STARGAZING — Week of May 22nd to May 28th, 2017

May 21, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

An Aries moon wakes you early on Sunday to exercise or get off to a fast start to the day. This continues into Monday when the moon is very active. On a day that the moon activates a lot of other planets, you just need to flow from one project or person to the next, not getting hung up in any one place. It’s one step forward and two steps back this week with a new Moon in Gemini, who wants to know everything, along with a Venus square and a nasty Mars-Saturn opposition on the 27th.

The early week’s activities is setting us up for Thursday, May 25th, as Venus squares Pluto. This is a rough patch for love and finances, as it involves obsession, dangerous power-plays and relationships ending in a negative and aggressive way. Watch North Korea and the Stock Market. This is a prelude to the effects of the late August full eclipse in Leo.

Recommenced BooksAccomplish practical tasks on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially where you are finishing up projects started last month. Get it done!

The Gemini New Moon is on May 25 at 12:44 PM PDT. (5 degrees Gemini). There is an abundance of mutable signs now ( adapting with flexible- Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces). Gemini is a curious sign, suggesting it is time to get out and explore new possibilities. Time to Double Down, (the Twins) and start not one but two new projects because this New Moon moves in for a lucky trine with Jupiter. If you grab this energy by the tail, focus, and move forward, you’re sure to roar with fulfillment and success. Step out of your comfortable rut to meet new people and try new activities.

There is a challenge between “I want it now Mars,” and be patient Saturn; there is also a challenge between love and money Venus wanting new opportunities quickly, and Pluto advising that you must clean up the past first. This brings the need to dramatically move forward without being exactly certain where you are going, while going at a slow-but-sure turtle speed. Check to verify that your values are on the same page as the people you are working with rather than making assumptions now. Although it feels a little like you are being jerked back and forth, know that it is just the universe multi-tasking.

On a more abstract note: the spiritual destiny nodes that moved into Leo and Aquarius earlier in the month are at the same degree of Leo as the total solar eclipse coming in August. Write in your journal about activities and thoughts that are going on within you now. In August, go back and read what you wrote in your journal this week, to see if there is a connection between now and then.

Friday is an active day, so put on your good walking shoes and keep on the move. Saturday has the Moon moving into Cancer for a nurturing weekend. Food and family are favored as we go into the USA Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Sunday has Mars opposite Saturn producing a fly in the ointment. This face-off can bring roadblocks, obstacles, and delays. Cheer up because this energy lasts for only a few days and then we’re done with it. This brings a bit of a hurry up and wait feeling, because you can experience this as a fast action pulling you apart at one time and collapsing and going into a couch potato after that.

If all doesn’t work out for you now, have patience, pull back, and give it a go once June opens.