STARGAZING — Week of March 9th to March 15, 2015

Mar 9, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Week of March 9th, 2015 — Leading up to the 7th Pluto/Uranus Square

This week opens with balance but brings along a dangerous alliance, followed by a rest period. The clocks moved forward early on Sunday. Communicate emotions on Sunday as the moon harmonizes with talkative Mercury. The moon creates an evening that is perfect for a quiet movie. The action picks up on Monday when the moon moves into intense Scorpio, and aggressive Mars makes harmony with enthusiastic Jupiter. Put forth big plans early in the week, but don’t expect instant manifestation.

Mars and its fiery energy are riding high early, on Tuesday, March 10th, and indicates positive growth for a couple of days. Grab it while you can because these are the only days the energy will be in harmony all year.

Wednesday the 11th is a tough call. Ambitious Mars is activating explosive Uranus and destructive Pluto. It is not uncommon to see bad things happen in the news under this influence (earthquakes, riots, air disasters, gun fire, etc.). Rather than focus on the negative, allow this energy to put physical effort into your ambitions. You can take actions to set yourself free of something you are done with, or pioneer a new path that helps you increase your power in the world.

Put on your hazard lights because on Wednesday, Mars moves from Jupiter’s protection to fight it out with Uranus. This is disturbing because mars and Uranus are not known for playing nice. This can bring violence, unfair competition, and hurtful emotional upsets.

On Thursday, the tone softens as Mercury moves into gentle Pisces until March 30th. Open to your intuitive side, enjoy music, take a short trip to a watery place, and meditate.

Things go further south when Pluto enters the battlefield on Thursday. The seventh meet-up with Uranus and Pluto is next week, but now it is best to proceed with caution. Mercury enters Pisces on Thursday as well, shifting communications from communications and travel to emotional and non-verbal communications. Things come to a grinding halt or at least go into a stall when Saturn goes retrograde on Saturday, March 14th.

This four-month retrograde trip will send Saturn back into Scorpio from mid-June through mid-September. In the meantime you can make this retrograde time work for you with a spiritual “Gardening” practice called reverse manifesting, or deadheading the flowers. Snip back the wilted flowers after the plant has completed the blooming cycle. This prevents your goals and aspirations from going to seed and brings forth the new energy into producing new blossoms. Deadheading a relationship, job, or project that has blossomed and run its course will guarantee you have the energy to make a successful start once Saturn turns direct again on August 1st.

The 2015 Eclipses begin in March, with the first one arriving at 29 degrees Pisces on March 20th – the Spring Equinox; an eclipse hasn’t occurred in Pisces since March, 2007; time for a new vision and life focus.

Uranus-PlutoWe also get the energies of the seventh of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto on March 16th, a challenging pair that has been squaring and messing with us since summer 2012. The first and the seventh are always the most powerful.

Your new way of life begins in March. Although we could be disappointed in our leaders and the “powers that be,” Wednesday brings a harmonious pattern that can bring some fast-paced changes and sudden turnovers. This is especially true for unusual ideas or progressive projects. Since this energy thrives on thrills, one possibility is that we’ll see an increase in flights to Mars or space tourism.