Stargazing—Week of March 5th to March 11th, 2012

Mar 5, 2012 | Special Messages


Full Moon in Virgo – March 7th

Something’s coming! We need to expect the unexpected. Although this is the week of the Full Moon in Virgo, next week is the combustion week, through the Spring Equinox on March 21st. What could it be with Mercury joining up with Uranus, and then turning retrograde? The Euro dollar? The political arena? Another Star passing away? Earthquakes, tornadoes, fires? Revolutions? New Inventions? What’s the new Apple technology? Is March, the Lion, going to roar, or sit back on his haunches? Roar I expect. The rest of the month promises to be exciting, refreshing, and explosive. Are you ready for the excitement of sudden change? For more information, join my subscription pages!

Venus entering Taurus on Monday sets the stage for some sensual and sexy nights, which will likely intensify during Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo. Time to pull back, take it slow, and think things over. Simplifying matters by accepting what can’t be changed and finding romance and pleasure gives you the chance to rest and relax, instead of worrying about the next move. The self-acceptance offered by this easygoing transit provides a solid foundation for dealing with more complex interactions later in the week, including the Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday. Venus represents luxury and the home, so plan a make-over, redecorate, and focus on the beautiful.

Toward the weekend, afflictions to Moon in Libra can cause some uncomfortable interactions on Friday. On Sunday, the desire for pleasure can prompt some debauchery via sex, food or drink. Mixing fast words and tender emotions makes for a volatile social environment this weekend. Mercury had moved into impulsive Aries sparking sassy conversations, yet feelings can be easily bruised. Honestly assessing personal needs can be a tough task, but one that’s necessary for relationships to flourish now. Be sure to stay in touch with your partner’s feelings as well. They may be looking for a commitment that you’re just not ready for. Best days for socializing: Monday through Thursday, and again on Sunday—take Saturday off to do errands and clean up the place.

