STARGAZING—Week of March 12th – March 19, 2012

Mar 12, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


Mercury retrogrades – March 12th

Something’s coming! We need to expect the unexpected. Messages are muddled and details are missed when communicative Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, complicating just about everything for the next three weeks. You may need to go over your paperwork, re-confirm travel plans, and go over your tax information with a fine tooth comb to clear up confusion and complete unfinished business. Mercury retrograde usually brings people from your past into your life reconnect with and they can become your top priorities now. The social spotlight is on you this week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, when you’re most likely to attract true love or deepen your current relationship. Expressing what’s in your heart is the key to success. Magical Venus and sexy Mars heat up midweek, attracting a bit of unexpected delight to those seeking romance, close friendships, and passion. Having the courage to reveal who you truly are can bring in someone into your life who is compatible with you—and just as genuine. If you’re already coupled, communicating your desires during a midweek tryst can launch romance into the hot-zone! Your heightened emotional energy may bring in someone who admirers your inner fun and exciting child. More grounded influences help you see love realistically and encourage a genuine approach to relationships. Look for love during work activities. Emotions may be prickly on Thursday, however. Your knowledge, humor, or flirtatiousness brings a romantic encounter during the weekend. A startling insight about relationships will open the door to allowing more love in your life. Break with tradition and try something new! The rest of the month promises to be exciting, refreshing, and explosive. Are you ready for the excitement of sudden change? For more information, join my subscription pages!

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’re entering the Mercury retrograde phase, Air Signs, which doesn’t mean you have to drop what you’re doing and hold tight. Carry on as normal, but expect a few delays here and there. Overall, things will sort themselves out eventually. It could also be a matter of timing. Good things enter your life, but you don’t always have to be the catalyst. This week you might be shocked and amazed at how much support you have from others. If you need a loan, your bank manager might be a lot more forthcoming. Your partner might buy you a gift you’ve wanted to receive for some time. Mercury turns retrograde gradually moving closer to Uranus. In your impatience to get results, you might go too far too quickly. If you really want to make the most of the days ahead, you’ll find it much easier if you slow down and try to relax. Reflect on the best course of action and create a strategy that enables you to achieve great results. You might feel as if you are living on your nerves or suffering from brain fatigue. Remember, the Universe conspires to bring you what you want, and the strange thing is that you don’t even have to lift a finger. Good karma comes your way now and you’ve more than earned it. Sometimes getting what we want when we want it isn’t always for the best. There are some superb but subtle aspects around so don’t miss these opportunities. Your intuition could help make you a fortune. Go for it.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Slow down and double-check your information before making hasty assumptions this week. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, initiating a three-week period when conversations are commonly misunderstood. However, this is a perfect time for catching up on emails and paperwork, cleaning out closets and connecting with old friends. Being out of the spotlight is good for you in the middle of the week as a little privacy gives you a chance to reflect on your relationships. Ironically, being less concerned with what others think will make you even more attractive. Don’t seek to solidify a relationship now when the message is clear that it’s time to pull back a bit, leave your expectations behind, and experience life. Sure, you can go out and enjoy this weekend, but don’t believe everything you hear or make promises you can’t keep Saturday and Sunday brings the friendly and freedom-loving Aquarius Moon illuminating romance. This lighthearted lunar alignment is ideal for setting aside protocol and dressing and acting in whatever way pleases you. On Saturday morning, this mood-setting Moon brings your feelings to the surface, Air Signs. Don’t be shy about expressing them, as long as you’re kind to yourself and others in your delivery. A little show of empathy and vulnerability displays your tender side, which should make you a more desirable companion.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

A long but necessary phone call from a close friend or love partner may take place at work on Monday, Fire Signs. Matters of immediate concern need to be resolved. You might feel uneasy about taking up company time, and could even attract some unsettling attention, but you need to have this conversation now. This is one of the luckiest weeks of the year so far in 2012, with some fabulous aspects that could help bring you success on your terms. This could be a fabulous week for you, even though Mercury turns retrograde early on. The outlook is very promising, especially financially. Not only do you stand to get more money, perhaps in the form of higher wages, but you also get the chance to try for a better job or perhaps make a decisive career move. As Venus conjuncts Jupiter and both trine Pluto, you could be forgiven for past transgressions. The opportunity you’ve been waiting for may suddenly come within your grasp. This isn’t a time to be bashful, but instead to aim high—higher than you have ever done before. You know you can do it now prove it to yourself. Tuesday is especially powerful when Jupiter trines Pluto, so don’t hold back from putting yourself out there no matter what. Take every opportunity to flourish.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The assertive planet Mars is still traveling in reverse, which can definitely slow your social advances. However, it aligns with flirty Venus, enthusiastic Jupiter and potent Pluto on Wednesday to put more focus and passion in your life. Investing time in work projects, friendships, and romantic matters is worth the extra effort. Taking emotional risks by expressing your feelings more openly is the kind of bold and honest behavior that can pay big dividends now, Fire Signs. Your gregarious personality makes it easy to talk to just about anyone, and the sociable Aquarius Moon on Saturday helps to get the conversational ball rolling. A little chat with a neighbor or a chance encounter with an acquaintance could lead to an interesting connection. Just do your best to avoid political debates or competitive situations where opinions become overheated and may spoil the playful mood. Also, this Moon’s shift into quirky Aquarius energizes your personal life. You may be especially attracted to bright and unusual people who stretch your mind and touch your heart. Avoid being judgmental about unconventional ideas because over-analytical thinking can take the steam out of a unique relationship. There’s no need to look for upsets or trouble now—make the most of the present moment and have fun, instead.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

