STARGAZING —Week of March 19th – March 25th, 2012

Mar 19, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of March 19th – March 25th, 2012


New Moon in Aries – Happy Spring

The New Moon on Thursday comes in at 2 degrees Aries. This marks the greatest time of the Astrological year. During spring, the focus is on “planting seeds” for the things you want to grow this coming season. The Wednesday Spring Equinox is special because it is a day when night and day are equal. This emphasis on balance indicates what is present or lacking in your personal life. This year 2012, is unique because the Sun connects to Uranus as well as Mercury retrograde. This connection brings a Stargazing signal that although the urge to break with the past and bring in the new is incredibly strong, the best thing to do is cool your heals. Wait until mid-April, after Mercury and Mars go direct.

The Aries Moon on Thursday rises and sets with the Sun. Every New Moon marks an emotional low tide in the lunar cycle, and this is usually a time of peace and tranquility. However, this one – conjoining with Uranus, Mercury, while opposing Mars, brings a difficult aspect that could mirror reckless behavior and even some violent conflicts. Although a New Moon usually is the time for new beginnings, with this one and the dangers that Uranus, Mercury and Mars influence, it is best to wait until April before starting anything new. Also be careful on the road and watch out for other drivers. This next too weeks may be a time when excessive fires break out, as well as a rise in crime.

Every New Moon is an opportunity to set wheels in motion. The union of the Sun and Moon is a moment when seeds are planted and a fresh cycle of growth begins. Although we can be preoccupied with our dreams now, we must also make a sincere effort to make them come true.

The first moment of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall below the equator, marks a return to the beginning of the zodiac, and a New Yearly Cycle begins in the rambunctious, fiery sign Aries. We’re warming up with excitement and feeling the urge for new experiences. Revolutionary Uranus’ conjunction with the Sun incites restlessness as well as rebelliousness. The challenge is to use this shock-wave of energy to free ourselves and create a more exciting tomorrow instead of battling against the demons of the past. It’s risky to be a pioneer, but innovation is the key to a better future for us all. Something’s coming! We need to expect the unexpected.

