Stargazing – Week of March 1 – 7, 2010

Mar 1, 2010 | Special Messages

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The Annual 2010 Predictions ARE posted.
There are quite a few new ones for MARCH 2010.

We can expect some uncomfortable events in March as well as a new war somewhere in the world – more than likely the Middle East. There are struggles over the proposed health care plan – and Obama is embarrassed!

MARCH Predictions are posted.
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The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You may want to incorporate more leisure time into your daily life, Air Signs. You also want to find a new job that’s challenging and fun. You need a chance to experiment with new, creative ideas. Allow your intuition to guide you and you can’t go wrong. This is an exciting time for you, especially if you’re in business and want to make a profit. You’re on track. But this area doesn’t only refer to your financial affairs. It also refers to an overall trust in life to provide what you need when you need it. This can be food, the right information, skills and talents, people, and a whole host of things that you may not even realize you need, since you simply take them for granted most of the time. Love and love affairs aren’t that important right now, because your mind is on other things. Your health and overall well-being may be one matter you wish to sort out. If you want to lose weight or start eating better, this is a good time to join a class and get the support you need. One important point: with so many planets in Pisces, don’t overeat, overspend or overestimate your health balance and available resources.
heart-loveYour Love Week—Air Signs: With Venus involved in an important aspect this week, you are definitely going to be feeling it, Air Signs. Venus, the planet of affection and romance, is coming together with Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected transformation. It’s closely associated with work and health, which means two things. One is that you may want to combine business with pleasure this week by dining out with someone you’ve had your eye on for some time. You generally like everything to happen smoothly in your relationships, yet an unexpected surprise may cause you to stop in your tracks. The position of the planets could bring about a reintroduction to someone from the past, who has quite a profound effect upon you. They could well have changed beyond all recognition, and have much to offer you that they could not previously. Will you take the bait? You may now even have the hots for a boss, co-worker, or vendor. The second is that you might need more love in your life for health reasons—really! Scientists have proven that the endorphins released while we’re in love can protect against disease, depression, and even aging. Not bad! Since you’re in the market for something more meaningful these days, don’t settle for less than you’re worth. If someone isn’t giving you the proper respect, call him or her on it. At least don’t encourage the behavior by accepting it. You don’t need that. No one does.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This is a good week for family reunions and happy family celebrations. Whether or not you already run a business out of your home, you really should consider setting up an Internet business as a way to create an extra income stream. If you’re willing to put in the work, you could do very well. You might also want to think about letting out a room or starting a bed and breakfast. Your love life isn’t your most important focus right now, but your family and friends certainly are. You’re learning more about how to use the spiritual laws of abundance in order to attract greater wealth your way. There is the old way of doing things and the new way. You’re beginning to realize that the new way is far easier once you get the hang of it. Tuesday brings the possibility of a meeting or even a potential windfall. You’ll be busy negotiating deals on Thursday. Venus moves into Aries on Sunday, which is an excellent time for dating.
heart-loveYour Love Week—Fire Signs: This week, Fire Signs, you have Venus conjunct Uranus in Pisces, which is affecting your inner feelings. Venus is the planet of romance and warm emotions, which is great for thinking about and developing a new love relationship, as well as redecorating your home or workspace. But something strange happens when it comes into contact with Uranus. The unconventional, the untried, and the outright strange come into focus. You may also find that this aspect stirs up your emotions. Issues from your past may come up, along with unpleasant memories of old relationships. Rather than getting sidetracked by the people who have left your life, think about finding a way to release these feelings once and for all so you can welcome in a new relationship. Uranus’ energy act like electricity. When you turn off the lights, you break the circuit, and, extending the metaphor, make it impossible for the bad feelings to affect you any more. Once that’s done, you’re free to think about moving in with your honey, if the time seems right, and sharing your life together in a brand new way. Whew! Even though it’s happening in Pisces, which generally doesn’t get along that well with you Fire Signs, the placement couldn’t be any hotter. You find yourself attracted to someone new at the drop of a hat. Your entire life literally changes in one moment. This aspect can be rather obsessive, so you might find yourself thinking about this person a great deal in the next few weeks. Venus shows that you are very much in touch with your feminine energy, no matter what your gender. Uranus only intensifies this. Owning your sex appeal doesn’t just mean being sexy with people you meet; rather, it means that you choose whom you want to be with and spend your time with. You’re in control now. Wield what you have with style and grace; don’t cheapen it. It shouldn’t be a problem finding lots of interested souls, so get out there and check them out!