STARGAZING – Week of May 28th – June 3rd, 2012

May 30, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of May 28th – June 3rd, 2012

This week we are ready to jump at the possibility of change. We may be confused by alternating waves of certainty and doubt as mental Mercury prompts us to act and speak without thinking. Although our perceptions are sharp, boundaries are fuzzy. Feisty Mars is casting a fire under you, so it’s time to get moving!

The passionate Scorpio Moon intensifies emotions on Friday and Saturday, yet learning to let go is more sensible than holding on to an outdated attitude, belief or partnership that’s not fulfilling your needs. Fearlessly facing what must be purged isn’t always easy, but clears the way to better days ahead. A sweet Mercury-Venus connection on Friday enables you to find just the right words to express what’s in your heart.

June gets off to a rousing start with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 4th. Eclipses have a bad reputation, but because this one occurs in light-hearted Sagittarius, you’ll be feeling optimistic. During the six months following this eclipse, important things may happen in your life in the area where Sagittarius affects your chart. Mars is still in Virgo, attracting attention to details, duty, and the need for clear thinking. To gain the greatest benefit from this transit, you have to be as efficient as possible in matters related to Virgo. Be sure to meet all deadlines, and arrive on time for work and your appointments.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

An associate may play mind games with you when Mercury in Gemini is quincunx Pluto on Monday. Your intuition will be off-kilter. Rely solely on the facts regarding a particular matter. You’ll shine with a radiant glow as well. Put on your snazziest outfit before you leave the house. Dazzle the eyes of your associates. Be mindful of your actions on Wednesday. Don’t take unnecessary risks, especially when you’re driving. Think for yourself on Wednesday. Don’t let the opinions of others influence your actions. Avoid folks who don’t have your best interests at heart. Think about overhauling your image. Toss out old and outdated clothing. It’s time to reinvent yourself! Be proactive on the job on Friday. Try to anticipate the needs of your colleagues. A small financial windfall will come your way. Save as well as spend the additional money. Assess your love life when Mercury conjuncts Venus on Friday evening. The one you love needs to make you happy! Have a hammer and nails handy on Saturday. Household repairs will be at the top of your to-do list. You’ll go on a quest for knowledge on Sunday. Think about going back to school to learn a new skill. It’s time to develop your abilities. Create new goals on Sunday. Take steps to obtain your heart’s desire.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Your loving concern for others is one of your most attractive qualities. However, this weekend is more about measuring how much you give to everyone around you so that you have time for taking care of your own needs, too. Your tone is sweet as honey on Friday the communicative planet Mercury hooks up with romantic Venus. Here’s your chance to smooth out any relationship rough spots with tender words and a receptive heart. The Moon is in perceptive Scorpio this weekend, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the cost of your relationships. Change the rules of exchange to make sure that you get your fair share of the pie. Your need for breathing space could become a tricky issue in your relationship life this weekend. The emotionally charged Scorpio Moon occupies the sky on Friday and Saturday, which might load you down with responsibilities and entangle you in the affairs of others. Being a compassionate leader and a supportive friend may require some sacrifice on your part, but you can earn major props for your extra effort. Once the Moon moves into carefree Sagittarius on Sunday morning, the real fun kicks in and it’s time to move on to your next adventure. The fun-loving Sagittarius Moon gives you a chance to let your hair down and have a good time. A sense of adventure brings excitement to your current relationship or encourages you to take a chance on connecting with someone new.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Lady Luck will be at your side on Monday. The Wheel of Fortune will finally turn in your favor! Excitement will be at the top of your priority list when the Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries. You’ll be eager to take your life in a different direction. You’ll be overflowing with pep. Pace yourself or you’ll poop out before nightfall. Your assertive side will be on display on Tuesday. Choose your battles wisely. A colleague will deliberately push your hot buttons when Mercury squares Mars in your career sector on Wednesday. Remember, getting angry at work makes you look unprofessional. Think carefully before making a major decision on Wednesday. The consequences of your choice will last a long time. Your mental energy will be extremely scattered. Strive to focus your attention while doing tasks. You’ll feel very restless on Friday. Take a walk to burn off your excess energy. You will likely appreciate some time away from the spotlight this weekend while the secretive Scorpio Moon is hanging out on Friday and Saturday. Spending time alone or with one quiet individual gives you the space to rest, relax and dream about the future. An associate will finally pay back a loan on Saturday. Get ready to tap dance to the bank! Tension may erupt in a relationship when the Moon is quincunx the Sun. Compromise is the key to keeping the peace with a loved one. Listen closely to a friend’s advice on Sunday. This person will set you straight regarding an important life issue. With the Moon blazing into Sagittarius early Sunday morning, expect to heat up your emotions and spur more physical activity. You’re the life of the party wherever you go. A friend will whisper confidential information in your ear on Sunday evening. Don’t blab this person’s secret to others!