STARGAZING – Week of March 18th — March 24th, 2013

Mar 18, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Mar. 18th – Mar. 14th, 2013

First, let’s look at Mercury turning direct on March 17th. Yea—Hurrah! Mercury turns direct, the Sun swoops into Aries on the 21st – and there are three major cosmic events over the course of just a few days!

If you’ve been feeling like all your communications are getting lost in space, no one was able to contact you, and everything had been placed on an interminable wait list, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief as life finally gets moving again! Since Mercury remains in Pisces, this will be an ideal time to convey spiritual and creative ideas that may have been difficult to express just a few days before.

Then, on the Spring Equinox, the Sun leaps into action-packed Aries for a month filled with enthusiasm and initiative. You’ll feel fresh, alive, and ready to tackle challenges head-on. Finishing a project may not be quite as easy as starting one, but you’ll be too excited to get going on your next venture to concern yourself with what happened to the last one!

The relationship planet Venus moves from sweet and spacey Pisces to tart and spicy Aries on Thursday as well, picking up the pace of the pursuit of love. Impatience may be an issue over the next three weeks, but a period of relative passivity about partnerships is about to end. It’s time we shift from relying on faith and going with the flow to taking the initiative in matters of the heart.

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The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’ve been busy with your career and now it’s playtime as the focus swings to your social zone and enjoying life. Actually, you could have some work to do, but it will be enjoyable for you smart, conversational Air Signs. Your love life may have recently exploded into action after being quiet. This week your approach could become even more impulsive, or events might take you by surprise. You could fall in love at the drop of a hat! It’s one of those weeks when romance could be unpredictable, with both highs and lows possible. It’s time to start networking for business and pleasure. You might want to move in new circles, and you could be assertive and determined about finding the right people to associate with. You could be extra busy connecting with others, sharing ideas, and generally getting your message out there. You might want to market your goods and services or think about starting an online marketing business. You could achieve a lot if you begin now while you’re raring to go. Meanwhile, save important files and data because a powerful focus on your communication zone suggests there could be disruptions to your computer or other gadgets. It might also help to have a backup system. Try to think before you speak, though, especially on Friday! Try not to do or say anything you might regret. The urge to drop a bombshell or make a spontaneous decision could get you into trouble.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:  Your taste for new experiences is likely to be satisfied in unexpected ways this week. The Sun and Venus enter pioneering Aries midweek before irrepressible Mars joins the experimental planet Uranus on Friday. Standing still is not a viable option because using nervous energy to explore unfamiliar territory is more interesting than suppressing your need for excitement. Venus dances into impetuous Aries on Thursday, which is bound to increase romantic activity in your personal life. You might have a sudden interest in someone new or realize that you need to recharge your current relationship to make it more interesting. While you may attract an aggressive individual, your chances for making a positive connection improve when you initiate contact first. Your desire for variety is strong this weekend due to an experimental Mars-Uranus conjunction on Friday attracting unusual people into your orbit or putting you in unfamiliar places with friends. Stepping out of your usual social routine is ideal for adding more spice to your life. Breaking rules is a great way to break out of an emotional box. But if you’re hanging out with a sensitive person who needs to feel safe, don’t push him or her too hard to take a risk. If you say too much or go too far, Sunday’s the time for making necessary relationship repairs.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll feel much more alive and ready for action this week when the focus on your sign gets even stronger. It might seem like you’ve been forced to wait for too long. Now you’re eager to trample on the opposition, smash through obstacles, and show the world you mean business. It’s also time to take action on all those dreams you’ve been nurturing over recent weeks. The desire to get away could reach new heights. You might be frantically thinking of ways you can drop everything and go on an adventure. This could involve travel to places you’ve never been where there’s an element of the unknown and perhaps some danger as well. You might have a strong desire to study a subject that you’re really passionate about. Perhaps you can’t wait to get started, but don’t spoil things by being too impulsive. You could jeopardize what you’ve already built up. Meanwhile, love sweet love might not be quite so sweet. You could be more impulsive about choosing a potential date, and just as impulsive about ending a liaison that doesn’t feel right. You could even be quite assertive and competitive, especially when it comes to the pick of the bunch. In general, you’re very adventurous and possibly looking for some kind of extreme sport to keep you occupied. Be extra careful on Friday, especially if you’re attempting anything risky. Think before you do anything too dangerous. Don’t be too impulsive, especially when driving or doing anything that needs care.