STARGAZING — Week of March 17th through March 23rd, 2014

Mar 17, 2014 | Special Messages

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Week of March 17th – March 23rd, 2014

Sunday’s Full Moon occurred near the end of the signs Virgo and Pisces (27 degrees). On one hand, there is the feeling that you just want to pull back and slow down for a bit. On the other, quick Mercury is making a harmonious trine to impatient Mars, both urging you to pick up the pace.
Short projects and cat naps help you work with this conflicting energy. Emotions combine favorably now with opening to higher vision. However, the price is that you must step out of judgment. At the same time, the challenge is to stand in integrity and purity. This is a dynamic full moon, but it requires that you put several diverse pieces together into a working whole. Remember that ambitious Mars is retrograde until May 19th, so you are reviewing and revising your future goals and ambitions. This includes a reassessment of all of your relationships. The time is near when you make decisions about who and what goes into the future with you, and that which must be released.
It’s fun to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by connecting with the natural energies of ancient Druid mysticism. St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, has the Moon in social Libra. Mercury (transportation) moves into Pisces, the sign associated with drugs and alcohol. This is a bad combination for drinking and driving, but it is a good combination for opening your mind and intuition to higher purpose. The middle of the week flows smoothly.
Spring Equinox is exact on the Thursday, March 20th at 12:57AM EDT. Intellectual Mercury is now aligned with spiritual Neptune in psychic Pisces. You can communicate higher visionary ideals in the months ahead. Just make certain they are not so lofty and that they can come down to earth to be used. Three of the four points in the coming Grand Cross energies present now. The month ahead stimulates you to get your act together, and action is going to be the order of the day. Aries, Cancer, Capricorn are parts of this Grand Cross pattern that are tied together, and Libra is soon to come into play. You must pioneer new paths, tend to your emotional wellbeing, be practical and productive, and strive to share and play nicely with others-all at the same time!
Congratulations! There is strength and vigor in this situation — like a ram who has knocked down a fence to free himself from captivity. This points to a time when a powerful force comes into its own — and achieves recognition and influence.
When a leader finally comes into power, his or her personal strength usually has peaked. Great strength is required in climbing to the mountaintop, but once at the summit, the support of others is needed to maintain that lofty position. A shift in attitude becomes necessary. Raw strength must be tempered by wisdom; to maintain power, a strong leader must learn to give it away, to share it with others. Only then will his or her position be secure, for they will not only be the possessor of power, but the source of it as well.
If you find yourself in a high or strong position, it is especially important to act responsibly and react with care. Your personal power must not be allowed to degenerate into raw force that rides roughshod over everything in its path. A strong sense of responsibility to the collective good of all is the key to the successful exercise of strength. By following what we intuitively know to be for the greater good, we avoid reckless abuses of power that, in the end, undermine the source of our strength. Arrogance always contains the seeds of its own undoing.
Staying present in the here and now can be challenging if you can’t take your mind off the myriad of possibilities ahead. But all your weighing and judging won’t make the future any more certain. Ironically, the more you ponder the decisions you must make, the muddier they seem. Nevertheless, it’s still better to initiate some action now than to continue endless rounds of analysis.
You have been feeling this incoming energy build all year, and some of what is going on started way back in summer of 2012. The Grand Cardinal Cross looks like a cross shape where each of the four points are ninety degrees from each other. Some people also call the pattern a Grand Square, depending upon how you draw it on a chart. Either way, it is the feeling of being pulled apart to be put back together in a better way.
If you are honest with yourself, you already know there are certain aspects of your life that either don’t work anymore, or that bore you to death. But sometimes we get stuck in a path of inertia, and it is difficult to change the rut you know to something new, fresh and scary. You must be assertive, yet gentle in how you push your ambitions. Libra is associated with all types of relationships, and you can be certain that your relationships are changing this spring. The people in your life are shifting through July, so review who belongs and who needs to be released.
The Grand Cross pattern has been building strongly since late 2013 and reaches its peak on the days surrounding April 22, 2014. The purpose is to get you to make changes in your life based upon your changing values and ambitions. Sometimes this can be a hassle. This can range from dealing with a national health insurance direction, to upgrading your technology, or shifting friends, groups or romantic relationships. Making these changes can be costly, lonely, and even a bit scary. But change is a constant in life, and now is the time to buck up and allow the Universe to help you.
Keep up with your meditation practice. Have courage. Maintain a healthy abundance and prosperity consciousness. Be willing to explore new groups or activities. Allow the change that is coming to come, because it is coming whether you are willing or not.
Your mind will focus on achieving a sense of Nirvana with your partner thanks to Mercury’s ingress into dreamy Pisces on Monday. By Saturday, when Mercury connects to Neptune, you will surely be in a blissful mindset about love. The old saying, “Love is blind, deaf and dumb,” may apply here however — so don’t forget to temper your idealism with a reality check. Aside from this, there will be a sexy link between Venus and Uranus on Tuesday that should help you feel as if you’ve got at least a little slice of heaven in the romance department this week.