. You may want to spend more time with this person down the road. Celebrate your freedom instead of mourning what you once had. Quietly go your own way instead of going public with your new state of singleness. There’s plenty of time for that. And remember that an ex can turn into the best friend you ever had. Meditate for release and clarity.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Unexpected blessings may come your way on Monday as the Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces. The New Moon sparks some unseen energy focused on the way you get around the neighborhood and communicate. Seeds of growth cam be planted with people in your surrounding community. Good luck will surround your endeavors. A former school chum may get in touch on Tuesday. This person may have unfinished business to discuss. Don’t procrastinate on Thursday. A certain situation will require quick action. Thursday evening find a favorite spot where you can be at one with the spirit of your environment. This “calm scene” can energize you when you’re down and bring you peace when you are anxious. A family member may need assistance on Friday. You will need to push your agenda aside to help this person. It is best to give the help. A companion may become critical of your actions on Saturday.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
Dating etiquette matters if there’s going to be a next date. Be polite and thoughtful without tying yourself in knots or breaking the bank. Some might find it cute when you’re trying too hard, but others might be uncomfortable. You have the gift for making that certain someone collapse in laughter or melt with desire. Use it kindly. Hurt feelings and broken hearts don’t belong in your world this week. What’s the point if you’re just making somebody nervous? Stay casual, breezy, and focused. Show that you have a life and are glad to take some time out for the people you like. Even when it’s obvious that you’re in love, saying the words will brighten both your lives. Choose the perfect moment to reveal your truth. If romance works better without words, that’s OK, too. Patient friendship could really pay off. Just holding each other may be enough for now. See where the feeling takes you.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The New Moon on Monday emphasizes travel, foreign culture, and legalities. Also, your philosophy in life is up for review. Is your pocket half empty or half full? Your self-esteem may be challenged by a fast-paced talker or an unpleasant situation, Earth Signs. Don’t accept things as they appear at first glance. There is a much deeper meaning brewing below the surface, and you would be foolish not to recognize this when it comes around. Stick to your guns and stay grounded. New-fangeled devices and big promises may not be all that they are advertised to be. Your spirits sag when life stagnates. The urge to visit an exotic locale will be overwhelming. An adversary may try to be your friend on Wednesday. Don’t take this person at face value. Remember the wolf in Red Ridinghood. Your sense of personal power will kick in on Friday. You will take control of a life scenario. Be careful of your diving and when engaging in sports activities on Saturday. Avoid accidents by being aware of your surroundings.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
The New Moon in Taurus is like a personal New Year for you Earth Signs. How you see yourself and how others see you is the current focus. You might miss the friendship of being in a couple. Make your dates about activities instead of expectations. Anything seems possible when you meet someone new. Is it too soon to confess your feelings? Are you ready to give up the past to proceed into the future? Are you ready to step into new opportunities and a new lifestyle/? Is it safe to reveal everything about yourself? In your excitement, remember to listen and observe along with all that talking. How else will you know whether the other person wants what you want? Remember, you should agree instead of argue, since there’s nothing holding you together. A guiding touch or innocent kiss shows that you care. If someone says you’re out of bounds, respect his or her space without making it a big deal. See where this warm friendliness leads instead of pushing it this way or that. Share a good time, even if it isn’t exactly romance. When now is too soon or this is the wrong person, you can always turn somewhere else.