Stargazing — Week of March 21st through March 27th, 2022

Mar 21, 2022 | Stargazing

This is a week to keep your guard up. It’s another week of fixed T-Squares with a controlling, obstinate, controlling T Square between the Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Uranus. However, Mercury conjuncting Jupiter on Monday offers some relief by helping the freedom-fighters outsmart their forceful opponents.

There is one note of caution in the days surrounding March 22nd. Things blow up as aggressive Mars makes a challenging square relationship to explosive Uranus. Unexpected outbursts threaten to turn even the most peaceful environments topsy-turvey.

Don’t push mechanical things past their limits. People with authority figure issues should take a breath before speaking or taking an emotionally reactive action. On a positive note, this combination can help set you free, or get projects moving-as long as you do not force them to change or develop faster than they are able, and that includes road rage situations. Anyone who has problems with authority figures should take the afternoon off.

Ascension - Accessing the Fifth DimensionMercury, Jupiter and Neptune are all closely aligned in visionary Pisces. In a nutshell, it is time to open to a higher vision, the kind of vision that comes from beyond the veils of this world. Because we are ramping up for risk-taking Jupiter to move into Aries in May, this is a perfect time to step away from your busy world to get in touch with a higher vision for how you want to live your life. Your higher philosophical mind is aligning with your lower mind to better blend your spiritual vision for yourself with pragmatic realities. This is known as Ascension. 

Wednesday’s conjunction of Mercury with Neptune may allow cunning, manipulative people to gain the upper hand through false flattery and kindness. It is a much better day to communicate your higher vision, dreams, or desire to travel.

Be suspicious or you may regret your gullibility on Thursday, when these planets square the Moon.

Take a long, tall drink on Friday evening as a “let’s party” trine between the Moon and Uranus help us shake off the week’s negative tensions with some spontaneous fun. 

Saturday restores a sense of confidence and clarity, as Mercury sextiles a Moon/Pluto conjunction.  The day trends toward practical activities such as projects around the house or office.

Finally, Sunday, April 3rd it’s possible to get a grasp of just who is on your side and who you cal allow into your inner circle. Spend the day sharing, bonding and forming alliances with those you truly trust.