STARGAZING – Week of May 15th through May 21st, 2017

May 13, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The moon is in responsible Capricorn to begin the week. On Monday evening, Mercury re-enters Taurus and moves out of the shadow of its retrograde cycle by the weekend. This combination helps you bring your ideas down to earth and put constructive action to them through early June. Along with Mercury, the Sun moves into Gemini over this next weekend.

Blame Mercury if you feel your week is getting a slow start, because Taurus is known to plod along. You can expect to think things through and have a focused instead of a scattered mindset over the next three weeks.

Step away from your normal routine on Wednesday. Get out and meet new people or try out a new organization under a friendly Aquarius moon.

On Thursday, Saturn makes a trine to Uranus. This happy combination has been going on from December 2016 until late November 2017. Saturn wants stability and long-term growth. Uranus wants freedom, excitement and something totally new. Combine these energies to open to new possibilities, yet make them work in the mundane world. It’s great for story writers or inventors. Uranus rules technology and Saturn can rule the older generation, a surprise invention could be something focused on elderly care and maintenance.

On Friday evening, Venus is opposite Jupiter. This is not a difficult combination, but brings out temptation. Do be careful of overindulging in sensual pleasures. These are the two beneficial planets in our solar system, so the most they can do is have you over spend on your home, or perhaps conceive twins or more. Don’t take any risks, no matter how much fun you think it may be.

Saturday, the Sun leaves serious Taurus into Airy and fickle Gemini. The focus switches from your body and the physical world good use of mind and a social whirlwind. Careful now, as there could be an unrelenting need to find out about everything and everyone. See if you can stay in one place long enough to process all of your new data.

The moon is in Pisces all weekend, so see a good movie, have some fantasy romance or visit a watery location to meditate.

An Aries moon wakes you early on Sunday to exercise or get off to a fast start to the day. You have an entire month to enjoy all of the Sun in Gemini’s intellectual stimulation, social interaction, and all that comes with it. Graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and vacations by the sea.