Week of Mar. 5th – March 11th, 2012

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your domestic situation could change when Venus moves into Taurus. A loved one might ask you to share his or her living space. Your homemaking side kicks in on Monday. You may offer to cook a gourmet meal for a lover. Listen closely to office gossip on Tuesday. You’ll learn an important nugget of news. Take steps to simplify your life on Wednesday. You might be spending too much time on unimportant matters. You’ll embark on a journey of self-awareness on Thursday. Get ready to discover what really makes you tick! Be careful of your actions when the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus on Friday. Don’t chat on the cell phone while you’re driving. A time-consuming project will require all of your attention on Saturday. You’ll be overflowing with intense emotion on Sunday. Look at the big picture regarding an important life issue. Your heart will guide your head in a certain matter.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Coming down from the clouds of idealistic thinking can plant your feet on delicious ground this week. Stop looking toward the distant horizon to find the love you seek and you might discover it right in front of you. Complicated ideas only get in the way of the joy that comes from appreciating what’s already here. The mood-setting Full Moon lights up your personality on Thursday evening, casting you in the bright spotlight for much of the weekend. It’s nice to get so much positive attention, but you might end up feeling obligated to make everyone happy, which isn’t an easy task. Remember, ambition is an enemy of intimacy, so don’t push yourself or anyone else if you want comfort and closeness. This Full Moon may inspire you to throw a party or improve your home environment. Reminiscing about past relationships during Venus in Taurus can stir up an issue that needs to be resolved. During the weekend, love may need a practical approach on Saturday, while an activity that helps others can bring romance on Sunday. Discontent can arise on Sunday if you feel like your efforts are under-appreciated. Don’t mope around or lash out and blame others, but honestly discuss the issue with an open mind and a willing heart.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll be showered with attention on Monday. If you’re single, an exciting new lover could bounce into your life. You could be tempted to turn your life into a soap opera when the Moon in Leo is quincunx Pluto on Monday. Don’t play the role of drama king or queen! A workmate will come to your aid on Wednesday. This person has your back. Tone down your customary bluntness on Thursday. Diplomacy will win you the support of others. Get out your calculator on Thursday. You’ll need to crunch the numbers regarding a tax issue. Financial matters will require your prompt action on Friday. Take time to go over your personal accounting. You might be nostalgic on Saturday. You could decide to get in touch with a childhood friend. You’ll be pulled in several different directions at once. The Moon opposes Jupiter on Sunday. It might be time to create a new priority list.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Brainy Mercury in Aries speeds up the pace of communication. However, taking comments personally is to be expected. Don’t let your head move too quickly for your heart. The rhythm of love is slow, steady and sensual during Venus in Taurus. A rendezvous in a natural environment will fire up passion, but you may need to be patient. A financial opportunity may arise as well. You’re in a self-protective mood and need safety and security more than stimulation and spontaneity. Spending time with familiar faces and places is better now than pushing your social boundaries. You may not be roaring with confidence on Friday. Whether you decide to hide away or just can’t attract the attention you want, it’s smarter to plan for a quiet time than a wild one. Luckily, being out of the spotlight gives you a chance to address unresolved emotions. Getting away with one low-key person or spending time alone provides some much needed rest and relaxation. Prepare to shine. During the weekend, romance has a serious vibe on Saturday, while love and lust merge delightfully or collide dreadfully on Sunday. Don’t turn away from delicate emotions now; engaging in a serious dialogue is essential if you want to grow closer with someone special. It’s true that expressing your needs, desires and uncertainties exposes your vulnerability, but it’s also an invitation to join hearts.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A rivalry may end on Monday. A former competitor will ask to become your friend! An economic windfall will come your way on Tuesday. Don’t spend all the extra cash at once! Put some money aside for unexpected emergencies. A lover will be in an affectionate mood on Wednesday. Sparks could fly in the bedroom! Cover your tracks on Wednesday at work. It isn’t wise to reveal your true intentions regarding a certain matter. A surprising event might change your plans when the Full Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun in Pisces on Thursday. Try to go with the flow in all circumstances. Harness your personal power when the Moon squares your ruler Pluto on Friday. It’s time to take charge of your life. Stay away from the casino on Saturday. The temptation to spend may be too much for you to resist. An associate could require a helping hand on Sunday. Think carefully before making a decision. Your choice will have long-lasting consequences. You’ll be able to put your compassionate nature to good use.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You’re off to a good start on Monday when alluring Venus enters sensual Taurus. This lovely cosmic alignment makes you more appealing to the one you’re with or attracts an earthy person who pushes your erotic buttons. Venus in Taurus helps you attract friends who are loving, artistic, and/or prosperous. Romance can be found during group activities or through a friend who plays matchmaker. Being kind to yourself is the key to getting your fair share of love and approval this weekend. Negotiations may be necessary to maintain a healthy balance in a partnership, whether new or old. Don’t be shy about discussing your needs, and avoid individuals who aren’t generous enough to meet you halfway. Watch rash words on Friday, when communications may go haywire. Saturday is slow. Patience, though, is required. Whether you have a companion by your side or not, let down your guard and howl with excitement or sigh with delight. Passion skyrockets on Sunday but only if your watery moodiness doesn’t spoil the fun.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

More, more, more—will be your mantra on Monday, Earth Signs, when Venus moves into Taurus. You’ll certainly want to indulge your appetites! You’ll be in dazzle mode on Monday. It’s time to shine before the world! A new friend could appear on Tuesday. This person will love the arts, and you’ll go to many cultural events together. You’ll experience some fuzzy thinking when the Moon enters Virgo opposes Neptune on Wednesday. Strive to think clearly in all circumstances. Invest your money wisely on Thursday. Take a look at your finances and begin working on your tax return. Do the math before embarking on new financial ventures. You’ll impress others with your sense of style on Saturday. A loved one could be in a disagreeable mood on Sunday. This individual might vent his or her frustration in your direction. You have the right to demand good treatment from associates. As you experience stress on Sunday, look for ways to restore your equilibrium. Consider going for a walk in a safe and serene setting.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Romance kicks into high gear during Venus in Taurus, when sharing your fun-loving side makes you irresistible. Love can be found at a concert, club or party. inspiring you to make important changes in your life. The Virgo Full Moon on Thursday morning may act like an emotional wake-up call. Spending time and money on a bit of self-indulgence increases confidence and rewards you just for being alive. You don’t always have to work so hard to earn the love you deserve. The lovely Libra Moon occupies the sky from Thursday evening to late Saturday night, so investing in your own happiness should be a top priority. You may feel like you’re too busy helping others to enjoy yourself this weekend. The Libra Moon’s emphasizes the importance of supporting people as a means of gaining their trust. Just watch out for conflicts on Friday. Treating yourself a little better makes you more captivating to others this weekend. How you appear to others determines romance on Saturday. Make sure you use loving responses. Don’t worry, you should feel the heat of desire soon enough when the Moon transits into passionate Scorpio late Saturday night. A social gathering can bring a lusty interlude on Sunday. Clear your schedule and spare no expense to enjoy these seductively good times.