Stargazing — Week of June 7th through 13th, 2021

Jun 7, 2021 | Stargazing

This week gets off to a jaunty start due to a lunar conjunction with electrifying Uranus. It’s time to snap out of the May Eclipse and Neptune fog. You will feel better on Monday if you accomplish tangible projects under an earthy Taurus Moon; the ones you can point to and show everyone they got done. The Moon moves into talkative Gemini during the mid-afternoon on Tuesday, entering the dark of the Moon before the Thursday solar eclipse.

The big news this week comes on Thursday. The first New Moon, Solar Eclipse of 2021, happens at 20 degrees Gemini.Early risers in the western USA will be able to see it (although this year’s eclipses are not major). This eclipse, conjuncts Mercury retrograde and also marks the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle in the “don’t give me any bullshit” sign of Gemini (May 29th -June 22nd).

If you have been running away from problems, lying to authorities, seeking enlightenment from false guru’s, or self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, the veil of truth will be pulled back to show the stark, grinding motive propagating it all, leaving confusion, untruths, and denial in its wake. There may be an effort to keep your head buried in the sand, but with the Moon’s trine to Jupiter and Venus, a healthier emotional outlook will prevail, based on optimism and collaboration.

Solar eclipses help bring deeper soul motivations and projects to the surface. Gemini helps you open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. There is a challenge to this New Moon solar eclipse coming from other worldly Neptune and strategic planner Pallas. Find the proper balance between all the mental energy now, and the need to pull back from the busyness of the world. A sacred Sabain Symbol is “A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food products from various regions.” Find your own meaning for the solar eclipse. One suggestion is that it is time to explore the talents of others, by going beyond your local circle to explore new options, ideas, and cultures.

Following the eclipse on Friday, ambitious Mars moves into Leo until July 29th. Mars entry into glamorous and fun loving Leo will bring a much-needed boost of excitement, pushing us to direct our energies into more uplifting pleasurable pursuits and stop the incessant pity parties. This energy is excellent for creativity, play time and heart-centered activities. However, in the weeks ahead, this aggressive planetary energy will make challenges to outer planets Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter guaranting that something is definitely going to change!

That doesn’t have to be bad. Keep your heart open, but also keep a level of detachment from the drama queens and kings of the world. The energy is softened this weekend as the Moon is moving through nurturing Cancer. Tend to home, nutrition, and doing activities that give you a sense of safety and security. Meditate and get back to your roots.

Horoscope for LeoStart slow on Sunday as the Moon is in its quiet void-of-curse phase until the afternoon, when it moves into passionate Leo. The Sun’s square with manipulative, deceptive Neptune occurs just after the Moon meets Mars in Leo; everyone is tired of all the game-playing preferring to show an open, honest hand.

The Sun makes this challenging square to Neptune around dinnertime Sunday. This is one of those planetary aspects where it is best to take life slow and watch the river flow. Sit back and enjoy watching the show.