Stargazing — Week of March 13th to March 19, 2023

Mar 13, 2023 | Stargazing

Be careful everyone – this is a destiny week that carries some negative energies. It’s a week of completions and turn-arounds – sometime forced. Confusing energies are present during the workweek that can lead to misguided actions. No matter what the energies contain for you, it’s best to put off and major decisions until the last week of the month or early April.

Tuesday March 14th is a day to get your work done early as the afternoon has you feeling tired and logy. Aggressive Mars makes a challenge to dreamy Neptune. Part of you is driven to accomplish something, and another part just wants to take a nap. Your head is not clear, but a bit foggy.

Wednesday March 15th offers a bit of relief and is a much better day to share your vision for your life. The energetic Sun in Pisces aligns with spiritual Neptune. It’s perfect for creative projects and seeking romance.

Thursday March 16th is complicated. It could wind up being quite stressful for everyone. You could be feeling overworked with low energy – making you a bit snappy creating some petty upsets. Do not force your way onto others, and avoid allowing others to play control and manipulation games. Try not to get caught up with squabbles and other people’s chaos.

At the same time, idea planet Mercury wants to communicate a higher vision and compassion into the world. Know the difference between psychic insights and illusions.

Venus moves into one of her favorite signs, Taurus, March 16th to April 11th. Taurus is willing to work hard to manifest Venus’s goals and desires, be they emotional or tangible. If you are willing to get to work, great projects can be put into motion. Some Taurus energy likes to make money or deal with durable goods. Other Taurus energy prefers sensual pleasures such as chocolate, flowers and a massage.

Friday March 17th is a fun St. Patrick’s Day. The moon moves into friendly Aquarius for the weekend. Talkative Mercury aligns with the high-energy Sun. Social Venus makes harmony with boundary-setting Saturn to help you avoid overdoing this party holiday. Enjoy an evening of good cheer .

Bring the positive vibes into the weekend. Saturday evening is a good time to share with close friends while Sunday holds enthusiasm, confidence, happiness, and romance.