STARGAZING – Week of March 23rd to March 29th, 2015

Mar 21, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

There is a productive slow down as the week opens. This is the opening of the two weeks between eclipses, which is never easy or fun. You can expect emotional ups and downs, while the subconscious comes up for air. It time to reflect and begin the process of making those long-awaited life changes. There are some pleasant aspects all week, and perhaps a bump or a crash on Friday.

However, with Venus in sweet, sexy Taurus, there’s no better time to indulge in the pleasures of love! With the new Aries Sun, it’s a whole new season and we’re raring to go. But we may be so enthusiastic about our future prospects that we rush ahead before we’re fully prepared. Be patient and wait until we pass through the second eclipse on the 4th before making any moves or promises. Although the Aries energy drives us forward, contradictory aspects to expansive Jupiter and Saturn retrograde make it tricky to establish a rhythm. It’s wiser to voluntarily apply self-restraint than to create or run into trouble and not be ready or prepared.

Although you’re making progress with someone special in your love life now, don’t get comfortable or take things for granted. Even though the romantic energy is high at the moment, understand that in every relationship there is a natural ebb and flow of emotions. Chill out a little or the Universe is likely to slap your hand.

The Moon in Gemini on Tuesday and Wednesday supports quick projects, writing or publishing, and plenty of talk. Wednesday brings the Sun in harmony with Saturn. It’s a good day to work on your Income Tax return or to make a serious and structured start on an important project. With Saturn in the mix it’s important to look at the long term, because there could be some delays along the way. When you combine your core life desires with practical action, you receive help from others and the Universe in putting your ideas into play.

Watch out for a crash on Friday. The bumps on Friday include the first quarter moon, which brings minor irritations associated with emotional impatience. On Friday evening, Venus squares Jupiter. When Venus’s lazy and luxurious loving ways in Taurus get into a mix up with Jupiter in Leo, there’s a tendency towards the grandiose. It’s time to watch out for massive shopping sprees and the tendency to overextend yourself in a variety of ways, including food, drink, and blowing the budget.

When the two happiest planets in the zodiac engage in the most difficult astrological link, it’s a bit of a conundrum. Nothing terrible can really happen, but this energy tends to exacerbate the indulgent qualities of these planets. Think “over-shopping, over-spending, over-eating” … you get the idea. Venus’ comfort and Jupiter’s optimism are hard to resist, and this square can bring you way too much of a good thing! Have fun, just don’t overdo it!

Saturday is a slow, gentle day to do whatever your heart desires, as long as you are not overly ambitious. The Moon in Cancer most of Saturday wants to cuddle, share, and break bread with people who are the closest to your heart.