STARGAZING — Week of March 20th through March 27th, 2016

Mar 19, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

You’ll want to get out your planner for this week because it’s jammed-packed with celestial events.

Solar System & SunThe spring equinox on March 19/20th shows minor challenges in relationships between the part of you that wants to merge with another and the part of you that needs freedom. The blending of higher vision and practical reality is the compromise that will be required of you throughout the spring months.

Love CoupleVenus aligns with Neptune Sunday. The planet of marriage and commitment gives love and wants to receive it as well. Neptune is more of a Blessed Mother type of giving love where there are no expectations. You can put these two planets together on the 20th. The combination also supports romance, creativity and the softer, divine feminine.

The workweek starts with the moon in Virgo, suggesting hard work and accomplishing practical goals. Also on Monday, communications planet Mercury moves into pioneering Aries, creating a whirlwind as it moves from a water sign into fire. You benefit by exploring new opportunities and methods, but avoid impatience and impulsive comments. On a higher level, this combination helps you communicate right action to the world. On Wednesday, eclipse day, it forms a superior conjunction with the Sun , adding objectivity to the mercury/Aries headwind. This brings a heady mix of willpower, mental agility, and aggressive energy that can hit like a cup of Starbuck’s espresso. The challenge this week is to take a deep breath and think before you speak.

Jupiter makes a difficult square to Saturn, also on Wednesday, putting a distinct cramp in your plans to move ahead unless you already know how to balance your vision against your responsibilities and commitments. Besides this activity on Wednesday, there is a Full Moon eclipse in Libra, which will be visible in North America, so check your local weather listings. Because these celestial activities creates an intense stress alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Earth, the 23rd is not the best day for making a decision or commitment. If your birthday falls anywhere five days before or after this eclipse, it means there will be a very important event happening in your life sometime within the next six months.

Moon-eclipseThis is exactly opposite the blood moon lunar eclipse, which occurred last September 2015, and it is the last of the Libra/Aries eclipses for about nine years. Libra wants relationship and Aries wants independence, so this eclipse as well as the one last September, have to do with re-balancing sharing vs. self-needs.

Because communications planet Mercury is very close to the Sun right now, you have the opportunity to communicate your needs for balance to the people in your life. There is further help and support if you take action rather than just talking about your needs. Assertive Mars in “take the high road” Sagittarius is set up in a supportive way to the energy at this Full Moon, making talk combined with action a powerful combination.
Because romantic Venus and spiritual Neptune are favorably aligned now, you can assert your changing needs in a gentle and diplomatic way. The important thing to remember about lunar eclipses is that they do bring the depth of your emotions up to the surface to help you, but you often feel pulled apart before being re-integrated in a better way. (destruction before reconstruction) Be sure to find a healthy way to experience and communicate your emotions.

Thursday afternoon and early evening are supportive of conversations of a philosophical nature. Because there is a physical activity characteristic to the planets involved (Mercury trine Mars), talk while walking is a good approach.

Saturn in SagSaturn changes course, turning retrograde on Friday until early August. It’s not the best day for love or money conversations, unless you are just airing out your thoughts and feeling, and not expecting a result right now. This Saturn retrograde period is a good chunk of time; restructure your boundaries, become more aware of your inner authority, and make preparations to be in complete charge of your life. Try to become utterly self-reliant. Since it’s retrograde through mid-August, it’s good for taking a general look ahead to autumn. What do you need to complete or prepare between now and August for your fall season.

Odds are that you will just feel a bit sluggish on the 25th because Saturday increases the intensity as the Sun and Mars stimulate you to get up early and get moving.

Easter. Resurrection
Easter — The Resurrection

This smorgasbord of celestial events leads up to the Christian celebration of Easter on Sunday, March 27th. Easter, as the Chinese New Year, is a lunar based holiday and occurs on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon following the Spring Equinox. Time to be humble and give thanks and blessings to that which you have and that which you are.