With so many fabulous aspects around, Water Signs, you can hardly go wrong this week. However, with Mercury going retrograde you could be put off by minor obstacles and petty annoyances. You have a chance to sell yourself to the highest bidder. Get your e-mail campaign ready or those snail-mail letters off so they arrive at their destinations at mid-week. You should do very, very well, even if there are a few delays. Connections, friendships, partnerships, and current associations are all possible routes by which some fabulous blessings could come your way. Don’t turn down any invitations, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you need to get the attention of a key person, be bold and introduce yourself. Jupiter trines Pluto and you have an opportunity to impress someone in a position of power. You could hit the jackpot, especially if you’ve been putting in a lot of effort to achieve something special. A Grand Trine brings some fabulous opportunities that might be too good to ignore. Tuesday and Wednesday are key days when daring to ask for what you want could result in you getting it. Connect with others as well because team efforts work wonders. There may also be a few synchronicities involved, so look out for those, and give thanks to the Universe. Even obstacles and delays will work in your favor. If you want success, this is the time to go for it. Be careful on the weekend, as communication is tricky on Sunday. Don’t blow a fuse.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: There’s a big wave of pleasure, luck, and fulfillment rolling in on Tuesday and Wednesday this week that can take you on a miraculous ride. Making time in your busy schedule for some fun and flirting is a great way to lift your spirits. Playing with your current sweetie or having a good time with someone new works best when you don’t take yourself too seriously. Letting go of long-term expectations frees you to fully enjoy the present moment for all the love and joy it has to offer. Pursuing pleasure in familiar ways lays down a solid social foundation on Friday. But that’s just the starting point for bolder behavior once the Moon is traveling through experimental Aquarius on Saturday and Sunday, challenging you to let go of your old rules about how you interact with others. Enjoying quiet time is more attractive than dancing in the dark. Relaxing without any special plans can provide you with well-deserved rest and a fresh perspective. Being with one undemanding individual or spending time alone gives you the space you need to clear your mind. Taking long walks in the woods or drifting off while listening to music are good ways to heal your heart. Exploring different ways to enjoy yourself can bring you both closeness and freedom in just the right amounts, Water Signs.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Mercury turns retrograde on Monday through April 4th, but don’t let it stop you. Go with the flow. Even though Mercury retrogrades, it’s still advisable to take the bull by the horns. Some cosmic influences don’t come around very often. The more willing you are to broaden your horizons and move outside your comfort zone, the more abundance you’ll receive. You’re like the cat that got the cream, Earth Signs. The spectacular array of cosmic energies that surrounds you is going to bring better luck financially, romantically, and in many other ways. Tuesday and Wednesday are the days to forge ahead with your plans. Make appointments and dare to move outside your comfort zone. If you have a dream, think big—as big as you can—and go for it. Save the real action for mid-week when you really don’t want to miss the fabulous aspects that could bring wealth and abundance your way. Although Mars and Mercury are retrograde, this is one time when it pays to aim high. If you thought that achieving a certain goal was impossible, these transits suggest otherwise. You’re already on a roll, Earth Signs, despite Mars being retrograde in Virgo. You may have had to go back over old ground, but in doing so you’ve unearthed fabulous treasures. This week you have access to a real mine of golden opportunities. Taking a gamble could help you reach the level of success your ambitious nature demands. Things are different at home, though. Tensions have been there for a while now. This isn’t a good time for buying or selling, but cleaning out closets and the basement works!

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: The logical and communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, beginning a vexing three-week backward phase when data gets lost and details grow fuzzy. Tying up loose ends is a good way to use this period of review, yet it’s also important to relax your critical thinking when it comes to personal matters now. Your feelings may run to extremes as you desire freedom one moment and can’t imagine living without a certain person the next instant. Clearly, this is no time to make a major decision if you’re in doubt about a current relationship, or have concerns about your attraction to someone new. There is a healthy portion of romantic sweetness being served this week. The best of the best, though, will only be available on Tuesday and Wednesday, so don’t wait for the weekend to taste the sweet pleasures that could be piled on your plate. Taking chances is your key to relationship success, which means coming on stronger and being more open-minded about who you’re with or what you do together. The evocative Moon on Thursday and Friday brings your emotions out in the open for all. If you can’t find common ground with someone this weekend, don’t try to force the situation; chill out and go with the flow. Breathe deeply; flexibility is love’s greatest ally now.