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Your desire for change and new experiences is likely to be fulfilled this week. The life-giving Sun enters the fire sign of Aries on Wednesday, increasing your physical drive and emotional willingness to take risks. Your relationship life could be ready for a major blast-off. These transits occurring in impulsive Aries, could inspire you to behave recklessly. But just enjoy the moment instead of trying to make a lasting impression because acting spontaneously over the next three weeks makes you a desirable playmate, Fire Signs. Exploring creative pursuits is one way to let your love light shine. Then, late on Thursday, the love planet Venus marches into ardent Aries where it will enhance your image. You might feel like your charms are magnetic, especially when encountering people for the first time or in situations where you are the leader, a role that suits you well. Make the most of this cosmic advantage and follow your heart. Then the evocative Moon enters your Leo on Friday morning, setting you up for a potentially exciting weekend. It’s time to open your heart, show your generosity and share the joy you’re experiencing with others. But if you’re not feeling all that happy, stop taking yourself so seriously and play life like a game where no one is keeping score. The only rule is to have fun, and if you discover clever ways to entertain yourself, other people will want to be a part of the beautiful world you’re creating.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Life at work might have been hectic lately, but this week could be extremely busy, not to mention the possibility of disruptions to your daily routine. You might be more competitive, too. If you’re self-employed, you may find that old contracts end and new ones start up. You may be eager to take things to the next level wherever you work. You could have more expenses than usual and perhaps an unexpected bill to pay. The money may come in quickly, but it could go out just as quickly. It might be difficult to maintain a sense of security at this time. You might have to roll with the punches and think on your feet. If you do find yourself in a crisis situation, it’s equally possible that a brilliant solution will not only save the day but also make things a lot better in general. You’re all ablaze with energy, especially when it comes to your career and future goals, Water Signs. You may have been planning and dreaming up your next move over recent weeks and now you’re eager to take action. Career issues could be subject to disruption, however. Just when you think you know where you’re going there could be a sudden change of plan or direction. Unexpected events could throw a curve-ball your way. You need to be alert and ready to move if the moment requires it. Take care of your health and try not to exhaust yourself when working out. Pace yourself if you’re trying to develop your ideal body.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: It’s time to pick up the pace in pursuing your heart’s desires, Water Signs. The energetic Sun and magnetic Venus blast into impulsive Aries on Wednesday and Thursday. An updated appearance, fresh attitude, and unusual interests can infuse you with confidence and make you more appealing to others. Pushing beyond your self-limitations and stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t always elegant, but it gets you much further than playing it cool. When amorous Venus rockets into spontaneous Aries, you seem more captivating when you’re behaving boldly over the next three weeks. Being more direct about what you want is a sign of sexy confidence as long as you don’t make it seem like you’re needy in the process. Love may blossom when you’re working, indulging in a hobby, or helping other people now that magnetic Being active by doing something that matters casts you in a favorable light, allowing you to mix productivity and fun. The audacious Leo Moon on Friday and Saturday rewards you for being slightly bossy because you’re sexier now when you act like you are in charge. Pushing hard on a project demonstrates your passion and intensity, which are two of the traits that make you almost irresistible to others.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The focus shifts to your spiritual zone this week. Although you feel those thought wheels spinning in your head, it’s like they’re in neutral. You won’t be going anywhere. Don’t worry. It’s time to reflect on what you want and be selective. There’s no point in chasing dreams that aren’t going to make you happy. It’s all happening at home and in the family arena. The focus shifts to family matters and to issues linked with property. It’s possible that there might be some in-fighting between relatives or in-laws. Your place might not be particularly peaceful over the days ahead. It’s also possible that you might decide to do some renovating and completely change the décor. If you’re doing any projects yourself at the end of the week, be careful around electricity and water. Don’t take any risks! Joint financial affairs could reach a critical phase. If you and your partner have been mulling over what to do next, it’s time to make a few decisions and act. However, you don’t want to go out there with all guns blazing in a situation that may require careful handling. You might be tempted to take the quickest and easiest way out of a difficult situation, but it would be better to first talk with someone who can give you professional advice. You might want to mull over where your life is going, too, and if you’re pleased with its general direction. With insight, you can make some smart decisions.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The Sun and Venus fire into impatient Aries this week. This cosmic combination could trigger conflict or restlessness that shakes things up at home over the next month. If you’re single, this uneasy energy can provoke you to think about taking chances in pursuit of love. What can you do that’s new and different to make your personal life more exciting? It’s smarter and safer to take some risks now than to waste time stubbornly clinging to the past. Privacy may become especially precious to you now. The radiant Sun makes this shift on Wednesday, followed there by vulnerable Venus on Thursday night. Time spent alone or with one special person provides the safety, quiet and intimacy that you seek. Avoiding public places by entertaining at your home puts you in a more receptive state of mind. Taking a more spiritual slant on love opens your heart up wider than you might think possible. It’s tempting to stay on the sidelines and criticize the immaturity and foolishness of others this weekend. However, keeping those thoughts to yourself is better than pointing out everyone’s flaws. Besides, the Moon exits from Leo into Virgo on Sunday morning, which is the logically gifted Earth Sign. Planning an exquisite brunch or organizing an afternoon outing shows that you can use your skillful efficiency to have a good time.