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You are going to get more than your fair share of lucky breaks now, and some of them are going to come at just the right time. It’s as though the cosmos have been waiting to shower their blessings on you. When Jupiter is in Pisces is a good time to work on inner-child issues; you have a much better chance of healing them now. This means your energy level will begin to soar. Experiment with your playful side. Allow your well of creativity to bubble up, and then follow its lead. Get involved in artistic pursuits, music, sport, theater, and anything else that you enjoy. The more you can allow yourself to get into a playful spirit, the more your creative spirit will flow. This will help to bring you fresh ideas and new ways to resolve old problems. Venus moves into Aries and your personal financial zone on Sunday, which offers you the chance to pamper yourself. If there is anything you’ve wanted as a personal gift, this is when you’re likely to purchase it. Your love life is much more positive, mainly due to your own loving and compassionate outlook. You Water Signs definitely rock!
heart-loveYour Love Week—Water Signs: Water Signs, you’re having a heck of a week, thanks to the conjunction of Venus and Uranus in the sign of Pisces. Venus, as the planet of love and affection, is attractive in nature. It radiates all your wonderful energy into the Universe and brings back all the people capable of making your life a much better place. This week, has your emotions aflutter in love matters which should have you out and about and taking part in exciting activities, getting to know your special someone a little bit better. Venus wants to create new romance for those of you who aren’t in a relationship, or add some creativity and spice to those who are already partnered up. The addition of Uranus means that these activities may be sudden, unconventional, or completely unexpected in nature. It’s a wonderful time to really let yourself relax into love or flirt it up with someone you’ve been meaning to get to know better. Don’t hold back. Because you have so much support for romance this week, it would be a shame to ignore it or miss out on all the love the Universe can extend to you. Uranus acts abruptly and sometimes violently, bringing sudden change that shifts your life for the better. It might feel unstable for a time, but soon you come to see that it was all for the best. They’re both affecting your self-expression and how others currently perceive you. You may find that you’re suddenly moved to change your style or adjust the way you come across to others. Once you’ve completed your transformation in this area, you’ll be a stunner, turning heads and knocking them out with the best of them. It’s not all about looks, either. You can be a stunner simply with your wit or ability to leave something to the imagination. The best news is that this energy isn’t going to get any better than this, at least not any time soon.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Relationships are now blossoming for you Earth Signs. Your social life is better than ever, you seem to get along with your colleagues at work, and your friendships are totally awesome. In long-term partnerships, you may have fallen in love with your lover all over again. Getting your message across is very important when there’s a major focus on communication. You have access to ideas that come out of a rich imagination, if only you can believe in their validity. For such a down-to-earth person, you could even be quite psychic. You may still be frustrated by your lack of progress in your career. But every cloud has a silver lining, if you’re only willing to look. Venus moves into Aries on Sunday, which may encourage you to invest in any opportunities that will bring a good return. Saturn continues to be retrograde in Libra, which is going to bring delays to payments and other financial details. Keep your wits about you, especially when completing your taxes. Be proactive on all fronts.
heart-loveYour Love Week—Earth Signs: You may have noticed lately, Earth Signs, that your focus is on love more than work or any other area of your life. That’s because Venus and Uranus are forming a very harmonious aspect and have you thinking of serious relationships. If you’re currently unattached, this brings a great desire to be in a relationship and surround yourself with beautiful people, lovely music, and the arts. Because Uranus, the planet of the unconventional and unexpected, is part of this aspect, this feeling may come upon you suddenly, in an hour or a day. As a result, you could find yourself obsessing. Try not to let this get to be too much for you. Chances are that you’ll get better results if you relax into the energy. You want to be the person running your love relationships, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. This week, as Venus forms a conjunction with Uranus, maybe no one is in control. Venus is very attractive, so you could find that you’re meeting all kinds of new people and even making plans to go on a few dates to get to know each other better. That part is no problem at all. But wherever Uranus is, you’ll find some instability. At this time, it’s governing communication, indicating a time of refinement and creativity when it comes to your romantic game. You may be inspired to write poems, compose songs, and even perform a soliloquy for or about your loved one. Similarly, you could find that his or her communication takes on a sudden and creative cast. Don’t be surprised if there are unexpected declarations of love or you both blurt something out at the same time. If you need to work on communicating more openly, this is a great time to do so, since Venus will cushion the blow of any harsh message you have to deliver. If you’re already attached, a marriage or marriage proposal could come about suddenly, and you may want to take your relationship to the next level. You’ll know right away if he or she is the one, because you’ll feel it in every part of your body, not just your mind. Don’t over-think everything. It’s love, after all, and a matter for the heart.