STARGAZING—Week of March 16th – March 22nd, 2015

Mar 17, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

On March 14, Saturn begins its retrograde cycle until early August. Although you may not notice it, a sluggish feeling this weekend is likely, or at least a lack of stamina.

Monday brings in a week that will be a true game changer. On Monday, March 16 we have a long-awaited finale, the seventh Pluto/Uranus square followed by the Spring Equinox and Solar eclipse. Monday marks the final battle in the destructive skirmishes between Uranus and Pluto that began in June, 2012. During this war dance in the heavens, Pluto in Capricorn has been on the side of financial transformations, political reshuffling, and earth changes.

In the opposing corner we have Uranus in Aries, giving us shocking proof that we need to change direction and begin a new path. Uranus will begin to move out of range of this square until 2046, which is the Stargazing affirmation that the war is over and the all clear signal has been sounded; however, remember that this will be an eighteen month process, which takes the USA into the 2016 elections.

In early April, once the dust settles, we can begin to pick up the pieces so that Universal healing can begin. Friday, March 20th agrees with this, as it brings us the first day of spring. This year the Spring Equinox brings us a Super New Moon and a total Solar Eclipse. During the eclipse, the Supermoon will appear to be larger than the Sun and block out any and all direct sunlight. (The only place this will be visible is over the coast of Norway.)

While every New Moon signals the beginning of a two week period for new beginnings and making a new start, a Solar Eclipse is the Stargazing wild card that can be a catalyst for many and any kinds of changes, good, bad, or ugly. Luckily, this eclipse belongs to an astral family that is usually benign.

Moon-eclipseA Solar Eclipse is especially significant if it lands on or near your birthday (5 days either way). If you were born at this time, this eclipse that the coming year will be a major turning point in your life. Later on that same day we welcome the first day of spring. As the Sun passes over the Equator, bringing us equal sunlight and darkness, take time to meditate and ask yourself if your life is in balance. This is the best time of year to plant “seeds” that you’d like to see growing in your personal life. If it’s true that the key to success is timing, then this is surely the week to begin something wonderful!

Seeding-and-Nurturing-the-Garden-of-Your-Soul-Book-CoverFor further guidance, read “Seeding and Nurturing the Garden of Your Soul” by Elizabeth Joyce, found on this website and