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: You love to walk on the positive side of the street where your sunny personality shines brightly. Yet this weekend the Moon descends into the emotionally complex sign of Scorpio, stirring darker feelings and complicating personal matters. The process might not be comfortable, but going deep allows you to recognize unmet needs and find the motivation to fulfill them. Letting go of what (or who) is not working for you is a powerful move that makes room for healthier relationships and a happier life. Your hunger for exotic experiences could grow stronger. The desire to connect with people from different backgrounds or to enjoy cultural experiences from other countries is triggered by the tempestuous Scorpio Moon’s presence. Philosophical or religious discussions might also produce some sparks due to differences of opinion. Yet there’s something hot about your emotional intensity that makes you extremely captivating to others. Love is serious and sexy business this weekend with the sultry Scorpio Moon. The atmosphere is soaked with intensity on Friday and Saturday, demanding a deeper commitment to make love flow. You will likely appreciate some time away from the spotlight. Spending time alone or with one quiet individual gives you the space to rest, relax and dream about the future. Sunday’s another story, though, with the Moon blazing into Sagittarius in the early morning to heat up your emotions and spur more physical activity. You’re the life of the party wherever you go. You can kick up your heels. Pack your bags and invite someone special to join you on a thrilling adventure, even if it’s just for the day.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Family matters will need your attention on Monday. A relative might be in crisis mode. Get ready to lend a listening ear to a loved one. Spread a little joy around on Monday. Let someone special know how much you care. Strive to tell the truth on Tuesday. You’ll get caught if you fib regarding a certain situation. Procrastination will get you in trouble when the Sun is quincunx Pluto. You’ll miss the boat if you hesitate too long in a certain matter. An associate may misunderstand your true intentions on Wednesday. Be as blunt as possible when interacting with others. Your living situation may change without warning when the Moon in your home zone opposes Uranus on Wednesday. It’s possible a roommate will suddenly decide to leave. You’ll possess the gift of gab on Thursday. Finding the right words will be easy. Your emotions will be extremely intense on Friday. Passion will be your middle name. Give up a grudge on Saturday. Put the past behind you and forgive an adversary. A real estate deal may run into trouble on Saturday. Don’t give up on the project. This endeavor needs more time to become successful. Consider putting the matter on hold. You’ll feel very lazy when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces on Sunday. Put your head back, take a deep breath, and unwind. Motivation will be in short supply! Be your own best friend this weekend.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You’re not interested in playing it safe or making reasonable compromises. Let your guard down so you don’t miss out on the romantic opportunities that are heading your way this week. Just a dash of naughtiness goes a long way to attract attention with the Moon lurking in seductive Scorpio on Friday and Saturday. Indulging your desire for passion makes you a very enchanting playmate. Spicing up your social life with some grown-up games may feel a little risky, but that’s part of the fun. The Moon is lighting up your passion, Water Signs, provoking extreme measures on your part. You can push someone away or damage a relationship if you go overboard with your emotions. It’s wise to maintain some self-control to manage your powerful feelings of attraction and repulsion instead of allowing them to manage you. Follow your heart, but think twice before leaping over the edge. Your hunger for exotic experiences could grow stronger over the weekend. The desire to connect with people from different backgrounds or to enjoy cultural experiences from other countries is triggered by the tempestuous Scorpio Moon. Philosophical or religious discussions might also produce some sparks due to differences of opinion. Yet there’s something hot about your emotional intensity that makes you extremely captivating to others. Sunday’s lunar shift into Sagittarius and your 6th House of Details will send you back to your regular routine soon enough, so enjoy your secret pleasures while you can.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Romance will be complicated on Monday. You may become embroiled in a lover’s triangle. Consider the consequences before giving your heart away. Lighten up on Tuesday. Try to take life’s little mishaps in stride. A friend may be in a disagreeable mood. This person will need some time alone. Hold your head high when the Moon conjuncts Mars in Virgo on Tuesday. It’s time to take credit for your accomplishments. Do the math in a financial investment on Wednesday. This particular venture may be leaking money. It might be wise to pull out of the deal. Romance will make you smile on Wednesday. A partner will put your needs first. If you’re single, a caring lover may come your way. Diligence will be your motto on Thursday. You’ll be willing to put in extra time on a project. Positive vibrations will surround you on the job on Thursday. The boss may recommend you for a promotion! You’ll be tempted to contact a former flame on Friday. This person may still pull on your heartstrings! Your brainpower will get a boost when Mercury trines Saturn on Sunday. A flash of insight will help you resolve a complex dilemma. Extravagance could be your downfall when the Moon opposes Jupiter in Taurus on Sunday. Hold off on making costly purchases. Fate will open a door for you on Sunday evening. Be sure that you walk through it.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:You have the power to discuss difficult issues in a gracious manner this week. The Moon is traveling through incisive Scorpio, which can deepen conversations and reveal hidden desires. Yet the clever planet Mercury joins loving Venus on Friday to sweeten up even the most serious subject. Present your point of view with kindness and engage in a harmonious dialogue to establish common ground. Expect an emotionally engaging weekend with the Moon traveling through provocative Scorpio on Friday and Saturday. You might attract a jealous lover or mysterious person who fascinates you in unexplainable ways. If you already have a romantic partner, powerful feelings can complicate matters now. Addressing your fears with an open heart can heal wounds, restore trust and strengthen your connection immeasurably. The joy of this weekend comes from sharing memorable experiences with your friends. The powerful Scorpio Moon shines, to put emphasis on being a good team player. Meeting someone through a volunteer organization or while working for a cause dear to your heart can be a fantastic starting point to a potential relationship. Basking in the support of your pals is another way to boost your spirits and make you feel more confident about your relationships in general.