Stargazing – Week of May 10th to May 16th, 2010

May 10, 2010 | Special Messages


Stargazing News:

There is a terrific shift in the cosmos taking place that is likely to have a profound effect on everyone. The Sun is in the process of a four-week period in which it will encourage intense actions and personalities. As May opened, the Sun made a brave leap forward through the zodiac. During this four-week transit, it will be turning up the intensity on just about every aspect of your life.

STARGAZING—Week of MAY 10 — May 16, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If you’ve been waiting for news about a loan, mortgage, or other financial arrangement, you should hear something soon. Delays caused by Mercury retrograde come to an end on Tuesday. Brilliant, fabulous, futuristic, and wonderful ideas may be coming to you. These have great earning potential. Get ready for action. Meanwhile, if you’ve been trying to buy or sell property and have met with delays, these should come to an end this week. Mercury turns direct on Tuesday, which puts an end to all that tiresome frustration. You also get to take advantage of the New Moon which gives you a two-week window of opportunity that is excellent for signing new agreements and making new investments. Make a move within two weeks for the best results. This energy will get you off to a great start if you’re moving.


Your Love Week—Air Signs:

While a relationship appears to develop on Monday, things really happen Tuesday after Mercury goes direct and there is also a Moon-Neptune sextile. Make Tuesday special. Beautify yourself and select a romantic spot during the Moon-Venus sextile, because you’ll send a powerful message once Mercury goes direct. Romantic intuition pays off big time, and Thursday’s New Moon launches two happy, loving weeks. But Neptune in Aquarius raises deep emotions on a changeable weekend, especially as the Moon interacts with Uranus, your ruling planet. This Taurus New Moon focuses on physical pleasure. It’s definitely time to get closer! The next two weeks will be kind to new lovers. Your date or partner may not understand your brilliant ideas on Friday, and he or she could misunderstand your generosity toward others. Don’t let it get to you! Talk it through. Sharing words and ideas is easier once the Moon enters Gemini. Talk helps you heal and move on. New harmony adds a new spark on Saturday. Taking care of each other comes naturally on Sunday.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You may be having visions of things to come—of creative impulses and exciting plans that beckon you to step into the unknown. Uranus moves into Aries for a short stay next week, and this week you’re already feeling a new energy entering your life. Mercury turns direct on Tuesday. This and a New Moon in Taurus brings the opportunity for greater progress at work and for any new projects to get off to the best possible start. Anything is possible with Mars fueling your energy level!


Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

The Aries Moon on Monday usually offers a favorable window for your passions, but you’ll chase the wrong person or send the wrong signal before Mercury goes direct Tuesday evening. Monday night could be special if you’re with an Aries. Communication with anyone else is challenging until Mercury goes direct. Then it may become obvious that you and your beloved or intended want something very different. Give a gift on Wednesday to add special meaning to your words. Giving definitely helps with getting. Thursday’s a boiling point as the New Moon conjoins the Sun but squares Mars. Beware of saying or doing what can’t be unsaid or undone. Things should lighten up Friday morning through Sunday afternoon. Expect a fun and possibly meaningful date with a Fire Sign or Air Sign on Friday. Be careful what you promise on Sunday. Promises aren’t worth much without proof. Don’t ask anyone for more than he or she is ready to give.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

It’s all systems go this week when Mercury finally turns direct. Have you been having a problem with garbled or mixed messages? This will soon clear up and pave the way for more successful conversations and negotiations. From this point on, you can sign documents or agreements and know that everything will go smoothly. Also, Uranus is about to move into your lifestyle zone for a temporary stay, which could account for a feeling of restlessness and excitement. You sense that changes are on the way, and you might be planning them already. This new energy is better for signing deals and contracts. The New Moon on Thursday is excellent for taking a relationship to a new level of commitment. This New Moon is perfect for starting a new advertising campaign, beginning a novel, or purchasing a new computer. Enjoy!


Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Between ruler Neptune in Aquarius and various aspects touching your sign, there’s never a dull moment this week. The Moon-Mars trine of late Monday night raises hopes and energy, but acting while Mercury is still retrograde could be disappointing. Wait until Tuesday evening when three weeks of misunderstandings could vanish at a touch. You’re all about plans and pickup lines when Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, and when the Moon enters Taurus early Wednesday, it trines Chiron and boosts your security. Romance blossoms Wednesday through Friday with the Moon in Taurus, possibly climaxing in overwhelming pleasure during Thursday’s New Moon. But because it squares Mars, respect other people’s desires. This New Moon-Jupiter sextile brings you player credentials, although Gemini raises the stakes on Friday. Stay confident whatever happens this weekend. With Saturday’s sextile between these two heavenly bodies, anticipation could be the most thrilling part of your date. By mid-Sunday the Cancer Moon returns you to your comfort zone, whatever Jupiter and Uranus have been gossiping about you. Be sure to discuss plans Sunday instead of just assuming.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

The week ahead looks promising after Mercury turns direct Tuesday evening.. You can now get back on track and get on with those projects knowing they will all run smoothly. The Sun is giving you an opportunity to see your life in perspective and work on your priorities. Whether you are on the career fast track, a computer programming enthusiast, or a volunteer worker for charity, new technological developments could be leading to increased morale at the workplace. Your company may have recently purchased new equipment or software that makes your job easier. Some new employees could come as well—perhaps potential friends who share your interests. The Mercury-Jupiter sextile implies increased productivity as well as volume. Work hard! There is also a New Moon in Taurus, which is excellent news for you since it gives you Earth Signs a chance to make changes on a number of levels. How exciting!

LoversYour Love Week—Earth Signs:

When Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, people say what they mean and do as they say. Missed or mixed messages are history by Tuesday afternoon. The Moon-Saturn quincunx sheds light on tangled motives, but at least you’re talking about them. On Thursday the Taurus New Moon reduces love to simple pleasures and a relaxed pace. The next two weeks are all about pleasure with your new lover or new adventures with your current partner. If there’s no one yet, sharpen your best pickup lines for the weekend when Gemini is in charge of all hookups. Hang onto these when Gemini sweeps you into a hectic weekend. Maybe everyone’s calling you. Maybe there’s a big date you scheduled when you felt differently. Between Sunday’s Mercury-Ceres trine and Moon-Mercury sextile, you’ll talk your way out of anything. Sunday’s trine lets your imagination run wild whether you’re whispering sweet nothings or writing love letters.