Stargazing—Week of March 7th through March 13th, 2022

Mar 7, 2022 | Stargazing

The quality of time of this month is dynamic and complex, and it is hardly possible to capture and describe it conclusively. The events of this month may contain some key moments that may not be recognized as such until later. The main impulses come from three strong conjunctions in the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Foundation stones are being laid now that will shape events throughout the year and beyond.

Since the rest of March will feature a thunderstorm of challenging, and possibly destructive aspects. Make sure to enjoy this week’s uplifting and inspiring energy while you can.

Monday may be manic, but it will also be electrifying and creative. The Moon conjuncts Uranus as well as sextiling Jupiter and the Sun along with Neptune throughout the day, This is an ideal time to strengthen your emotional well-being along with out-of-the-box artistry and creativity. Those who dare to be different will be rewarded, as the enthusiasm and innovation prove to be infectious. The crowd loves it!

Venus and Mars entered Aquarius on Sunday, March 6th for the rest of the month. This helps you open to new and old friendships and organizations. You get the feeling it is time for something new and different. This week it’s time to step outside your Covid hermit comfort zone. Get innovative.

Both Mercury and Venus are moving out of the post-retrograde shadow, and that will help get your energy moving. On Tuesday the Moon makes an emotionally exuberant set of trines to Pluto, Mars, and Venus, heightening passion and romance in both love and your life, Singles should keep their eyes opened, as they could bump into a life-changing soul mate.

Lazy vibes prevail on Wednesday and Thursday; be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. You could end up overwhelmed and filled with self-doubt. 

The energy picks up a little bit on Friday, with a mentally stimulating lunar trine to Mercury. 

A joyous, dreamy weekend is in store. Saturday is excellent for partying and socializing, with the Moon’s trine of Jupiter to the Sun.

Sunday is perfect for enjoying art, crafts, writing novels, and film, thanks to the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune. Be aware that Pisces is associated with escapism, be it healthy fantasy or giving in to addictive behavior. On a positive note, this combination can help set you free or get projects moving-as long as you do not force them to change or develop faster than they are able. 

Of course, this is a space cadet combination, so watch to see who forgets to change their clocks to daylight savings time. Spring ahead on Saturday night-Sunday morning, March 12th-13th.