Stargazing — Week of May 23rd through May 29th, 2022

May 23, 2022 | Stargazing

It’s time to unleash your inner power. This week the focus is on an explosive meeting of Mars and Jupiter in Mar’s ruling sign, Aries. For the most part this combination will raise confidence, erase your inhibitions, and send all of us into the battlefield to fight to manifest our dreams and desires.

If you have any buried goals that have been gathering dust, now is the time to take definite action to turn them into a reality. You will be able to super-focus on your objective with an undaunted warrior spirit, paving the way to success.

Since both Aries and Mars rule war, skirmishes may erupt on the world stage, fueled by desire for an ego-mad glory and the belief in one’s own invincibility. Fights can erupt on a personal level as well so if you’ve been feeling a strong sense of anger firing up under your skin, it’s best to take a deep breath before blowing your top.

A sextile between Mercury and Mars will help you plot out strategic plans, while the Sun’s sextile to Jupiter at the same time favors communications. This open hand energy brings charm and charisma in all of your dealings.

Monday evening, Mercury retrogrades into Taurus until mid-June. Consider all the ideas you came up with earlier in the month (as the current retrograde cycle started in idea sign Gemini), and begin to filter out those that can work in the mundane world. Remember, Taurus is a hard worker, not an idealist.

Tuesday brings a massive energy shift as Mars leaves Pisces and moves into its own sign, Aries, until July 4th. This energy brings a great deal of optimism, powerful, and positive vibes. This energy is strengthened by a number of fabulous lunar aspects, but you have to consciously take advantage of what astrologers call “soft” aspects. That means there is help available if you get off your backside and use them. Tuesday’s sextile of Venus and Saturn promotes agreements and cooperation, an aspect that is reinforced by Wednesday’s trine of Mercury and Pluto in the practical signs of Taurus and Capricorn.

Have confidence in yourself by opening your belief system to something larger and begin to take action with higher philosophical goals. Take advantage of the next several days because assertive Mars aligns with “take a risk on yourself” Jupiter through May 29th. Mars in Aries tells you to get moving, be it through exercise or ambition. Wednesday supports deeper level conversations and the opportunity to change your way of thinking.

 Avoid difficult relationship combinations Thursday afternoon into early Friday as Venus, the relationship planet, challenges destructive Pluto. This energy shifts on Saturday when Venus moves into Taurus for three weeks. This is a good combination for sensual pleasure and manifesting your desires.

The week’s only hiccup is a square between Venus and Pluto on Friday, when people may bristle at attempts at authority and control, and office politics may abound.

Feelings of excitement are in the air on Saturday, which is understandable, since this is the Eve of this week’s big event:  the conjunction of Mars ad Jupiter on Sunday, which sextile’s the Moon, making it a perfect day to think big and break through any boundaries.

Get up early on Sunday as Mars and Jupiter align in Aries. Exercising outside in nature would be one way to use this energy. Another way is to put take steps with assertive efforts into manifesting your bigger life goals.