Although we may feel confident that we know the truth, our certainty wanes throughout the week. The transiting Moon convinces us that our thoughts are based on facts, but our perceptions aren’t as accurate as we think, with Mercury retrograde. The Moon’s conjunction with intuitive Neptune enables us to receive useful information from the realms of our spiritual guides.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your head will be in the clouds on Monday. Pay attention to your surroundings or you’ll hit the ground with a thud! Call on your leadership skills on Monday, Air Signs. It’s time to take charge in a certain matter. Be very discreet on Tuesday. Only confide in folks who have proven they can be trusted. You could have a prophetic dream on Tuesday night. You’ll radiate self-confidence when the Sun conjuncts Mercury on Wednesday. It’s time to take credit for your accomplishments. Diligence is your key to success when the Moon is quincunx Saturn in Libra on Thursday. Don’t cut corners, especially while on the job. Think carefully before cosigning a friend’s loan on Friday. You’ll have to make the payments if he or she reneges. A colleague might engage in office politics on Friday. Try to stay one step ahead of this person. You’ll be charismatic when the Sun conjuncts your ruler Uranus on Saturday. You’ll overflow with idealism. You might decide to volunteer your services to a worthy cause. You’ll sparkle with a luminous glow! However, issues of power and control could occur in a partnership. You might need to establish new boundaries in the relationship. You’ll be eager to break out of your regular routine on Sunday. Think about creating a new life blueprint. Then, don’t listen to naysayers. Have faith that you’re on the right life path.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Spending time with friends or participating in altruistic activities is likely where you’ll find romance and other opportunities around the time of the New Moon. The New Moon in Aries will help bring in someone compatible or energize shared activities in your current relationship. A change may be needed before love moves forward, though. As the Spring Equinox and New Moon fire up your brainpower, focus on what you say and how you say it to accelerate romance during the next two weeks. You’re likely to attract a sexy-brainy admirer who appreciates your intellect. During the weekend, getting together with friends at your abode or hosting an intimate dinner for two will bring delight. A surprising insight about your partner (or attitude about commitment) may arise. Socializing can be thrilling or chaotic on Saturday, but a cozy atmosphere where you can share an intimate meal with your sweetie will set passion ablaze on Sunday! An ambiance that pleases all the senses will deepen passion!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The radiant Sun enters the fire sign of Aries on Tuesday. Get out the balloons, party hats, and noisemakers and celebrate as the new fiery energy arrives Get your priorities in order when the Moon opposes Mars. Schedule time in your busy agenda for the people you love. You’ll be under some unexpected pressure on Tuesday. Look for a way to soothe your mind, body, and soul. You could have a brilliant idea on Wednesday. Write down your brainstorm for future reference. You’ll get a second chance regarding a certain matter on Wednesday evening. Don’t miss the boat this time, Fire Signs. Be mindful of your actions if you’re playing sports on Thursday. Wear a helmet if you go biking. An exciting new opportunity might come your way as well on Thursday. Don’t hesitate to join the cause. Your intuition will be right on target on Friday. Follow your sixth sense in all life scenarios. Some romantic complications could occur when the Moon squares Pluto. A lover’s actions could bring out your jealousy. Tone down your forcefulness and remember that sweet words will give you the results you desire. A lover will be full of pep on Saturday. Keeping up with your honey could prove difficult! Your financial picture could start to brighten on Sunday. Don’t compare yourself to others, Fire Signs. Dance to your own brilliant tune!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The New Moon in Aries can help you achieve personal fulfillment. This New Moon intensifies your desire for adventure or spiritual/mental stimulation. You’re likely to attract someone special during a trip, class, or spiritual activity. If you’re paired, discussing your hopes and dreams can deepen your bond. It may be a bumpy start, but if you have faith in yourself and you’re focused on what you want, you’ll likely manifest it sometime during the next two weeks. This weekend, romance may involve someone or something unusual or unexpected on Saturday. Be careful because some rapid-fire flirting or a lively argument may determine the course of romance. If single, participating in a public event or professional activity will help you find someone compatible. You Fire Signs are a magnet for potential paramours, desirable and otherwise, during the next two weeks. A leisurely massage, accompanied by good food and drink, will ignite passion on Sunday! Ahhh, the wonders of Spring!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your spiritual side will activate on Monday as the Sun ends her stay in Pisces. Channel your artistic side when the Moon conjuncts Neptune. You’ll produce a masterpiece! The urge to roam will be strong as well on Monday. A change of scenery will recharge your mental and emotional batteries. Your vitality will increase on Tuesday. Put your energy to good use by starting an exercise program. Pay attention to detail as you work on Tuesday. Carelessness will cost you time and money. Love will be lovely when the Moon in Pisces sextiles Venus early Wednesday. If you’re single, it’s a great time to mix and mingle. Put your best foot forward on the job on Thursday. A higher-up has his or her eye turned in your direction. A friend might ask you for a favor. Remember, it’s OK to refuse if you’re pressed for time. You might become dissatisfied with your job on Friday. Consider training for a new occupation. Your brain will teem with insights on Friday evening. You’ll be able to resolve a dilemma easily. You’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief on Sunday. A certain situation will work out in your favor. An old school friend might contact you on Saturday. This person wants to walk down memory lane. Be practical regarding a particular life scenario on Sunday. You’ll have the magic touch with almost anything now, Water Signs. Get ready to spin gold out of straw!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Others will likely seek out your advice or otherwise rely on your intuitive strength around the time of the New Moon. As such, your helpfulness can inspire a romantic encounter, but be sure it’s an equal partnership. The New Moon in Aries gives you the courage to express who you truly are, which will help you meet someone who is just as genuine. Be on the lookout for romance during work-related activities or through colleagues. Seek to advance/promote your career, too. If you open your heart to let love in this weekend, you’ll manifest a delightful romantic interlude with your sweetie or someone new! Your flirting skills will be put to good use when love can be found during a class, online or while traveling. An activity that involves a friend, group or community event can bring a romantic interlude. If you’re paired, sharing some time together with friends will energize your relationship. Planning a romantic getaway will intensify passion!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Say thank you to the Universe on Monday! A wish will finally come true. Don’t be coy with a potential lover on Monday. If you’re interested in someone special, let him or her know it! A friend could be disagreeable on Tuesday. Don’t let this person’s bad mood rub off on you. A roadblock could stand in your way. Don’t worry because you have the resources to overcome all obstacles. A project might be delayed on Wednesday. The timing isn’t right for the venture to succeed. You might have the chance to relocate when the New Moon doesn’t shine on Thursday. (When there’s a new Moon, there’s no Moon at all!) Get ready for alterations in your living situation. An estranged friend might ask you to reconcile on Thursday. Reflect on the consequences before inviting this person back into your life. You’ll undergo a huge energy shift on Friday. Your heart could lead your head when Mercury backtracks into Pisces. Issues from the past will need your attention. Tiptoe around the boss on Friday. It isn’t wise to argue with your employer! Money matters might cause tension in a relationship on Saturday. Consider going to a financial expert for advice. You might be tempted to push yourself too hard on Saturday. Take time to rest and relax. Good vibrations will surround you when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus on Sunday. Positive energy will accompany all of your endeavors, Earth Signs.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Socializing will likely revolve around your home after the New Moon in Aries on Wednesday. Throwing a party for friends or getting cozy with your sweetie will bring satisfaction. Thinking about your past relationships can provide insights that accelerate your love life, by bringing in someone who’s compatible with you or improving your current relationship. It’s time to eliminate anything in your life that’s unneeded, unwanted or bad for you, which will clear some necessary stagnant space for more sexual/emotional intimacy. Seek to give away stuff, eliminate a habit, release negative feelings and say goodbye to non-supportive people. This week, a spiritual, cultural or intellectual affinity will make love bloom! You’ll most certainly be in tune with love during the weekend, when your natural sensuality makes you irresistible. Romance will kick into high gear sometime between Saturday night and Sunday, when your magnetism skyrockets. Love can be found at a party, restaurant or entertainment venue. Sunday is an especially good time for a romantic tryst!