STARGAZING – WEEK OF MAY 17 – 23, 2010

May 17, 2010 | Special Messages


Joseph A. “Joe” Sestak, Jr. (born December 12, 1951) _ Will be the next US Senator from the State of Pennsylvaina.

Date: 05-21-10 Host: George Noory                 10 PM Eastern
Guest:  Elizabeth Joyce
Named one of the “World’s Greatest Psychics,” Elizabeth Joyce will discuss Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, and the New Human Race, during the first half of the show. Followed by Open Lines.


Stargazing News:

There is a terrific shift in the cosmos taking place within the month of May that is likely to have a profound effect on everyone. The Sun is in the process of a four-week period in which it will encourage intense actions and personalities. As May opened, the Sun made a brave leap forward through the zodiac. During this four-week transit, it will be turning up the intensity on just about every aspect of your life. This energy culimates on the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 27th.

STARGAZING – WEEK OF MAY 17 – 23, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You Air Signs possess a logical mind. On Monday you’ll realize you need to revise your life priorities. No, you aren’t spending enough time with the people you cherish! You also cherish your social life and your interactions with associates will reach a new level of friendliness. You’ll add some acquaintances to your social network and broaden your contact list. You’ll notice that you’re very sensitive and emotional when Venus, your ruler, enters caring Cancer on Wednesday. Your feelings will begin to guide your decisions and actions. Your artistic side will come out in full force on Thursday when the Sun enters versatile Gemini. You’ll experiment with an artistic medium that’s new to you. Your schedule may change without warning on Sunday. Prepare for some unexpected events to occur. Perhaps you’ll set off on a journey to discover your destiny in life.


Your Love Week—Air Signs:

Monday finds you still processing romantic fallout from Mercury’s recent retrograde. Relationships could change Emotions run high when Venus squares Jupiter on Monday and Saturn on Tuesday. You could be hurtfully defensive when everything seems so personal. A trine with Neptune attracts comfort and beauty once the Moon enters Leo. Tuesday, when the Moon is quincunx Neptune and enters Leo, and then Venus trines Neptune, someone thinks you aren’t trying when you’re actually showing your faith. Clarify any misunderstandings before Wednesday night when emotions run high after Venus enters Cancer. Heavenly bodies continue raising the stakes when and the Sun begins its month in Gemini late Thursday. Suddenly it’s all about communication instead of sex. Uranus shakes things up Thursday with a startling way to express your feelings. Don’t be distracted when that planet opposes the Virgo Moon on Saturday. Somebody’s counting on you this weekend. When the Moon enters Libra Saturday night, everyone’s lining up for a date. Stick with Air Signs and Fire Signs.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’re in for a bumpy ride this week, Fire Signs, so buckle your seat belt. On Monday you’ll discover a family member has been less than honest with you in an important matter. Your word is worth its weight in gold. When you make a promise to someone, you deliver, no questions asked. However, not all your associates are as trustworthy as you, as you’ll discover when Venus in your zone of friendship squares Jupiter in deceptive Pisces. You’ll feel rejuvenated on Wednesday when Venus enters Cancer. You might decide the time is right for some inner transformation and to alter the way you live your life. You’ll give serious thought to redesigning your wish list on Thursday. You’re ready to update your goals and achieve your new aspirations. You’ll organize your household on Saturday. A friend will introduce you to a new belief system on Sunday and help you expand your consciousness.


Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

On Monday Jupiter squares Venus and sextiles the Sun, raising your personal stake in the future. Ready to make your move? You have until Tuesday afternoon to act on last week’s relationship decisions. When the Moon enters Leo, its quincunx and square aspects with Chiron, Ceres, Mercury, and Pluto limit your ability to discuss needs, comfort zones, and other emotional issues. With the Moon entering Leo on Tuesday, Venus arriving in Cancer on Wednesday, and the Sun beginning its month in Gemini on Thursday, a romantic upgrade seems inevitable, even if you’re starting over with your partner. Just pay attention while falling in love with a new experience. Thursday is for doing rather than talking. Let your beloved or intended see you in motion as the Moon conjoins Mars. The Sun enters Gemini late in the day and lightens the burden of conversation. Saturday’s Moon-Jupiter opposition reminds you that someone has to pay for the date, and every action has consequences. Love gets easier Saturday night under a Libra Moon.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You’ll certainly be in a positive frame of mind this week, Water Signs. You’re very emotional, and your mood of the moment often guides how you feel about yourself. On Monday your thoughts will be filled with all the bright possibilities that life holds for you. Pack your bags, Water Signs! This week the travel bug will bite you. On Wednesday you’ll look for fun and excitement in areas that are far from home and you may slack off from your regular duties and responsibilities so you can have some fun.  An associate will come to your rescue on Friday. You’re very self-sufficient, but you’ll certainly appreciate your friend’s help and support this week. On Sunday you’ll evaluate your life path when Jupiter opposes karmic Saturn and you examine your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Get ready for a major life event to occur on Sunday when Jupiter in Pisces opposes karmic Saturn. You’ll do some very serious thinking regarding your true desires.


Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Keep using last Sunday’s Moon-Pluto opposition to improve your current relationship or plan the next one, Water Signs. On Monday your relationship ups and downs feel like they’re happening to someone else. But by Tuesday’s Sun-Jupiter trine, you’re engaged enough to attract everyone’s attention. Stay strong as the Leo Moon is quincunx Chiron and spotlights your insecurities. After the Moon trines Pluto late Tuesday, lovers or rivals may seem pushy. Think before agreeing on Wednesday, because both the Sun-Neptune square and Venus entering Cancer affect your judgment. Venus amps up the drama when it enters Cancer Wednesday night. Hang on one more day until the Moon reaches Virgo and the Sun begins its month in Gemini. Uranus widens your dating pool on Thursday, although Chiron makes you feel like a little fish in a big pond on Friday. A weekend of casual fun is better than taking everything seriously. You deserve a weekend of stress-free romance, although Sunday night’s Venus-Pluto opposition tempts you to turn up the heat again. Does that also work for your partner?

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You Earth Signs are very practical, and you take a pragmatic view of the world. Get ready to ride an emotional roller coaster this week, Taurus. On Monday you’ll find you’ve taken on a load that’s too heavy to carry. You have a big heart, but let your practicality govern how much aid you offer the next time a loved one needs your help. On Tuesday you’ll adopt a more idealistic attitude when the radiant Sun trines Saturn in Virgo. Your sensibilities shift on Wednesday when Venus, your ruling planet, enters emotional Cancer. You’ll become moodier and your feelings will change quickly. A new companion may pop into your life on Wednesday through your involvement in an organization that helps others. Issues pop up with a young person in your life on Saturday and your energy level will be on the frenetic side. Consider changing your power walk to a power run if you want to work off some energy and wear yourself out!


Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

If you’re dreaming about the perfect relationship on Monday, don’t ruin your chances with harsh, impatient words. Monday and Tuesday present a last chance with an ex or a quick fling with someone who isn’t part of your future during Tuesday’s Venus-Saturn square or Wednesday’s Moon-Mercury square. Love is so much easier to figure out once the Moon enters your sign Thursday evening. In the prevailing spirit of comfort and harmony, everyone is more willing to open up about his or her feelings. Just don’t talk about the future Saturday night or Sunday morning. The Jupiter-Saturn opposition could make any discussion of shared goals rather uncomfortable. Restless hearts will move on. With Venus entering Cancer Wednesday night and the Sun leaving Taurus Thursday, casual romance may be difficult for the next month, although intense friendships flourish. Friday’s Moon-Mercury trine makes you unusually persuasive, possibly bringing some selfish behavior on Saturday and a heavy compromise on Sunday. You’re ready for greater emotional responsibility, right?