Stargazing — Week of March 1st through March 7th, 2021

Mar 1, 2021 | Stargazing

March is the month that we begin to greet the Sun once more, with the Spring Equinox on the 21st. Begin to draw from the strength of the Earth as March opens. This will bring you health and well-being.

When you rise in the morning take care of your morning routine. Put the coffee pot or kettle on for your morning beverage of choice. Warm water and lemon will do just fine. Bring your cup with whatever reading material you enjoy to a sunny room or the window. Offer a prayer to Mother Earth and the great outdoors.

Put your left palm over your beverage and ask for the energy of the sun and earth to enter and bring you revived, clear, and fresh energy for your health, productivity and abundance. Then gaze your eyes out the window. Watch for your divine message — something will appear! A bird, an animal, a breeze, or budding flower… Mother Nature will speak to you through one of her products with a sense of recognition and let you know that she has acknowledged your desire, your wish. Welcome to Spring.

Then notice if that prayerful action made a difference in your day. Keep a journal and make a record of your daily morning experiences.

March will be a fast-paced month. It’s a month of finding out the lies and finally recognizing the truth.

A lunar T square draws in the usual suspects, including a secretive Scorpio Moon, along with straight shooting Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury in Aquarius. An on-edge Uranus in Taurus is also tagging along. Lucky, dynamic, and aggressive Mars moves into partying Gemini on March 3rd until April 23rd, saying enough of all the power hungry games and manipulations, we all want to have some fun!  Mars also aligns with the spiritual destiny north node of the Moon. It is going to be a quick month, so allow extra room in your schedule and plans to move from project to project.

Venus assists in turning the down beat around through her sextile with Uranus, bringing sudden diplomatic solutions to volatile situations.

As Mercury conjuncts truth-seeking Jupiter on Thursday, some long-buried secrets may be blurted out, viewed and heard to all for judgment, with many overdue consequences finally being faced.

Despite the bright, early spring weather, there will be a lot of shadiness on Friday and Saturday., when a goodhearted Moon in Sagittarius gets walked all over by the squares to the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in the sign of the veil, Pisces. This brings in a lot of masquerading as a victim. You will need to thoroughly vet those who claim to need your help, in order for you to avoid being taken advantage of.

If you follow astrology you can have a great and fulfilling life by understanding and moving with the energy of the day. THIS is why I bring you the weekly astrology reports.

Look to see where the planets and the Sun is each week; then focus your attention to the area of life the planets are affecting. Example: You can make lots of headway just by knowing which day to ask for that raise or not.

In March – Jupiter and Saturn are in the same sign – Aquarius. This happens every 20 years. Jupiter is associated with expansion and enthusiasm while Saturn is linked to realism, order, discipline, and practical thinking. When these two planets are traveling together you are able to grow up, drop dome of your childish ways, and behave responsibly and maturely. With Jupiter in Aquarius, you are able to acquire more wisdom the area of your birth chart associated with that sign.

Through the science of Astrology, we are aware of the energy being sent down to us from the Universe. Our greatest gift – inspiration – comes to us from somewhere beyond the body.  We can receive insights and answers while in states of relaxation, meditation, or in our dream state, while sleeping