Stargazing – Week of May 18th through May 24, 2020

May 18, 2020 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Gemini the Grand Dame of Mind Games headlines both the Sun and the Moon in this week’s forecast.

Monday is a high energy day with the Moon in athletic Aries and the life-giving Sun making a harmonious trine to “I want more” Jupiter. Get moving but don’t over extend yourself.

The Sun moves into Gemini on Wednesday the 20th and this logical and outgoing energy focuses less on the practical side and more on the mind as well as those people who are near and dear to you. Gatherings and games of all sorts, local news, short trips, new classes, siblings, cousins, your oldest son as well as neighbors will all seem more important that usual over this next month.

Expect to be busier than usual because the Twins represent energy going in two directions at once,  This energy brings multitasking, cramming, chattering, activity and diversity.

A few hours after the Sun enters quick-witted Gemini on Wednesday May 20th, Venus makes a challenge to Neptune. Get your work done earlier so you can be quiet as the afternoon progresses. If you must have relationship conversations, make sure that the person you are talking to actually hear what you thought you said to avoid misunderstanding.

Enjoy a quiet day on Thursday to prepare for a busy Friday.

The shining star is the New Moon is on Friday May 22nd at 3 degrees Gemini.  Every New Moon has all the right elements for making any type of new beginning, At the darkest and calmest part of May it’s time to take short trips, perhaps for the Memorial Day weekend as well as keeping up with the latest tweets, begin a new class, or initiate new conversations with siblings, cousins, and neighbors.

The air element is exceedingly strong now, creating a highly restless feeling. This is a good time for opening to new ideas, sharing with friends who fell to the wayside during the virus.

Talkative Mercury aligns with Venus, who is currently in her retrograde cycle between May 13th and June 24th. This supports conversations about your relationship and finance needs. Because Venus is retrograde, stay adaptable and know that not all of the ideas that come to the surface will manifest, and those that do manifest will need to adapt and shift after the Summer Solstice. This New Moon makes harmony to practical Saturn in Aquarius, helping you to bring your ideas down to earth. Aquarius creates a win-win environment for the good of all, so develop innovative ideas that help the group consciousness.

Saturday is a relatively quiet day that is suitable for quick errands, short conversations, and quick projects. The Moon aligns with Venus Saturday evening, great for romance with someone you are already comfortable being around.

The Moon changes signs and is void-of-course Sunday until late afternoon, suggesting that you finish old projects or do some household chores. The annual Mercury-Venus conjunction makes this a good week for bargaining and negotiating peaceful settlements.